San Francisco, California 1922 City Business Directory

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Page #Description
Page 1715Abrasives .. Accountants
Page 1716Accountants
Page 1717Acetylene gas .. Administrators
Page 1718Administrators .. Agricultural implements
Page 1719Agricultural implements .. Antiques
Page 1720Apartment houses
Page 1721Apartment houses
Page 1722Apartment houses
Page 1723Apartment houses
Page 1724Apartment houses
Page 1725Apartment houses .. Architects
Page 1726Architects .. Arms and Ammunition
Page 1727Arms and Ammunition .. Artists
Page 1728Artists .. Attorneys
Page 1729Attorneys
Page 1730Attorneys
Page 1731Attorneys
Page 1732Attorneys
Page 1733Attorneys
Page 1734Attorneys
Page 1735Attorneys
Page 1736Attorneys
Page 1737Attorneys .. Auctioneers
Page 1738Auctioneers .. Automobiles
Page 1739Automobiles
Page 1740Automobiles
Page 1741Automobiles
Page 1742Automobiles
Page 1743Automobiles
Page 1744Automobiles
Page 1745Automobiles
Page 1746Automobiles
Page 1747Automobiles
Page 1748Automobiles .. Bags
Page 1749Bags .. Bakeries
Page 1750Bakeries
Page 1751Bakers Machinery .. Banks
Page 1752Banks
Page 1753Banks .. Barbers
Page 1754Barbers
Page 1755Barbers
Page 1756Barbers .. Barbers Supplies
Page 1757Barbers Supplies .. Beans
Page 1758Beans .. Belting
Page 1759Belting .. Billiards
Page 1760Billiards .. Blue Print Machinery
Page 1761Blue Print Machinery .. Bond Dealers
Page 1762Bond Dealers .. Bookbinders
Page 1763Bookbinders .. Bottlers
Page 1764Bottling .. Boxes
Page 1765Boxes .. Brass
Page 1766Brass .. Brokers
Page 1767Brokers
Page 1768Brokers
Page 1769Brokers
Page 1770Brokers .. Broom Makers
Page 1771Broom Makers .. Building and Loan
Page 1772Buildings and Malls
Page 1773Buildings and Malls
Page 1774Buildings and Malls
Page 1775Buildings and Malls .. Butchers
Page 1776Butchers
Page 1777Butchers .. Cabinets
Page 1778Cabinets .. Calcutta Bags
Page 1779Calendars .. Cap Manufacturers
Page 1780Cap Manufacturers .. Carpenters
Page 1781Carpenters .. Carpets
Page 1782Carpets .. Cement
Page 1783Cement .. Chemicals
Page 1784Chemicals .. Chewing Gum
Page 1785Chimney Pipes .. Chiropractors
Page 1786Chiropractors .. Church Goods
Page 1787Church Goods .. Cigars
Page 1788Cigars
Page 1789Cigars .. Cleaning
Page 1790Clergymen
Page 1791Clergymen .. Cloaks
Page 1792Cloaks .. Clothing
Page 1793Clothing
Page 1794Coal .. Cold Storage
Page 1795Advertisement
Page 1796Collars .. Commercial Artists
Page 1797Commercial Artists .. Commission Merchants
Page 1798Commission Merchants .. Computing Scales
Page 1799Concentrated Belt Manufacturers .. Confectioners
Page 1800Confectioners
Page 1801Confectioners .. Construction
Page 1802Construction .. Contractors
Page 1803Contractors .. Cooking
Page 1804Coopers .. Cornice Makers
Page 1805Cornice Makers .. Counter Sinks
Page 1806Cranes .. Cutlery
Page 1807Cuts .. Decorators
Page 1808Decorators .. Dental
Page 1809Dentists
Page 1810Dentists
Page 1811Dentists
Page 1812Dentists
Page 1813Dentists .. Detectives
Page 1814Detectives
Page 1815Detectives
Page 1816Detectives
Page 1817Detectives .. Directory Publishers
Page 1818Directory Publishers .. Drawing Materials
Page 1819Drawing Materials .. Dredging Companies
Page 1820Dredging Companies .. Dressmakers
Page 1821Dressmakers .. Drills
Page 1822Drills .. Druggists
Page 1823Druggists
Page 1824Druggists .. Dry Goods
Page 1825Dry Goods .. Dump Wagons
Page 1826Dump Wagons .. Dyers
Page 1827Dyers .. Electric
Page 1828Electric
Page 1829Electric
Page 1830Electric
Page 1831Electric .. Embalmers
Page 1832Embalmers .. Employment Agencies
Page 1833Employment Agencies .. Engineers
Page 1834Engineers
Page 1835Engineers
Page 1836Engineers .. Engravers
Page 1837Engravers .. Engrossers
Page 1838Envelopes .. Estates
Page 1839Estates .. Exporters
Page 1840Exporters .. Expositions
Page 1841Extracts .. Feed
Page 1842Felts .. Fertilizers
Page 1843Fertilizers .. Fire Escapes
Page 1844Fire Extinguishers .. Flags
Page 1845Flags .. Flour
Page 1846Flour .. Foreign Exchange
Page 1847Foreign Postage Stamps .. Freight Elevators
Page 1848Freighting .. Fruits
Page 1849Fruits .. Fuel
Page 1850Fuel .. Furriers
Page 1851Furriers .. Furnished Rooms
Page 1852Furnished Rooms .. Furniture
Page 1853Furniture
Page 1854Furniture .. Garage
Page 1855Garages .. Gas
Page 1856Gas .. General Merchandise
Page 1857Glass .. Goldfish
Page 1858Golf .. Grape Juice
Page 1859Grape Products .. Grocers
Page 1860Grocers
Page 1861Grocers
Page 1862Grocers
Page 1863Grocers
Page 1864Grocers
Page 1865Grocers
Page 1866Grocers
Page 1867Grocers .. Gunsmiths
Page 1868Hair Goods .. Hardware
Page 1869Hardware .. Hardwood
Page 1870Hardwood .. Harness
Page 1871Hats .. Heaters
Page 1872Heating .. Horseshoers
Page 1873Horseshoers .. Hospitals
Page 1874Hospitals .. Hotels
Page 1875Hotels
Page 1876Hotels
Page 1877Hotels
Page 1878Hotels
Page 1879Hotels
Page 1880Hotels
Page 1881Hotels .. Household Goods
Page 1882Household Goods .. Importers
Page 1883Importers
Page 1884Importers
Page 1885Importers .. Insecticides
Page 1886Installment Goods .. Insurance
Page 1887Insurance
Page 1888Insurance
Page 1889Insurance
Page 1890Insurance
Page 1891Insurance
Page 1892Insurance
Page 1893Insurance .. Investments
Page 1894Investments
Page 1895Investments .. Iron
Page 1896Iron
Page 1897Iron
Page 1898Iron .. Jewelers
Page 1899Jewelers
Page 1900Jewelers .. Knitted Goods
Page 1901Knitted Goods .. Labels
Page 1902Labels .. Ladies Furnishing
Page 1903Ladies Tailors .. Land Companies
Page 1904Land Companies .. Laundries
Page 1905Laundries
Page 1906Laundry Supplies .. Leather
Page 1907Leather .. Linens
Page 1908Link Belting .. Lithographers
Page 1909Lithographers .. Locksmiths
Page 1910Locksmiths .. Lubricating Oils
Page 1911Lumber
Page 1912Lumber .. Machine Tools
Page 1913Machine Tools .. Machinery
Page 1914Machinery .. Machinists
Page 1915Machinists
Page 1916Machinists .. Manicurists
Page 1917Mantels .. Manufacturers Agents
Page 1918Manufacturers Agents
Page 1919Manufacturers Agents
Page 1920Manufacturers Agents
Page 1921Manufacturers Agents .. Marble Works
Page 1922Marble .. Massage
Page 1923Massage .. Mens Furnishing
Page 1924Mens Furnishing .. Metal
Page 1925Metal
Page 1926Metal .. Milliners
Page 1927Milliners
Page 1928Milliners .. Mining
Page 1929Mining
Page 1930Mining .. Mosaics
Page 1931Motion Pictures
Page 1932Motor Bearings .. Mouldings
Page 1933Moving Vans .. Music
Page 1934Music .. Newspapers
Page 1935Newspapers
Page 1936Newspapers .. Notaries
Page 1937Notaries .. Nurserymen
Page 1938Nurserymen .. Nurses
Page 1939Nurses
Page 1940Nurses
Page 1941Nurses
Page 1942Nurses .. Office and Store Fixtures
Page 1943Office Appliances .. Oil Burners
Page 1944Oil Burners .. Oil Companies
Page 1945Oil Companies .. Oil Refiners
Page 1946Oil Refiners .. Opticians
Page 1947Opticians .. Organ Dealers
Page 1948Oriental Products .. Packers
Page 1949Packers .. Painters
Page 1950Painters .. Paints
Page 1951Paints .. Paper
Page 1952Paper .. Paraffine
Page 1953Partitions .. Patterns
Page 1954Pavements .. Photo Micrographs
Page 1955Photographers .. Photographic Plates
Page 1956Photographic Printers .. Physicians
Page 1957Physicians
Page 1958Physicians
Page 1959Physicians
Page 1960Physicians
Page 1961Physicians
Page 1962Physicians .. Piano
Page 1963Piano .. Pipe and Fittings
Page 1964Pipe and Fittings .. Piston Rings
Page 1965Pistons .. Plasterers
Page 1966Plate Glass .. Plumbers
Page 1967Plumbers .. Portraits
Page 1968Post Caps .. Preserved Fruits
Page 1969Preservers .. Printers
Page 1970Printers
Page 1971Advertisement
Page 1972Printers .. Provision Packers
Page 1973Public Accountants .. Publishers
Page 1974Publishers .. Pumps
Page 1975Pumps
Page 1976Pumps .. Radiographers
Page 1977Rags .. Railroad
Page 1978Railroad .. Real Estate
Page 1979Real Estate
Page 1980Real Estate
Page 1981Real Estate
Page 1982Real Estate .. Refrigerator
Page 1983Refrigerator .. Restaurants
Page 1984Restaurants
Page 1985Restaurants
Page 1986Restaurants
Page 1987Restaurants .. Riggers
Page 1988Riggers .. Roofing
Page 1989Rope .. Rubber Stamps
Page 1990Rubber Stamps .. Rugs
Page 1991Safe Deposits .. Safes
Page 1992Safes .. Sash
Page 1993Sausage .. School Supplies
Page 1994School Supplies .. Schools
Page 1995Schools .. Screen Makers
Page 1996Screening Machinery .. Second Hand Goods
Page 1997Second Hand Goods .. Sewing
Page 1998Sewing .. Sheet Metal
Page 1999Sheet Metal .. Ship Supplies
Page 2000Shipping .. Shirts
Page 2001Shoes
Page 2002Shoe Repairing
Page 2003Shoe Repairing
Page 2004Shoe Repairing .. Signs
Page 2005Signs .. Silversmiths
Page 2006Silverware .. Soap Makers
Page 2007Soap Makers .. Soft Drinks
Page 2008Soft Drinks
Page 2009Soft Drinks
Page 2010Soft Drinks .. Solder Manufacturers
Page 2011Sounds .. Stables
Page 2012Stables .. Stationers
Page 2013Stationers .. Steam Packing
Page 2014Steam Pumps .. Steamship Lines
Page 2015Steamship Lines .. Steel
Page 2016Steel .. Stencil
Page 2017Stencil .. Storage
Page 2018Storage .. Store Fronts - Metal
Page 2019Store Fronts - Metal .. Stoves
Page 2020Stoves .. Surety Bonds
Page 2021Surety Bonds .. Syrup Makers
Page 2022Syrup .. Tailors
Page 2023Tailors
Page 2024Tailors
Page 2025Tailors
Page 2026Tailors .. Tank Manufacturers
Page 2027Tank Manufacturers .. Taxicabs
Page 2028Taxicabs .. Teachers
Page 2029Teachers
Page 2030Teachers .. Telegraph
Page 2031Telephone .. Theatrical
Page 2032Theatrical .. Tin Can
Page 2033Tin Foil .. Towel Companies
Page 2034Toys .. Transfer Companies
Page 2035Transfer Companies .. Trunks
Page 2036Trunks .. Turkish Baths
Page 2037Turkish Rugs .. Typewriting
Page 2038Typewriting .. Underwear
Page 2039Underwriters .. Valves
Page 2040Valves .. Veterinary
Page 2041Veterinary .. Wall Paper
Page 2042Wall Paper .. Watchmakers
Page 2043Watchmakers .. Water Supply Systems
Page 2044Water Tanks .. Welding
Page 2045Welding .. Windows
Page 2046Wire
Page 2047Wire .. Woolens
Page 2048Woolens .. Zinc Dust