Pleasant Plains Cemetery, Franklin Township, Somerset County, NJ

While driving between cemeteries, I found a very interesting burial ground called "Pleasant Plains Cemetery" which rests along South Middlebush Road just south of Laird's Corner in Franklin Township, Somerset County, New Jersey.   What makes Pleasant Plains Cemetery interesting is that it is a rural area located very close to one of the most densely populated areas in the country.   According to Wikipedia, Pleasant Plains is an unincorporated area within Franklin Township that is part of an historic area called Six Mile Run.

Pleasant Plains, from the time of settlement until very close to the turn of the millenium, remained a rural farming district located within a short driving distance of the densely populated, heavy commercial urban area including New Brunswick, Edison, etc. in central New Jersey.   Yet driving along the local roadways leads one to believe he or she is far from civilization.   This is due to efforts on the part of local government to acquire and preserve open spaces and farmlands and prevent their development which would undoubtedly destroy the historic character of the place.

Pleasant Plains Cemetery is a relatively small burial ground with less than 1,000 graves.   We photographed every legible marker.   The sign on the gate states "established 1898" but there are colonial era tombstones and many, perhaps most, burials predate 1898.   Many of the older surnames one sees repeatedly throughout the state's historic ceemeteries are in evidence here.   Due to the rural nature of the surrounding area, if one ignores the relatively new housing, one can easily imagine the area in the mid-1700s with farmers going about their business and with the war of independence on the horizon.

We hope you find the following transcription with tombstone photographs of some interest in your family history research or of your general historic interest.

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