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Wilmington, Delaware 1889 City Directory - H

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 261Haas, Habarack, Hackbarth, Hackendorn, Hackett, Hackman, Haddock
Page 262Haddock, Hadley, Hafner, Hagan, Hagee, Hagele, Hagerty, Haggerty, Hagmayer, Hagner, Hahn
Page 263Hahn, Hailey, Haines, Haislett, Hale, Haley, Hall
Page 264Hall, Hallack, Hallam, Halliday, Hallman
Page 265Hallman, Hallowell, Halsey, Halter, Ham, Hamaker, Haman, Hamann, Hambly, Hambright, Hamilton
Page 266Hamilton, Hammell, Hammer, Hammerer, Hammitt
Page 267Hammond, Hampel, Hampton, Hanby, Hance, Hancock, Hand, Handley, Handy, Haney
Page 268Haney, Hanf, Hanifee, Hanley, Hanlon, Hanly
Page 269Hanna, Hannagan, Hannan, Hannigan, Hannon, Hannum, Hannun, Hanrahan, Hanscom, Hansell, Hansey, Hanson
Page 270Hanson, Hanway, Harbert, Hardcastle, Harden, Hardester, Hardesty, Hardin, Harding
Page 271Harding, Hardwick, Hardy, Hare, Hargis, Hargon, Harkins, Harkness
Page 272Harkness, Harlan, Harley, Harlow, Harman
Page 273Harman, Harmer, Harmey, Harmon, Harner, Harney, Harp, Harper, Harrar, Harrigan, Harrington, Harriott
Page 274Harris
Page 275Harris, Harrison, Harrity, Harrop, Harry, Harshaw, Hart, Harter, Harting, Hartis, Hartiss, Hartley
Page 276Hartlove, Hartman, Hartmann, Hartney, Hartranft, Hartwell, Hartwig, Hartzel, Harvey
Page 277Harvey, Haslam, Hassett, Hassman, Hassan, Hasson, Hastings, Hatfield, Hatton, Hauber, Haugh, Haughey
Page 278Haughey, Hauser, Haven, Haverstock, Hawk, Hawke, Hawkins, Haws, Hawthorne, Hayden
Page 279Hayden, Hayes
Page 280Hayes, Hayman, Haynes, Hays, Hayward, Haywood, Hazard, Hazel
Page 281Hazelhurst, Hazlett, Hazzard, Heacock, Heal, Heald, Healy, Heamayer, Heap, Heaphy, Hearn, Hearting, Heath, Heathcote
Page 282Heatherton, Heaton, Hearlon, Hebb, Heck, Hecker, Heckman, Hector, Hedges, Hedley, Hedrick, Heebner, Heenahan, Heeney, Heep, Heert, Heffner, Hegarty, Heger, Hehir, Hehl, Heid
Page 283Heid, Heidlinger, Heilenman, Heine, Heinel, Heinzwroth, Heis, Heisler, Heiss, Heller
Page 284Heller, Hellstron, Helman, Hemerer, Hemmons, Hempel, Hemphill, Hemsley, Hendel, Henderer, Henderson
Page 285Henderson, Hendley, Hendrichs, Hendrickson, Hendrix, Hendrixson
Page 286Henhoeffer, Henkel, Henley, Hennessy, Hennis, Henny, Henry, Hensel, Henson, Henvis, Henze, Hepbron, Hepburn, Herb, Herbert, Herdman, Hergert, Hering, Heritage, Herman
Page 287Herman, Hermann, Herrick, Herriman, Herrman, Herron, Hersch, Hersey, Hershock, Hertel, Herting, Hess, Hession, Heston, Hetherton, Hetrick, Hettinger, Hetzel, Hetzler, Heuston, Heverin, Hevlow, Hewes
Page 288Hewes, Hewett, Hewitt, Hey, Hibbert, Hicken, Hickey, Hickman
Page 289Hickman, Hicks, Higgason, Higginbottom, Higgins, Highfield
Page 290Highland, Higley, Higbutt, Hilberg, Hilbiber, Hild, Hildebrand, Hildeburn, Hilderman, Hildreth, Hildrutis, Hilger, Hilkert, Hill, Hille, Hiller, Hilles
Page 291Hilles, Hilley, Hillis, Hills, Hillsley, Hillyard, Hilter, Hilton, Hilyard, Himelsbach, Hincke, Hindle, Hindman, Hines, Hinger, Hinkle, Hinkson, Hinsley, Hinson
Page 292Hinson, Hinton, Hirons, Hirst, Hirzel, Hitch, Hitchcock, Hitchen, Hitchens, Hobendouler, Hobbs
Page 293Hobson, Hoch, Hochheimer, Hockister, Hockman, Hodges, Hodgkiss, Hodgman, Hodgson, Hodson, Hofer, Hoffecker, Hoffman
Page 294Hoffman, Hoffmeier, Hogan, Hogate, Hogg, Hogue, Hohlfeld, Holback, Holburn, Holcomb, Holden, Holdman, Holfeld, Holland
Page 295Holland, Holley, Hollingshead, Hollingsworth, Hollis, Hollon, Holloway, Holmes, Holstein, Holsten, Holston, Holt
Page 296Holt, Holton, Holzhauser, Homewood, Honey, Honeywell, Hood, Hooper, Hoopes
Page 297Hoopes, Hooten, Hootter, Hooven, Hoover, Hope, Hopewell, Hopkins, Hopman, Hopton, Horisk, Horn
Page 298Horn, Hornbogen, Horne, Horner, Horsey, Horty, Hosken, Hoskins, Hossenger, Hosson, Hottenfeller, Houck, Houes, Houg, Houghton
Page 299Houghton, Houpt, Houseman, Houser, Houston, Hoverter, Howard, Howarth, Howell, Hower, Howett
Page 300Howgate, Howland, Hoxie, Hoxter, Hoy, Hoyer, Hubbard, Huber, Hubert, Huck, Hudders, Hudson
Page 301Hudson, Huestis, Huey, Huff, Huffington, Huggins, Hughes
Page 302Hughes, Hughs, Huhn, Hukill, Hulett, Hull, Hulme, Hultz, Hume, Humes, Humphrey, Humphreys
Page 303Humphreys, Humphry, Humphrys, Hummel, Hummer, Hung, Hunt, Hunter, Huntley, Huntsman, Hurff, Hurford, Hurley, Hurlock, Hurn, Hurst
Page 304Hurst, Hurt, Husbands, Huse, Huson, Hussey, Hustis, Huston, Hutchins, Hutchinson, Hutchison, Hutson, Hutton
Page 305Hutton, Huxley, Hyatt, Hyde, Hygate, Hyland, Hyndman
Page 306Hynson, Hyrons, Hysore

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