Glendola Cemetery, Wall Twp., Monmouth County, NJ

Glendola Cemetery sits along Belmar Blvd near its intersection with Allenwood Road, a little west of the overpass of Route 18 in Wall Township. Monmouth County, New Jersey.   The cemetery is adjacent to St. Anne's cemetery, sharing a road, but the two are clearly delineated, with Glendola being clearly the older of the two.   Glendola does not appear to be particullarly well maintained for its age with several stones toppled and some completely enveloped by shrubbery.   Many well established Monmouth County families have members interred here.   Many of the stones are no longer legible though we did mostly photograph the illegiible ones along with those in better condition.   We will attempt to aggregate those illegible ones with the appropriate surname based on our best efforts.   In some cases, when we are completely perplexed, we will list links to the photographs along with whatever we were able to obtain from reading the stone and list them below.

We hope you find this work useful in your family history research.   If you see something in our transcription which you know to be errant, please contact us via e-mail using the "Contact" link below and don't be shy about pointing out anything you know to be incorrect.

Click on the first letter of last names you are researching to view burial information and tombstone photographs:

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Some of the stones we found to be illegible in whole or part:

  • ? illegible Hannah ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • ? illegible ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • ? illegible ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • ? not legible ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • ???ouci, Benjamin ~~ died Nov 10, 1872   Tombstone Photograph

  • ?Not legible - probably two persons, possibly Samuel Kittell ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • ?Unknown near Poland and Shibla ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • ? mostly illegible ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • ? unknown, possible Sherman or Allen ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • ?, Mary E. (wife of George ?) ~~ died Jan ?, 1870, aged 20 yrs, 10 mo   Tombstone Photograph

  • ?, William ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • ?Da?, Charles H. (son of John and Jane R. Da) ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • ?unkknown adjacent to Harry Newman ~~ -   Tombstone Photograph

  • ?, R.L.K. ~~ 1848 - 1923   Tombstone Photograph