Welcome to Dedham, Massachusetts 1893 City Directory

We have scanned the original city directory for Dedham for 1893 and indexed it for your quick search. Click on the the page number or section you are interested in. Surnames in the residential directory may be accessed by clicking on the appropriate first letter of the last name for the person you are seeking. You will be taken to a list of page numbers which correspond to specific surnames. Clicking on the page number should take you to the appropriate page. Omitted page numbers have not been scanned as they contained only advertising.

Page #Description
Pages 007 - 063Dedham General Information
Page 7Contents
Page 9Street Directory
Page 10Street Directory
Page 11Street Directory
Page 12Dedham Public Library - Image of Building and Staff
Page 17Dedham Fire Dept.
Page 18Dedham Town Officers
Page 19Dedham Schools and Teachers
Page 20Dedham Schools and Teachers
Page 21Dedham Schools and Teachers
Page 22Dedham Post Offices
Page 24Dedham Societies
Page 25Dedham Societies
Page 28Dedham Societies
Page 29Dedham Societies
Page 30Dedham Societies
Page 31Dedham Societies
Page 32Dedham Churches
Page 34Dedham Churches
Page 35Image - Catholic Church
Page 36St. Mary's Catholic Church
Page 37Image - East Dedham Methodist Episcopal Church
Page 38Churches cont'd
Page 39Image - East Dedham Baptist Church
Page 40Churches cont'd
Page 41Image - Dedham Unitarian Church
Page 42Churches cont'd
Page 43Image - First Congregational Church
Page 44Churches cont'd
Page 45Image - West Dedham Unitarian Church
Page 47Image - Memorial Hall
Page 48Churches cont'd
Page 49Image - Oslington Congregational Church
Page 51Image - Church of the Good Shepherd
Page 53Image - St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Page 55Image - Dedham Depot
Page 57Image - Court House
Page 59Image - Dedham High School
Page 61Image - Dedham Jail
Page 63Image - Dedham National Bank Block
Pages 65 - 132

Residential Directory:

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Pages 133 - 147Business Directory
Page 133Apothecaries .. Bedding
Page 134Bicycles .. Broker
Page 135Building Mover .. Carriage Trimmers
Page 136Cattle Dealer .. Confectionery
Page 137Confectionery .. Dry Goods
Page 138Dry Goods .. Fruit
Page 139Fruit .. Grist Mill
Page 140Grocers .. Horse Furnishing Goods
Page 141Horses .. Lawyers
Page 142Lawyers .. Milkmen
Page 143Millinery .. Paper Hangers
Page 144Paper Hangers .. Private School Teachers
Page 145Provisions .. Stoves
Page 146Tag Manufacturers .. Water Company
Page 147Wheelwrights .. Wood
Pages 155 - 158Miscellany
Page 155Census of Massachusetts
Page 156Census of Massachusetts
Page 157Census of Massachusetts
Page 158Census of Massachusetts