Chester Cemetery, Chester, Orange County, NY

Chester Cemetery lies along Brookside Ave, just off Route 17, and across the street from a Quik Chek store in Chester, Orange County, NY.  ; We stumbled upon it during a drive through of the area for unrelated purposes.   The cemetery is medium to small and not in great condition.   The grass apparently is cut regularly but no effort is made to clear markers of glass clippings or otherwise prevent them from becoming buried and worn.   As a result, the stones are not in very good condition.   There is mold on many of them and they have become unreadable unless one takes the time necessary to clean off the inscriptions.   Many markers are very difficult to read unless sunlight strikes them at just the right angle.   Because we just sort of happened upon the cemetery, we were unable to spend the time, nor did we have the tools necessary to clean and photograph all markers properly.

The cemetery is small to medium sized, holding perhaps as many as 1,000 burials.   Some burials from the late 1700s were evident.   The cemetery appears to be in current use as there are a few fairly recent interments.   But as the place is just barely maintained, it does not appear as if there is a regular caretaker and we have no idea how to find additional information, short of contacting the Chester town historian.

We did not endeavor to create a complete work here.   We estimate that we covered perhaps 60% of total burials.   In the future, it is possible that we will return with the proper tools and attempt to complete this work.   We hope you find the somewhat limited work we have done here useful in your family history research.

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