Welcome to Tippecanoe County and Lafayette, Indiana 1929-30 City Directory

We have scanned the original Polk's Lafayette (Indiana) City Directory for 1929-30 including Tippecanoe County and indexed it for your search.   This publication is a large and extensive compilation which includes, in order of presentation:

  • Lafayette Miscellany
  • Lafayette Classified Buyers' Guide
  • Lafayette Alphabetical Residential Directory
  • Lafayette Street Directory
  • Tippecanoe County Directory (population and some general info by town)
  • Tippecanoe County and Lafayette City Business Directory
  • Tippecanoe Alphabetical Rural Residential Directory

This book is filled with all kinds of extensive information which should serve many different uses.   In terms of its value for family history research, the residential listings are useful to locate persons, their residences, and possible relatives.   The reverse street directory can also help locate potential relatives.   Business listings can also be a useful tool for family historians and provide some out of the ordinary items to help fill out one's understanding of relatives listed therein.

Find the section, below, which interests you and click on page numbers to access the original publication.   In the case of some of the more extensive items such as residential and business listings, you will be taken to an additional page listing an index by section.   From there you will need to locate the particular page of interest.

Clicking on page number should take you to the appropriate page.   As an alternative, you can peruse the entire publication by entering page numbers in the "jump" box and clicking "GO."

These pages are scans of the original document which are fairly large files.   The average page is about 110K and will download slowly if you are not on a fast connection.   Please be patient and let us know if you have problems accessing the pages.

Page #Description
Pages 007 to 021


Page 5Title Page
Page 6Publishers Note
Page 7General Index
Page 8Index to Advertisers
Page 9Index to Advertisers
Page 10Index to Advertisers
Page 11Introduction
Page 12Introduction
Page 13Statistical Review
Page 14Description of Lafayette
Page 15Miscellaneous Information
Page 16Miscellaneous Information
Page 17Miscellaneous Information
Page 18Miscellaneous Information
Page 19Miscellaneous Information
Page 20Miscellaneous Information
Page 21Miscellaneous Information
Pages 038 to 095Lafayette Classified Buyers' Guide
Page 38Abstracts
Page 39Automobile Tires
Page 40Automobiles
Page 41Automobiles
Page 42Automobiles
Page 43Automobiles
Page 44Automobiles
Page 45Banks and Bankers
Page 46Banks and Bankers
Page 47Banks and Bankers
Page 48Banks and Bankers
Page 49Banks and Bankers
Page 50Banks and Bankers
Page 51Building and Loan Associations
Page 52Cleaners
Page 53Cleaners
Page 54Cleaners
Page 55Coal
Page 56Coal
Page 57Coal
Page 58Coal
Page 59Coal
Page 60Coffee Roasters
Page 61Contractors
Page 62Department Stores
Page 63Druggists
Page 64Druggists
Page 65Electrical
Page 66Florists
Page 67Furnaces
Page 68Furniture
Page 69Gift Shops
Page 70Hardware
Page 71Hatcheries
Page 72Home Specialties
Page 73Insurance
Page 74Insurance
Page 75Insurance
Page 76Laundries
Page 77Loans
Page 78Lumber
Page 79Lumber
Page 80Lumber
Page 81Machine Shops
Page 82Motorcycles
Page 83Paints
Page 84Planing Mills
Page 85Plumbers
Page 86Plumbers
Page 87Real Estate
Page 88Real Estate
Page 89Roofers
Page 90Sand and Gravel
Page 91Sheet Metal Works
Page 92Transfer
Page 93Transfer
Page 94Undertakers
Page 95Welders
Page 96Abbreviations
Pages 097 to 602

Lafayette Residential Directory

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Page 603Advertisement
Page 604Advertisement
Pages 605 to 703Lafayette Street Directory (Reverse Directory)
  605  606  607  608  609   610  611  612  613  614  615  616  617  618  619   620  621  622  623  624  625  626  627  628  629   630  631  632  633  634  635  636  637  638  639   640  641  642  643  644  645  646  647  648  649   650  651  652  653  654  655  656  657  658  659   660  661  662  663  664  665  666  667  668  669   670  671  672  673  674  675  676  677  678  679   680  681  682  683  684  685  686  687  688  689   690  691  692  693  694  695  696  697  698  699   700  701  702  703
Page 704Advertisement
Pages 705 to 714Tippecanoe County Directory
Page 705Ash Grove, Battle Ground
Page 706Battle Ground
Page 707Battle Ground
Page 708Battle Ground, Buck Creek
Page 709Clarks Hill
Page 710Clarks Hill
Page 711Clarks Hill, Culburn, Dayton
Page 712Elston, Montmorenci, Romney
Page 713Shadeland, South Raub, Stockwell
Page 714West Point
Pages 715 to 816Tippecanoe County and Lafayette City Business Directory
Pages 817 to 946

Tippecanoe Rural Directory

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