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We have scanned the original city directory for Chicago, Illinois for 1855/6 and indexed it for your quick search. Click on the letter which corresponds to the first letter of the last name for the person you are seeking. (But please do not forget to check the list of names too late for insertion, below.) You will be taken to a list of page numbers which correspond to specific surnames. Clicking on the page number should take you to the appropriate page. Again, these pages are scans of the original document which are fairly large files. The average page is about 140K and will download slowly if you are not on a fast connection. Please be patient and let us know if you have problems accessing the pages.

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Pages 1 - 159

Chicago City Residential Directory

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Pages 160 - 195

Chicago City Business Listings

Page 160Accoucheuses .. Agents
Pages 161 - 163Missing
Page 164Agricultural warehouses .. Attorneys
Page 165Attorneys
Page 166Attorneys .. Bill Posters
Page 167Billiard Saloons .. Boots
Page 168Boots .. Builders
Page 169Butchers .. Car Works
Page 170Cement .. Clergymen
Page 171Clocks .. Coal
Page 172Coffee .. Commissions Merchants
Page 173Confectioners .. Daguerreotype Artists
Page 174Dentists .. Druggists
Page 175Dry Docks .. Expresses
Page 176Fancy Goods .. Furniture
Page 177Furniture .. Grocers
Page 178Grocers
Page 179Grocers .. Hardware
Page 180Hardware .. Hotels
Page 181Hotels .. Insurance
Page 182Insurance .. Liquor
Page 183Liquor .. Lumber
Page 184Lumber .. Merchants
Page 185Merchants .. News
Page 186Newspapers .. Paints
Page 187Paper Box Makers .. Physicians
Page 188Physicians .. Planing Mills
Page 189Plasterers .. Produce
Page 190Provision Dealers .. Saddle and Harness
Page 191Sail Makers .. Shipping
Page 192Ship Smiths .. Tailors
Page 193Tanners .. Upholsterers
Page 194Varieties .. Wood Dealers
Page 195Wooden Ware .. Zinc (plus late entries)
Page 196 - 204

Municipal Register

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Page 208 - 215

Names Too Late For Insertion

Page 208Abbott, Adams, Addison, Aldrich, Allan, Allen, Ambers, American, Andermat, Anderson, Andrewsm Andrus, Angell, Anglim, Armstrong, Ashling, Back, Baer, Barber, Barker, Barr, Barry, Bates, Bastten, Beeler, Beattie, Beckert, Beckwith, Behrens, Bender, Benton, Berry, Birdsall, Bishop, Blackburn, Blanchard, Blaisdell, Blow, Boardman, Bostock, Bonenschatz, Bradley, Brewster, Brigham, Broadstreet, Brown, Brooks, Bruce, Brush, Bryan, Bryson, Buchanan, Buckingham, Buck, Buel, Burgess, Burkhill, Burtiss, Burnham, Butts, Caldwell, Carkin, Carlen, Case, Carpenter, Carrol, Castor, Chapman, Chapoton
Page 209Chant, Chase, Chilson, Clanson, Clarkson, Cloyes, Clendenen, Coggswell, Cohn, Coffee, Cole, Coleman, Coleson, Colville, Collins, Cory, Course, Cox, Conly, Crawford, Crone, Crosby, Craig, Culver, Cunningham, Currier, Curton, Curtis, Curtiss, Cushing, Cushman, Cuthbertson, Cutler, Cutmore, Eaton, Eickhoff, Eddy, Elliott, Enos, Evans, Ewers, Falcon, Fallagar, Farwell, Fay, Fickett, Fink, Fennerty, Fish, Fisher, Fitch, Fitzgerald, Follansbee, Forsh, Foster, Fox, Frederick, Fuller, Fulton, Funk, Furney, Gallupe, Gannett, Gates, Gibbons, Gilbert, Gill, Gillen, Gilletts, Going, Goodman, Goodrich
Page 210Goodwin, Gray, Green, Griffin, Gross, Guglielman, Gunderman, Hale, Hall, Halliday, Hammond, Hance, Hanson, Harrison, Hart, Harlip, Haskett, Hankshaw, Hayden, Hawkes, Heath, Henderson, Hibbard, Herrenkind, Higgens, Hill, Hite, Holbrook, Holden, Hollister, Hopkins, Horner, Hotchkiss, Horn, Howell, Hurlbutt, Ideson, Ingersoll, Jarvey, Jewett, Johnston, Jones, Kahle, Keen, Kellogg, Kennedy, Ketz, Kerhoff, Kidd, Kirsch, Kittredge, Klock, Knirr, Knocke, Kolb, Kopp, Kough, Krafft, Kramer, Keiser, Kronichfelt, Kruse, Lass, Lamb, Lambert, Lane, Ledley, Leduc, Lewis, Liebenstein, Loverin, Lyman, McDonald, McGuire, McEvoy, McKeown, McMaster, Maguire
Page 211Manchester, Marcuse, Marks, Marsh, Martin, Mills, Miller, Millward, Monks, Moore, Morford, Myers, Mitchell, Neunen, Neuberger, Newkirk, Niles, Noble, Olinger, Orcutt, Payne, Palmer, Peake, Pearce, Pelton, Penter, Pennefather, Perkins, Perrine, Pfrangle, Pinkerton, Platenius, Pratt, Prentiss, Purrington, Race, Rath, Reno, Reynolds, Rigby, Richards, Robb, Robbsns, Roods, Rodgers, Rogers, Ross, Roy, Rue, Ruhling, Runyon, Sanks, Schubach, Schuck, Schott, Scott, Seymour, Seaton, Seeley, Silver, Sink, Sheridan, Sherman, Slaughter, Slocum, Smalley, Smith, Snow, Staab, Stoddard, Stealey, Stone, Stoops, Thayer, Thies, Thomas, Thompson
Page 212Titsworth, Treadwell, Uhl, Van Osten, Varinn, Vergho, Walter, Warrick, Woodson, Wichmann, Willets
Page 213Adams, Allen, Anderson, Andrick, Armstrong, Auth, Barnard, Baker, Barrett, Barker, Bazman, Beckman, Beckwith, Beecher, Boone, Bowen, Bramson, Brewster, Brizee, Bronson, Brown, Burgess, Burling, Burrell, Burtis, Campbell, Carnes, Carpenter, Carey, Castor, Chase, Clarkson, Clark, Clifford, Clough, Crone, Cullen, Culver, Curtis, Curzon, Dalliba, Dart, Deal, De Hart, Dexter, Dittman, Dodge, Donnelley, Dubois, Dugal, Dykeman, Enger, Eckley, Eddsy, Elliott, Emerson, Emery, Enorson, Farnsworth, Fassett, Fay, Fisher, Franklin, Frisbie, Forrest, Gage, Going, Graham, Gregory, Griffin, Haines, Hanchett, Harris, Hartwig, Harvey, Havilland, Hawkins, Heckelman, Hoge, Honore, Hoyt, Inghram, Isaacs, Jacobus, Jaeger, Jennings, Jewett, Johnson, King, Landon, Lamb, Lawrence, Lees, Letz
Page 214Levi, Loeb, Lord, Lum, Lyon, McDonald, MeEwen, McGilvra, McLean, McSherry, Macintosh, Mehia, Marble, Maxwell, Mayer, Medill, Merit, Merrill, Miller, Mitchell, Moore, Morgan, Moritz, Morton, Murphy, Myers, Nortoni, Oechsel, Oldershaw, Oppenheimer, Ostheim, Ostendorf, Perker, Peats, Phillips, Pollock, Prelier, Prescott, Priestley, Prince, Prussing, Pryce, Puetz, Quinn, Ray, Rees, Reno, Richards, Roberts. Robinson, Rusling, Selleck, Sheffield, Shepherd, Sherman, Silliman, Snow, Stewart. Strehl, Swartout, Smith, Swift, Taylor, Thomas, Thomson, Thorp, Tomlinson, Tucker, Turner, Vanderslice, Waite, Walker, Ward, Ware, Warner, Webb, Wetmore, Whitney, Willmarth, Wimpfheimer, Windheim, Wright, Younker, Zipp
Page 215Miscellaneous Information