Williamsville Cemetery, Williamsville, Erie County, NY

In the far western corner of New York State, near Buffalo, sits the small, somewhat historic village of Williamsville.   The area developed before the War of 1812 and, during that conflict, was the station of several thousand American soldiers.   The village became the refuge of Buffalo residents seeking to escape when the British burned Buffalo.   Along Main Street, at Reist St., sits Williamsville Cemetery, formally established in 1824, but holding a few burials previous to that date.

The cemetery is medium sized, holding perhaps a few thousand graves.   It is nicely maintained and pretty much pristine.   Some older stones are difficult to read as is the case with any cemetery similarly aged.   The place is designated an historic site by the "Historic Preservation Commission."   A plaque at the front gate, placed there by NCDAR, notes "Revolutionary Soldiers Buried Here."

We visited this cemetery while in the area on unrelated matters and photographed about 700 grave markers.   This cemetery would normally be one we would like to cover completely but as it is far from home, we were not able to accomplish that task.   We have no idea whether we will ever be able to return in order to make a complete work but offer up the markers we photographed for your use.   If you would like to add to this work, please send us textual information and/or photographs.   But we cannot entertain any requests for tombstones not covered.

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