Madison 1859-60 Directory, City Guide and Business Mirror Directory - T .. Z Surnames

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Page #Description / Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 082Tague, Tapyer, Taylor, Tecumseh, Tellice, Temperly, Temple, Terpin, Theanas, The Arbour, Thevnot, Thines, Thom, Thomas
Page 083Thomas, Thompson, Thornburg, Thornton, Thrift, Thurston, Tieman, Tiewanger, Tilford, Tilley, Tilton, Timlin, Tinsley, Tite, Todd, Toler, Tombs, Tompson, Toole
Page 084Torpy, Torrance, Townsend, Trigg, Trow, Tucker, Twinting, Ulmer, Umbach, Understeller, Vail, Vall, Valter, Vandagrifft, Vaughan, Verry, Vickory, Vullmer, Wagner
Page 085Wagner, Waherich, Wainright, Walden, Walker, Wall, Wallace, Wallet, Walpole, Walser, Winsel, Warfield, Warning, Warraugh, Washer, Watson, Watts, Weatherford, Weaver, Webar, Webb, Weber
Page 086Weckerly, Wedd, Wehrle, Weiger, Weihrauch, Weimer, Weiner, Weis, Welch, Wells, Wengerter, Weraugh, Werbe, Werber, Werchler, West, Westgate, Wewer, Weyer, Weyhe, Weyner, Wharton
Page 087Whedon, Whipple, White, Whitehead, Whiteman, Whitney, Wiedmer, Wilber, Wilcox, Wilcoxen, Wilhelm, Wilkie, Wilkinson, Willey, Williams
Page 088Willoughby, Wilson, Winberger, Winn, Winter, Wise, Wolf, Wood, Woodward, Woodard, Woodburn
Page 089Woodburn, Wooden, Woodfield, Woodfill, Woollen, Wortman, Wright, Winn, Wust, Wye, Yauris, Yeager, Yesler, Young, Zimmerman, Zoeller, Zuck