Welcome to Old Brick Church Cemetery, Rt 520, Marlboro, NJ

We have photographed the gravemarkers for the entire Old Brick Church graveyard to the best of our ability and as we found them at particular points in time. We visited this site on three occassions during 2003-2004, each time taking care to note an accurate beginning and end in order to insure completeness.. However, it is possible that a few markers have been missed. Also, many stones were not legible due to aging and wear and due to limited space, we have not included most of these.

We offer this transcription and photographs as is for your use in family history research. It is not our intention to provide completely accurate birth and death information for the individuals interred here. Nor is it our intent to compile a genealogy of the families whose dead are burried here. Our goal was exclusively to record the cemetery as is and provide you with photographs of the gravemarkers of potential ancestors. We hope you find the information and photographs of use in your genealogy research.

Click on the first letter of last names you are researching to view burial information and tombstone photographs:

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