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Census of Newington, Connecticut 1776

We have scanned a publication entitled "A Census of Newington, Connecticut 1776" and indexed it for your quick search. This work contains not only records extracted from the census but also numerous notes regarding lineage as well as corrections to the census made by the author.

Click on the page number which corresponds to the section or surname of interest and this should take you to the appropriate page. The average page is about 80K and will download slowly if you are not on a fast connection. Please be patient and let us know if you have problems accessing the pages.

Click on Page Number to View

Page #Description / Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily alphabetical order
Page 5Preface
Page 6Preface page 2
Page 7Preface page 3
Page 8Preface page 4
Page 9Preface page 5
Page 11Census: Andrus
Page 12Andrus, Atwood
Page 13Atwood, Belden, Blakesly, Blinn, Bordman, Bradley, Buck, Butler, Jennings, Butler, Churchell
Page 14Churchell, Cole, Camp, Curtiss, Cooley, Deming
Page 15Deming, Dickinson, Davis
Page 16Davis, Dunston, Fox, Francis, Frazier, Fuller
Page 17Francis, Goodrich, Price, Graham, Griswold, Hun, Hunn, Hurlbut
Page 18Hurlbut, Kellogg, Kilborn
Page 19Kilborn, Kirkham, Landres, Latimer, Lowrey, Lusk
Page 20Lusk, Marks, Mills, Mygatt, Richards, Robbins
Page 21Robbins, Russel, Seymour, Smith, Steel, Squier, Stoddard
Page 22Stoddard, Whaples
Page 23Warner, Weaver, Whaples, Welles
Page 24Welles, Whittlesey, Willard, Winchell, Woolcott, Wolcott, Wentworth
Page 25Wolcott, Wright, Mitchell, Haydon, Churchell
Page 26Lusk, Deming, Churchell, Curtiss, Deming, Hurlbut, Smith, Bordman, Howard, Buck, Seymour, Deming
Page 27Pratt, Deaths: Kilbourn, Camp, Curtis, Andrus, Francis, Wells, Hun, Atwood, Whittlesey, Kilburn, Andrus, Smith, Wells, Andrus, Goodrich, Holabud, Lusk, Coslet, deming, Francis, Stoddard, Woolcut
Page 28Muster Roll: Wells, Andrus, Churchill, Wright, Whapls, Robins, Hun, Denorah, Stodor, Willard, Churchill, Andrus, Wright, Kirkham, Andrus, Atwood, Younge, Waren, Deming, Goodrich, Blin, Kellogg, Colman, Robins, Holebut, Whitellsey
Page 29Additional notes regarding births, deaths, other / Catalogue of school children
Page 30School children continued and additional listing of members of society
Page 31listing of members of society
Page 32listing of members of society
Page 33Index of all persons
Page 34Index of all persons
Page 35Index of all persons
Page 36Index of all persons
Page 37Index of all persons
Page 38Index of all persons
Page 39Index of all persons
Page 40Index of all persons
Page 41Index of all persons

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