Monmouth Fields Jewish Cemetery, West Long Branch, Monmouth County, NJ

Monmouth Fields Cemetery sits along Broadway, a few hundred yards from Route 36, in West Long Branch, Monmouth Couty, New Jersey.   The layout of the cemetery is sort of confusing.   There is what appears to be a fenced-in cemetery with a sign which reads "Congregation Brothers of Israel, Long Branch, NJ 1898" by the front gate.   To the right hand side of this fenced in cemetery, there appears to be another cemetery bearing the sign "Monmouth Fields."   If you walk through Monmouth Fields, you find that the fence is onlt partial and the two cemeteries are actually one.   To add further confusion, apparently there is an adjoining cemetery known as "Greenlawn."   There is a more clear delineation between this one (or two) cemetery (ies) and Greenlawn, however.

We took about 700 photographs during our first visit to Monmouth Fields.   Most of these are of the older variety of markers found in the cemetery.   We will probably take another 700 or so pictures and then transcribe all with links to the photographs but exclude the newest stones.   We hope this work assists you in your family history research.

Click on the first letter of last names you are researching to view burial information and tombstone photographs:

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  • "Dedicated to those of Hebrew faith who valliantly served their country"   Memorial Photograph

    Also, the following stones were ones we had difficulty reading:

  • ?Url0???k, Dora ~~ died Aug 31, 1917, age 34 yrs   Tombstone Photograph

  • ?, Gertrude ~~ died May 8, 1936, age 57 yrs   Tombstone Photograph

  • ?, Sarah ~~ died Apr 24, 1929, age 20 yrs   Tombstone Photograph