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Peoria, Illinois 1883 - 84 City Directory - H

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order,
Page 230Haaf, Haartz
Page 231Haas, Habbinga, Haberland, Hablizel, Hack, Hacker, Hackett, Hackman, Hackney, Hadank, Haddigan, Hadfield, Hadley, Haefeli, Haefke, Haegi, Haermann
Page 232Haessel, Haffey, Hagan, Hagel, Hagemann, Hagen, Hager, Hagerty, Haggerty, Hagi, Hahn, Hahna, Hailey, Haines, Hainey, Haisler, Hale
Page 233Haley, Halfpenny, Hall
Page 234Hall, Haller, Halligan, Halloran, Hallorin, Hallow, Hally, Halpin, Halstead, Hamalle, Hamann, Hamblin
Page 235Hamil, Hamilton, Hamlin, Hamm, Hammarlund, Hammatt, Hammel, Hammett
Page 236Hammond, Hanahan, Hanchel, Hancock, Hand, Handbury, Handley, Handrihan, Handschu, Haney, Hankinson, Hanks, Hanlan, Hanlon, Hann, Hanna
Page 237Hanna, Hannan, Hannay, Hanners, Hannigan, Hannin, Hanny, Hanrahan, Hansbro, Hansel, Hansen, Hanson, Hansson, Hanzzer, Happner, Harbers
Page 238Hardesty, Hardin, Hardine, Harding, Hardy, Haring, Harker, Harkness, Harlan, Harlin, Harmon
Page 239Harmon, Harmony, Harms, Harney, Harp, Harper
Page 240Harper, Harpham, Harps, Harpst, Harre, Harrigan, Harrington, Harris
Page 241Harris, Harrison, Harsch, Harshbarger, Harseim, Harsy, Hart
Page 242Hart, Hartig, Hartmann, Hartwick, Hartz
Page 243Hartzhorn, Harvey, Harwood, Hasbrouck, Haselmayer, Haskins, Hass, Hassler, Hassmann, Hastings, Hatch, Hatfield, Hath, Hathman, Hauber, Hauck, Haughey, Hauk, Haun, Haungs
Page 244Haungs, Haupt, Hauter, Havenhill, Havens, Haver, Haw, Hawk, Hawkings, Hawkins, Hawks, Hawksworth, Hawley, Hay, Hayden, Haydon, Haydter, Hayes
Page 245Hayes, Haynes, Hays, Hayungs, Hazard, Haze, Hazel, Hazzard, Head, Healy
Page 246Healy, Hearsey, Hearst, Heater, Heath, Hebden, Heberer, Herbert, Hecht, Heck, Heckard, Heckart, Hecker, Heckler, Heddleson, Hedrich, Hedrick
Page 247Heede, Heer, Hefelbower, Hefele, Hefferman, Hefferon, Heffon, Heffron, Hefley, Heft, Hegarty, Hege, Heid, Heiden, Heigh, Heijen, Heiken, Heil, Heim, Heimermann, Heine, Heinecke, Heinman, Heinrichs
Page 248Heinrichs, Heintz, Heinzelmann, Heinzer, Heitzmann, Held, Heller, Helling, Hellinger, Hellrigel, Helm, Helmer, Hemmerly, Hemphill, Hemsley, Hendel, Henderson,
Page 249Henderson, Hendren, Hendricks, Henebery, Henizer, Henne, Hennessy, Henney, Henniges, Henninger, Henricks, Henry
Page 250Henry, Henseler, Hensey, Henson, Henthorne, Hepperly, Heppler, Heppner, Herget
Page 251Herget, Herlocker, Hermann, Hermeling, Hermes, Herner, Herold, Herr, Herrick, Herring, Herrington, Herris, Herron, Herschberger, Herschel, Herstine, Herter, Hertt
Page 252Hertz, Hervey, Herweg, Herwig, Herzer, Herzog, Heschong, Heser, Hesler, Hesling, Hess, Hesse, Hessling, Hester, Hetz, Hetzel, Heuer, Hewett, Hewitt
Page 253Hewitt, Hey, Heyd, Heyl, Heyle, Heylman, Hibben, Hickelmaier, Hicken, Hickey, Hicks, Hiege, Hieling, Hiens, Hierspiel
Page 254Higbie, Higgins, High, Highfield, Hildebrand, Hildner, Hill
Page 255Hill, Hilliard, Hillman, Hiltbold, Hiltrop, Himes, Himpall, Hince, Hinchbery, Hindman, Hinds, Hine, Hines
Page 256Hines, Hinken, Hinman, Hinrichs, Hinze, Hirsch, Hirschel, Hirt, Hirter, Hirth, Hirtz, Hiseradt, Hisgett, Hitchcock, Hithman, Hitz, Hixon, Hoagland
Page 257Hobin, Hodges, Hoeffner, Hoeft, Hoehn, Hoehne, Hoeltke, Hoenning, Hoeppner, Hoerner, Hoening, Hoerseman, Hoersey, Hoey, Hofer, Hoefer, Hoffman
Page 258Hoffman, Hoffmann, Hofstetter, Hogan
Page 259Hogarth, Hogue, Hoke, Hoker, Joklas, Holcomb, Holden, Holding, Holen, Holford, Holland, Holley, Holliday, Hollingshead, Hollingsworth, Hollis, Holly, Holm, Holman, Holmes
Page 260Holmes, Holt, Holtz, Holzapfel, Holzschuh, Hornberger, Homman, Homs, Honan, Hongst, Honig, Honness, Honnott, Honold, Hood, Hook, Hoonberger, Hoover
Page 261Hopkins, Hopmyer, Hoppert, Hopple, Hoppner, Horan, Horine, Horn, Hornbaker
Page 262Hornbaker, Horndash, Hornish, Horsh, Horton, Hosselton, Hotchkiss, Hotman, Hottinger, Hough, Houghton, Houk, Houlihan
Page 263Houlihan, Houlley, Hoult, Hounihan, House, Housel, Houser, Houston, Hovenden, Hovermale, Howard, Howatt, Howe, Howeler
Page 264Howell, Howells, Howerton, Howland, Hoxter, Hoy, Hoyle, Hoynes, Hoyseradt, Huard, Hubacker, Hubbard, Hubbell, Huber, Hucke, Huckins, Hudson
Page 265Huelsebus, Huelster, Hueston, Hufenuss, Huff, Huggins, Hughes, Hughey, Hugo, Huhn, Hulbert, Hull, Hulseman, Humble, Hume, Hummel, Humphrey, Humphries
Page 266Humphries, Hungerford, Hungs, Hunt, Hunter, Huntsberger, Hupe, Hurd
Page 267Hurdle, Hurff, Hurlbert, Hurley, Hurst, Hurstein, Hurtt, Huson, Hussey, Huston, Hutchings, Hutchinson
Page 268Hutchinson, Hutchison, Hutson, Hutt, Huver, Huverstuhl, Huxtable, Hyer

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