Des Moines, IA 1897 City Directory - MC Surnames

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Pages 379 - 384Pages were missing from our copy of this directory
Page 385McBride, McBurney, McCabe, McCahill, McCain, McCall, McCammon, McCann, McCannon, McCanon, McCardell, McCarthy, McCartney, McCarty, McCash, McCaughan, McCaughtry
Page 386McCaughtry, McCaughey, McCauley, McCausland, McClain, McClard, McClary, McClees, McClellan
Page 387McClellan, McClelland, McClenahan, McClure, McClurg, McColey, McCollum, McConaughy, McConkey, McConnell
Page 388McConnell, McCool, McCord, McCormack, McCormick, McCowan, McCown, McCoy, McCracken
Page 389McCraven, McCray, McCrea, McCreery, McCreight, McCroskey, McCue, McCulloch, McCullough, McCune, McCurdy, McCurnin, McCutchen, McDade, McDaniel, McDermed, McDermott, McDevitt, McDivitt
Page 390McDivitt, McDonald, McDonaki, McDonald, McDonnell, McDonough, McDowell
Page 391McDowell, McDunn, McElderry, McElree, McElroy, McElvogue, McElwain, McElwee, McFadden, McFadyen, McFall, McFarland
Page 392McFarland, McFarlane, McFarlin, McFee, McGaffee, McGarraugh, McGarry, McGavran, McGavern, McGee, McGinnis, McGinty, McGiveny, McGlinn, McGlone, McGlothlin, McGlue, McGorrisk, McGovern, McGowen, McGrail, McGranahan, McGrane, McGrath, McGrean, McGrevey, McGrew
Page 393McGrew, McGriff, McGrory, McGruder, McGuinn, McGuire, McHale, McHarness, McHenry, McHugh, McIlvaine, McInerney, McInnis, McIntire, McIntosh, McIntyre, McKay, McKee
Page 394McKee, McKechan, McKeil, McKelvey, McKelvogue, McKenna, McKenzie, McKeon, McKercher, McKibben, McKinley, McKinney, McKnight, McKowen
Page 395McKowen, McLain, McLane, McLaren, McLaughlin, McLavy, McLean, McLennan, McLeod, McLinn, McLoney, McLucas, McLuen, McMackin, McMahon, McManima, McManus, McMartin, McMeekin, McMichael, McMicken, McMillan
Page 396McMillan, McMillen, McMonagle, McMullen, McMurray, McMurtry, McNabb, McNall, McNamara, McNames, McNeal, McNeely, McNeese, McNeil, McNerney
Page 397McNerney, McNett, McNichols, McNulty, McNutt, McPheeters, McPherrin, McPherson, McQuaid
Page 398McQuie, McQuillan, McQuiston, McRae, McSteen, McTaggart, McTighe, McVey, McWhinney, McWhorter, McWilliams,