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DistantCousin is a free online archive of genealogy records and scanned images of historical documents from a wide variety of sources, such as newspaper obituaries, city directories, census records, ship lists, school yearbooks, military records, and more. In all, we have more than 10 million genealogy records from over 4,273 sources online. There are no fees or memberships required to use the records at DistantCousin. Everything on the site is available for your use. We are a free genealogy library bringing new resources online regularly.

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Featured Genealogy Databases

  Deaths Reported in the "Kentucky Irish American" for 1900   , 1901
  San Francisco Call Obituaries 1896
  Bridgeport, Connecticut 1889 Residential, Street and Business Directory
  H. A. Manning & C0's Fulton, New York 1927 Directory - including residential, business, reverse street directory and rural routes
  Marriages Reported in the San Francisco Call for 1912 including those registered in Oakland as well as many of persons residing in distant places
  1900 Indianapolis Marriages extracted from the Indianapolis Journal
  Obituaries from January, 1915 Phila Public Ledger
  40th Ohio Volunteer Infantry - Civil War

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General Resources

US Records, Northeast Pennsylvania Biographies (Including Counties of Susquehanna, Wayne, Pike and Monroe) US Military Records, U.S. Civil War, Tentative Roster of the 3rd Regiment, South Carolina Volunteers, CSA World War I, Illustrated History of the 71st Artillery in WWI Vietnam War Casualties, State of Vermont, Roster of Soldiers in the War of 1812-14

Vital Records and Similar Data

New Hampshire Birth Records, New Hampshire Marriage Records, More Marriage Records, New Jersey Cemetery Records, Pennsylvania Cemetery Records, Obituaries, Pennsylvania Obituaries, New York Obituaries, California Obituaries,
LA County Coroner Inquests - 1887 - 1888 - 1889

City Directories, Connecticut City Directories, Illinois City Directories, Iowa Directories, Massachusetts City Directories, New Jersey City Directories, New York City Directories, Pennsylvania City Directories, Wisconsin City Directories, School Alumni Lists, Alumni History of Univ. of North Carolina, 1795 to 1924, Former Students of Harvard Living in 1919, Holy Cross College 1843 - 1933 Yale University 1904 University of Maine Directory 1929, Stanford University, Dulwich College Register, West Virginia University 1928-29

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