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Page #Description / Surnames presented in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order.
Page 3Preface
Page 4Preface
Page 5City Officers / Terry, Day, Edwards, Nichols, Russ, Pratt, Brace, Hayden, Kilbourn, Babcock, Bartholomew, Morgan, Terry, Edwards, Ellsworth, Ely, Savage, Conner, Wadsworth, Hastings, Goodwin, Dodd, Brace, Thomas, Gilbert, Whitman, Phelps, Wadsworth, Hastings
Page 6 Constable Offices / Hastings, Smith, Wadsworth, Hatch, Hinsdale, Whitman, Russ, Bull;
Notaries / Perkins, Huntington, Mitchell, Gannett, Trumbull, Perkins, Ellsworth, Johnson, Parsons, Huntington, Terry;
Justices of the Peace / Peters, Russ, Day, Trumbull, Huntington, Spencer, Seymour, Johnson, Niles, Yousey, Nichols, Lyman, Brown, Terry, Hoadley, Brace, Ellsworth
Page 7 Justices of the Peace / Huntington, Parsons, Gannett;
Places of Public Worship - places of residence of respective Clergyman / Sears, Wheaton, Rayner, Pierce, Spring, Hawes, Linsley;
Washington College Trustees / Brownell, Croswell, Noble, Wheaton, Sigourney, Adams, Young, Starr, Smith, Peters, Loomis, Burhans, Lucky, Inlay, Tudor, Beers, Welles, Alsop, Sherwood, Brace;
Washington College Faculty / Brownell, Doane, Hall, Humphreys
Page 8 Washington College Faculty / Sumner, Ellsworth, Norman, Croswell;
Washington College Resident Graduates / Crary, Tyng;
Washington College Senior Class / Carew, Hall, Watson, Woodbridge, Walter, Nash, Dutton, Bancker, Hazleburst, Goddard, Steele, Filley, Smith, Bell;
Washington College Junior Class / Bartlett, Judson, Loomis, Channing, Peters, Hallam, Waties, Morrison, Gordon, Starr, Benjamin, Chaplain, Gilpin, Wright, Stetson, Cameron, Hodges
Page 9 Washington College Junior Class / Philpot, Goldsborough;
Washington College Sophomore Class / Barber, Ives, Leveritt, Bolles, Ashe, Russ, Goodman, Smith, Kissam, Paca, Suckley, Stone, Dubois, Campbell, Winslow, Everitt, Fraser, Strong, Sigourney, Lynde, Reed, Scott, Lewis;
Washington College Freshman Class / Smith, Russ, Eccleston, Buckley, Booth, Buckland, Church, Benton, London, Raymond, Bayley, Humphreys
Page 10 Washington College Freshman Class / Swaze, Lanman
Washington College Partial Students / Rutledge, Relf, Knox, Seymour, Gray, Sturges, Clarke, Blakeley, Lockerman, Graham, Williams, Smith, Thompson, Corson;
Names of Streets in City
Page 11 Names of Streets in City
City Fire Department / Goodwin, Hayden, Perkins, Pratt
Places of Deposit of City Engines
Public Reservoirs of Water, Public Wells, Public Ladder, Hook and Sack Companies
Page 12 United States Branch Bank / Parsons, Burnham
United States Branch Bank Directors / Parsons, Imlay, Cooke, Hotchkiss, Brace, Ellsworth, Savage, Day, Dekoven, Sebor, Days, Parsons;
Hartford Bank / Terry, Burr
Hartford Bank Directors / Terry, Wells, Ward, Terry, Morgan, Hendricks, Trumbull, Collins, Hosmer, Cowles, Watkinson, Seymour, Terry;
Phoenix Bank / Sigourney, Beach
Page 13 Phoenix Bank Directors / Sigourney, Day, Averill, Ely, Jenks, Tudor, Russ, Seymour, Buck, Stedman, Langdon, Hoadley, Porter, Mitchell;
Savings Bank / Wadsworth;
Savings Bank Vice Presidents / Woodbridge, Wells, Olcott, Peters, Porter, Bull, Sigourney, Russ, Perkins, Watkinson, Ely, Nichols, Goodwin;
Hartford Fire Insurance Company / Terry, Mitchell, Terry, Patten;
Page 14 Hartford Fire Insurance Company / Wells, Bartholomew, Terry, Watkinson, Seymour;
Aetna Insurance Company / Brace, Perkins;
Aetna Insurance Company Directors / Brace, Ellsworth, Belden, Tudor, Kilbourn, Stedman, Morgan, Dodd, Babcock, Williams, Saunders, Perkins, Savage, Pratt, Beach, Gilbert;
Protection Insurance Company / Ellsworth, Perkins;
Protection Insurance Company Directors / Ellsworth, Porter, Brown, Chapin, Hosmer, Morgan, Hudson, Terry, Watkinson
Page 15 Protection Insurance Company Directors / Phelps, Bange, Perkins, Farmington, Wethersfield, Waterman, Kellogg, Norton, Hopkins, Phelps, Burr, Goodrich, Olmsted;
Hartford Charitable Society / Cooke, Buck, Seymour, Hosmer, Hastings;
Committee of Appropriation / Thatcher, Bartholomew, Comstock, Goodwin, Pond
List of Inhabitants
Page 15Abbey, Allen, Averill, Ambrows, Alvord, Alden, Andrews, Allen, Andrus, Annis, Anderson
Page 16Andrews, Alexander, Atkins, Abernathy, Andross, Adams, Ames, Abbot, Atherton, Allen, Andross, Allyn, Adams, Apes, Allen, Armstrong, Benton, Bartholomew, Brainard, Baker, Burr, Brace, Butler, Braddock, Babcock, Bunce, Benton, Bull, Beecher, Burr, Bailey, Bryant, Brady, Bigelow/td>
Page 17Burt, Benton, Bolles, Brockway, Butler, Belcher, Buckley, Burr, Brooks, Bruce, Boardman, Bliss, Bestor, Beals, Bigelow, Bolles, Barber, Beals, Bull, Boswell, Burgess, Bolles, Boardman, Butler, Barry, Burr, Brown, Burt, Birge, Benton, Butler
Page 18Baker, Barber, Bennet, Buckley, Brace, Bingham, Brockway, Benton, Barnard, Buckland, Bradley, Bull, Buell, Buckland, Buckley, Bunce, Burbank, Booth, Bramin, Bange, Buckley, Beach, Bowles, Burnham, Blackall, Blackston, Bidwell, Barber, Buckland, Babcock, Bacon, Bray, Barber, Boardman, Bundy
Page 19Babcock, Barber, Benjamin, Brace, Bunce, Bacon, Bolles, Bell, Bulkley, Belden, Brainard, Burt, Boardman, Burr, Benton, Bissell, Burkett, Bartholomew, Baker, Baker, Barrows, Barnard, Bibbins, Bidwell, Buck, Briant, Barrett, Benton, Bow, Bunce, Bebee, Bliss, Butler, Bliss, Bows, Bradley
Page 20Bradley, Bartlett, Barnard, Brown, Brush, Bliss, Babcock, Bronson, Barnard, Bolles, Brace, Bush, Brainard, Bull, Barnard, Babcock, Butler, Barnard, Bartholomew, Brown, Booth, Bradley, Bulkley, Bliss, Barber, Bolles, Bull, Burnham, Brown, Burbank, Beals, Buckley
Page 21Bidwell, Barber, Buck, Burgess, Bourn, Benton, Burr, Benton, Bradford, Baker, Bacon, Bancroft, Butler, Birge, Burr, Burt, Cooley, Vhilds, Church, Crocker, Chapman, Cook, Canny, Case, Cox, Canfield, Cook, Canfield, Collins, Comstock, Corning, Canfield, Chapin, Carrison, Cadwell
Page 22Curwood, Cook, Chapin, Crane, Corning, Cunningham, Chamberlain, Crowell, Corning, Cooley, Clark, Copeland, Carter, Cooley, Colt, Collins, Chew, Caldwell, Combs, Chow, Conner, Collins, Canfield, Crane, Coleman, Chapman, Conner, Chapin, Copeland
Page 23Calender, Church, Collier, Cook, Collins, Clark, Chaffee, Cooley, Cable, Comstock, Collins, Corning, Chester, Crocker, Clark, Cooley, Chaffee, Clark, Catlin, Corning, Church, Comes, Canfield, Colton, Corning, Cooke, Collins, Clark, Carrington, Comstock, Cook, Corning, Clark
Page 24Chenevard, Coles, Carter, Clare, Collins, Canfield, Crary, Clark, Caldwell, Corss, Chalker, Clark, Corning, Crosby, Cook, Case, Carey, Clark, Cadwell, Cary, Clark, Cogswell, Cooke, Cadwell, Church, Chaffee, Collins, Colton, Clark, Curtis, Covert, Corning, Clark, Cahoon
Page 25Chamberlain, Chalker, Caldwell, Cook, Cadwell, Crosby, Crowell, Collis, Choate, Cunningham, Curtis, Couch, Champlain, Chauncey, Clark, Callender, Cochrane, Chapin, Curtis, Calais, Cook, Church, Catlin, Chapman, Copeland, Corning, Crittington, Dewey, Digin, Doane, Dunlap
Page 26Devan, Drake, Day, Dodge, Dimock, Dalrymple, Dodd, Dillingham, Drake, Denslow, Dimock, Deming, Dean, Day, Doolittle, Daniel, Dana, Day, Danforth, Deming, Dickinson, Dee, Dimoras, Drake, Driggs, Dean, Darling, Dodd, Durrie, Dalliber, Denslow, Davidson, Dering
Page 27Day, Dickinson, Daniels, Downes, Denslow, Day, Drue, Davis, Dimock, Dering, Day, Dickinson, Dwight, Ellsworth, Edwards, Ensign, Ely, Eggleston, Edwards, Ellsworth, Ellis, Eaton, Ensign, Earle, Ellery, Eddy, Everard, Ensign, Elton, Ellsworth
Page 28Ely, Erving, Eddy, Eaton, Ellsworth, Elton, Ero, Ellsworth, Eaton, Erving, Evins, Ensign, Furbar, Foster, Francis, Fenn, Fairman, Flowers, Flourner, Fowler, Fox, Fuller, Flint, Friend, Fowler, Fielding, Farwell, Foot, Freeman, Frisby
Page 29Frisbie, Fox, Farwell, Finch, Freeman, Fisk, Francis, Fielding, Faxon, Fitch, Flagg, Fowler, Fort, Fish, Fielding, Fowler, Flint, Fuller, Fowler, Fish, Fairchild, Fletcher, Fenn, Filley, Flagg, Gordon, Goodwin, Gabriel, Grant, Goodrich, Graves, Gould, Goodwin, Greenleaf, Goodwin
Page 30Grew, Green, Goodman, Goodsell, Goodwin, Green, Galpin, Greenleaf, Gallaudet, Goodwin, Goodyear, Goodwin, Goodrich, Gay, Goodsell, Goodwin, Gilman, Gleason, Gilman, Gannett, Griswold, Gurley, Gannett, Griswold, Goodwin, Greenleaf, Green, Goodwin, Gardner
Page 31Gilbert, Gilman, Griswold, Gourley, Gay, Garrison, Geer, Goodwin, Gore, Gordon, Gurley, Gourley, Gillingham, Goodrich, Goodwin, Gilbert, Green, Gear, Grant, Gourley, Goodale, Gouge, Gardner, Goodwin, Gilman, Gilbert, Gillett, Goodale, Gaines, Gray
Page 32Goodwin, Griswold, Gay, Gilbert, Gaylord, Goodyear, Galpin, Goodale, Hull, Hall, Hurlbert, Hull, Hollister, Hosmer, Humphrey, Hills, Hatch, Hawkes, Holmes, Huntington, Hinsdale, Huntington, Hayden, Humphrey, Humphreys, Hinsdale, Hayes, Hopkins, Hale
Page 33Hutchinson, Hyde, Harrington, Huntington, Hale, Harrison, Holton, Humphrey, Hatch, Hubbard, Hopkins, Hills, Higley, Hickox, Hills, Hunt, Hyde, Hurlbert, Huntington, Hartshorn, Hoadley, Hawes, Hatch, Hart, Hayes, Harris, Hanks, Hayward
Page 34Hitchcock, Hills, Hollister, Householder, Howard, Horton, Hudson, Huntington, Hadlock, Hills, Hubbard, Hanmer, Holmes, Haughton, Hale, Holdridge, Hatch, Hubbard, Hoadley, Hollis, Homer, Hollister, Hall, Hinsdale, Hays, Hovey, Hawley, Humphrey, Hollister, Hills, Hinsdale, Hudson, Huntington
Page 35Hatch, Hubbard, Havens, Hurlbert, Hastings, Hills, Hurlbert, Hall, Havens, Hale, Hartwell, Higley, Hanks, Hurlbert, Hale, Hubbard, Hooker, Hinckley, Huntington, Hamlin, Hopkins, Hudson, Harrington, Hamilton, Humphrey, Hills, Hurlbert, Hollister, Hudson, Isham
Page 36Isham, Ives, Imlay, Jones, Hudson, Jacocks, Johnson, Jenks, Jeffery, Johnson, Judd, Jager, Jones, Jarvis, Judd, Johnson, Jacobs, Janes, Jenkins, Jones, James
Page 37James, Johnson, Jones, Kelsey, Kilbourn, Kelsey, Kenney, King, Kennedy, Kelsey, Kendall, Kilbourn, Killam, Kelsey, Knox, King, Kirkham, Kilbourn, Kendall, King, Keeney, Kingsbury, Kellogg, Kingsbury, Kilby
Page 38Keeney, Kilbourn, Kingsbury, King, Kirby, Knox, Kelly, Kilby, Kingsbury, Knox, Kappel, Keney, Kent, Lee, Linsley, Loomis, Lee, Luther, Law, Lyman, Lindsley, Lewis, Lee, Loomis, Lathrop, Lee, Lewis, Lawrence, Lattimer, Loomis, Lloyd, Lyman
Page 39Lyman, Lathrop, Litchfield, Lion, Lattimore, Leffingwell, Levaan, Langdon, Loomis, Leonard, Langdon, Loomis, Lyman, Lovett, Leavitt, Larkum, Leffingwell, Lewis, Lyman, Lincoln, Ledlie, Lloyd, Langdon, Mather, Montague, Morgan, Marsh, Moore, May, Morton, Millard
Page 40Moore, M'Cullon, Marsh, Murls, Moore, Merrow, Marshall, Mason, Maglee, Morton, Marsh, Miner, Morgan, Montague, Maxon, Meriman, Mitchell, Murray, Merrit, Mix, M'Lean, Mitchell, Morton, Marcena, Morgan, Mills, Maton, Marsh, Monrow, Mitchell
Page 41Merriman, Macey, Miner, Morrison, Mills, Morgan, Merrow, Myers, Maxon, Morgan, Mills, Murphy, Miller, Merrow, Maxon, Merrick, Mills, McAllan, Merrills, Mills, Meigs, Marshall, Mires, McMorin, McNeal, Munn, Mitchell, Merritt, Merrow, Nichols, Norton, NIles, Noble, Norton, Newell
Page 42Nowton, Noyes, Newton, Norton, Northam, North, Nichols, Newberry, Newton, Norton, Nichols, Noble, Newell, Newton, Newbury, Newell, Nichols, Newell, Nearing, Norton, Osborn, Oakes, Olcott, Olmsted, Osborn, Olmsted, Oakes, Olcott, Ormsby, Osgood
Page 43Olcott, Ormsby, Oliver, Ovit, Powers, Pratt, Porter, Pelton, Phelps, Pease, Penfield, Phelps, Porter, Perkins, Parker, Putnam, Peckham, Peters, Pease, Powers, Porter, Pelton, Phelps, Perkins, Pettibone, Pitkin, Pond, Phelps, Peabody, Porter, Pitkin, Parsons, Porter, Post, Packard, Putnam, Parsons
Page 44Prentice, Phelps, Patten, Porter, Perkins, Packard, Porter, Pond, Phinney, Pladgee, Pitkin, Patten, Perkins, Phelps, Porter, Pitkin, Parsons, Prentice, Parsons, Perkins, Porter, Pasco, Pease, Pierce, Pinney, Porter, Pratt, Pease, Powers
Page 45Pratt, Pease, Patterson, Perkins, Pratt, Phelps, Pitkin, Page, Putnam, Parker, Payne, Porter, Pease, Prichard, Parks, Pease, Pomroy, Pratt, Parce, Plato, Pratt, Perkins, Pearce, Pearl, Picket, Phippeny, Powers, Porter, Pitkin, Prior, Peck
Page 46Russ, Rice, Roberts, Redfield, Recess, Ruggles, Robinson, Rogers, Rodgers, Russell, Renolds, Rodgers, Rowell, Rice, Royce, Robinson, Rice, Roberts, Ramsey, Robinson, Rogers, Rowland, Renolds, Root, Roberts, Rathbun, Rorsey, Robins
Page 47Robbins, Roff, Rogers, Reed, Rogers, Ramsdell, Roberts, Rice, Rudge, Roberts, Robbins, Redfield, Ransom, Risley, Rogers, Rokes, Roberts, Robbins, Rayner, Robertson, Reed, Romaine, Rowley, Rogers, Randal, Royse, Roberts, Robinson, Rayner, Roberts, Smith, Stowell, Stockbridge, Saunders, Shepard
Page 48Shepard, Shepherd, Spencer, Sumner, Smyth, Spencer, Smith, Skinner, Sheldon, Slater, Seymour, Sholtas, Steel, Seymour, Spencer, Smith, Spear, Seyms, Steele, Sexton, Sanford, Sheldon, Spencer, Sears, Smith, Swan, Spencer
Page 49Savage, Stanton, Sweet, Shultas, Sargeant, Spalding, Spencer, Stanton, Shepherd, Sweetland, Shepherd, Snow, Smith, Stedman, Spring, Shepherd, Steele, Stowell, Stephens, Sooter, Seyms, Seymour, Saunders, Steel, Sweetland, Smith, Sexten, Sawtill, Spencer, Seymour
Page 50Silloway, Seymour, Stanley, Sigourney, Sage, Sherman, Sears, Smith, Spencer, Schmuch, Starr, Sloan, Savage, Stedman, Smith, Sweetland, Seymour, Sherman, Smith, Streeter, Stocker, Steele, Stowell, Shepherd, Saunders, Sweetland, Smith, Stillman
Page 51Seymour, Stillman, Sweetser, Stockbridge, Smith, Sebre, Skinner, Shepherd, Saunders, Shaw, Scott, Sweet, Swan, Scranton, Strong, Shepard, Smith, Salough, Southwick, Scaro, Seymour, Shepherd, Steele, Stedman, Stedman, Squires
Page 52Sanger, Smyth, Spencer, Stephens, Seymor, Skinner, Saunders, St. John, Snow, Strong, Smith, Trumbull, Taylor, Treat, Thatcher, Thompson, Tibbles, Thomas, Tenant, Terry, Talcott, Tudor, Toucey, Taylor, Thompson, Train, Taylor, Tinker, Tew
Page 53Treat, Trumbull, Terry, Taylor, Trumbull, Turner, Thompson, Thatcher, Taylor, Tibbels, Terry, Terry, Thrall, Townsend, Tisdale, Treat, Terry, Townsend, Trall, Tudor
Page 54Talcott, Treat, Tudor, Terry, Tuttle, Thompson, Youcey, Treat, Utley, Whiting, Watkinson, Wells, Williams, Webster, Watkinson, Watson, Weare, Wells, Wright, Weeks, Wilds, Wadsworth, Whittimore, Williams, Watkinson, Wadsworth, Wells, Wildman
Page 55Wadsworth, Waterman, Wolcott, Winship, Warner, Wright, Williams, Wlden, Weeks, Wadsworth, Warren, Weston, Williams, White, Webster, Webb, Woodward, Wells, Watrous, Wintonbury, Warren, Warner, Ward, Waterman, Wilson
Page 56Woodbridge, Washburn, Wells, Woods, Weeks, Williams, White, Waterman, Wheaton, Washburn, Wadsworth, Willard, Webster, Wright, Washburn, Woodruff, Woodford, Watson, Wadsworth, Wells, Wodford, Weeks, Woodbridge, Williams, Ward, Woodman
Page 57Wright, Watkinson, Williams, Wells, Winchel, Winship, Ward, Wing, Woodman, Ward, Wright, Wells, Wright, White, Wadsworth, Webster, Williams, Waters, Woodhouse, Williams, Whiting, Wells, Wing, Williams, White, Woolcott, Wadsworth, Wallice, Warren
Page 58Ward, Whiting, Watkinson, Way, Warner, Whipple, Warner, Willoughby, Whitman
Page 58 Surgeons & Physicians / Bruce, Cogswell, Wells, Bacon, Morgan, Todd, Strong, Hooker, Comstock, Morgan, Brown, Terry, Barry, Bolles, Robinson, Crane;
Female Beneficent Society / Grew, Williams, Chester
Managers / Hosmer, Sigourney, Law, Pond, Bull, Robbins, Brace, Morton, Lawrence
Page 59 Inspectors, Pound Keepers, Sealers of Weights, etc. / Eggleston, Burr, Turner, Sweetser, Ely, Conner, Burr, Hastings, Lyman, Chapin, Hayden, Indicott, Stockbridge, Woodford, White, Olcott, Hanmer, Flagg, Smith, Weeks, Turner, Jones, Gilbert, Bradley, Gilbert, Fowler, Powers, Gilbert, Bradley
Page 60 Inspectors, etc. / Conner, Ely, Burr, Dodd, Turner, Seymour, Olmsted, Jones, Ely, Pratt, Hayden, Dodd, Goodwin, Grew, Williams

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