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Peoria, Illinois 1883 - 84 City Directory - B

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order,
Page 92Baack, Baak, Babb, Babcock, Babish, Bach, Baches, Bachler, Bachman, Bachmann, Back, Backer
Page 93Backer, Backes, Bacon, Baden, Baer, Baggs, Bagin, Bah, Bailey, Baily, Bain, Baird, Baker
Page 94Baker, Baldus, Baldwin, Ball
Page 95Ballance, Ballard, Ballenberg, Balzan, Balzer, Bamberger, Bangs, Banks, Bannister, Banta, Banvard, Barber, Barbero, Barbier, Barbour
Page 96Barch, Barclay, Barden, Barder, Barfield, Barfoot, Barga, Bargdill, Barkdoll, Barker, Barkley, Barl, Barlow, Barnes
Page 97Barnes, Barnett, Barnewolt, Barney, Barnhard, Barnhart, Barowsky, Barr
Page 98Barr, Barrett, Barrow, Barry, Bartels, Barth, Barthel, Bartholomew, Bartle
Page 99Bartle, Bartlett, Bartson, Barzen, Bascom, Bassett, Bastian, Bastow, Bates, Battle, Batton, Bauer
Page 100Bauer, Bauerlin, Baugh, Baughman, Baum, Bauman, Baumann, Baumbach, Baumer, Baumgart, Baumgartner, Baxendale, Baxter, Bay, Bayer, Bayless, Baynard, Beach, Beall, Beam, Bean, Bear
Page 101Beardsley, Beaseman, Beasley, Beathard, Beatty, Beaver, Beavis, Bechtel, Bechtold, Beck, Beckenhaupt, Becker
Page 102Becker, Beckermann, Beckler, Beckley, Beckwith, Bedel, Beebee, Beek, Beekman, Beeling, Beers, Bege, Behm
Page 103Behm, Behner, Behning, Behrends, Behrens, Beiger, Belanger, Belcher, Belck, Belcke, Bell
Page 104Bell, Bellinger, Bellville, Belman, Belote, Belsterling, Bencke, Benden, Bender, Bendt, Benedict, Benefiel, Benford, Bengen, Benham, Benjamin, Bennard, Benner, Bennett
Page 105Bennett, Bensman, Benson, Bent, Bentley, Benton, Benz, Beranger, Berens, Berg
Page 106Bergan, Bergdoll, Bergholz, Bergner, Bergquist, Bergstrand, Bergstrom, Bergundy, Berkeley, Berkemann, Berkle, Berkmeyer, Berkshire, Berman, Berndt, Bernhard, Bernbauer, Berrien, Berry, Bert
Page 107Berte, Besazk, Beseman, Bess, Best, Bestor, Bethard, Bethge, Betts, Beverly, Bewsher, Beyer, Biagi, Bick, Bickerdt, Bidault, Bidleman, Bieber
Page 108Biegler, Bienemann, Biermann, Bigee, Bigelow, Biggins, Biggs, Bigham, Bigley, Bigner, Bilderback, Bill, Billard, Biller, Billingham, Billings, Billingslea, Bills, Binder, Bingley, Bingner, Binkley
Page 109Binkley, Binnian, Birchfield, Birckner, Bird, Birge, Birkel, Birkenhead, Birkenholtz, Birket, Birks, Bishop, Bisplinghoff, Bissell, Bistorius, Bittel, Bitz, Black
Page 110Black, Blackman, Blackmore, Blackstone, Blaine, Blair, Blake, Blakesley, Blakewell, Blanchard, Blanchfield, Blandin, Blaney, Blang, Blank
Page 111Blank, Blans, Blatter, Blauvelt, Bleichner, Blessing, Blick, Blitzner, Block, Bloem, Blois, Blood, Bloom, Bloomer, Bloomfield, Blose, Blossom, Blout, Blue, Blum
Page 112Blum, Blumb, Blume, Blumenthal, Blumhoff, Blundell, Blusch, Blust, Blye, Boal, Boardman, Bock, Bockin, Bocklas, Bodenheimer, Bodtke, Boege, Boehnke, Boekholl, Boerder, Boers, Boesch
Page 113Boesch, Boettger, Bogan, Bogena, Boggs, Bohanan, Bohl, Bohlander, Bohlender, Boies, Bois, Boise, Boland, Boley, Boll, Boller, Bolles, Bollinger, Bolmer, Bolt, Bolton, Boltwood
Page 114Bonbrake, Bond, Bone, Bones, Bonham, Boniface, Bontjes, Boor, Booth, Booze, Bopp, Borcher, Borchers, Borgers, Boring, Borkars, Bornholdt, Bornmann, Bornstein
Page 115Bornstein, Borries, Borst, Bosley, Bostwick, Boswell, Bosworth, Botto, Botts, Botzdeck, Botzenhardt, Boucher, Boudreau, Boulls, Boun, Bourdereaux, Bourgoin, Bourk, Bourke, Bourland
Page 116Bourland, Bourn, Bourne, Bourscheidt, Bouvet, Bovee, Bowe, Bowen, Bower, Bowerman, Bowers
Page 117Bowers, Bowles, Bowman, Boyd, Boyer, Boylan
Page 118Boylan, Boyle, Braatz, Brace, Bracken, Brackett, Brackin, Brackley, Bradbury, Bradford, Bradley, Bradoc, Bradshaw
Page 119Brady, Bragman, Brainard, Braley, Bramble, Brancka, Brand, Brandenburg
Page 120Brandon, Brandt, Branigan, Brannan, Brannen, Brannon, Brant, Brants, Branz, Brash, Brassfield, Bratton, Brauer, Braun, Braunagel, Brauns
Page 121Brawley, Brayshaw, Breamer, Brebar, Brebner, Brecher, Breckenridge, Breed, Breese, Breier, Bremer, Brendel, Brender, Brennan
Page 122Brennan, Bresee, Bresnahan, Bretnaker, Bretz, Breymeier, Brezell, Brice, Bridgeman, Briggs, Briley, Brin, Brink, Brisbine, Briscoe, Brisendine, Bristol, Britton, Broadway, Brobyn, Brockett, Brodbeck
Page 123Brodman, Brodmann, Broennecke, Bronnen, Brons, Brooks, Brophy
Page 124Bross, Brothers, Brotherson, Broudy, Brower, Brown
Page 125Brown, Brownell, Brubaker, Bruce, Brucker, Bruder
Page 126Brueggeman, Brule, Brunck, Bruner, Brunert, Bruninga, Brunner, Bruns, Brus, Brush, Brusie, Brutchar, Brutcher, Bryan, Bryant, Bryce
Page 127Brynard, Bryner, Bryson, Buchanan, Buchele, Bucher, Buchholtz, Buchholz, Buchraudt, Buck, Buckhardt, Buckingham, Buckley, Buckner, Budd
Page 128Budd, Buechele, Buechner, Buehler, Buehrer, Buell, Buerk, Bueschel, Buffe, Bulger, Bull, Bullerdieck, Bumgardner, Bunch, Bunert, Bunker
Page 129Bunn, Bunting, Burbridge, Burchers, Burckhardt, Burdick, Burg, Burghoffer, Burgi, Burhaus, Burk, Burke
Page 130Burke, Burlet, Burley, Burneight, Burnell, Burnett, Burnhage, Burnham, Burns, Burpee, Burquin, Burr
Page 131Burr, Burris, Burroughs, Burrows, Burster, Burt, Burtnett, Burton, Burwell, Bush
Page 132Bush, Bushell, Bushnell, Buss, Bussy, Butler
Page 133Butler, Butsch, Butscher, Butterfield, Butts, Byard, Bye, Byers, Byrd, Byrnes, Byron

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