Bridgeport, Connecticut 1889 Business Directory

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Page 487Accountant .. Attorneys
Page 488Attorneys .. Bakers
Page 489Bakers .. Barbers
Page 490Barbers .. Blacksmiths
Page 491Blacksmiths .. Book-Binders
Page 492Booksellers .. Boot and Shoe Makers
Page 493Boots .. Brass
Page 494Brass .. Burr-Stone Mills
Page 495Business College .. Carpenters
Page 496Carpenters .. Carriage Mfrs
Page 497Carriage .. Center Pieces
Page 498Chain Mfrs .. Clergyman
Page 499Clergyman .. Coach Lamp Mfrs
Page 500Coal and Wood Dealers .. Confectionery
Page 501Confectionery .. Crockery
Page 502Crockery .. Dining Rooms
Page 503Dining Rooms .. Dress Makers
Page 504Dress Makers
Page 505Dress Makers .. Dyers
Page 506Elastic .. Express
Page 507Express .. File Sharpeners
Page 508Fish .. Fruit
Page 509Fruit .. Gas and Steam Fitters
Page 510Gas and Steam Fitters .. Grocers
Page 511Grocers
Page 512Grocers .. Gymnasium
Page 513Hair .. Hats
Page 514Hats .. Hotels
Page 515House Furnishing .. Insurance
Page 516Insurance
Page 517Insurance .. Junk
Page 518Junk .. Lime
Page 519Liquor
Page 520Liquor
Page 521Liquor .. Machinery
Page 522Machinery .. Marble
Page 523Marble .. Meats
Page 524Meats
Page 525Meats .. Monuments
Page 526Moulding .. Newspapers
Page 527Newspapers .. Notaries
Page 528Notaries .. Nurses
Page 529Nurses .. Oysters
Page 530Oysters .. Paints
Page 531Paints .. Patterns
Page 532Patterns .. Physicians
Page 533Physicians .. Planing Mills
Page 534Planing Mills .. Printers
Page 535Printers .. Real Estate
Page 536Real Estate .. Rope
Page 537Rope .. Scroll Saw Mfrs
Page 538Scroll Saw .. Silver
Page 539Silver .. Stables
Page 540Stables .. Steel
Page 541Steel .. Surgical Instruments
Page 542Surgeons .. Telegraph Offices
Page 543Telegraph .. Type Writing Machine Mfrs
Page 544Undertakers .. Veterinary Surgeons
Page 545Vinegar .. Wood Engravers