Welcome to Dedham, Massachusetts 1920 City Directory

We have scanned the original city directory for Dedham for 1920 and indexed it for your quick search. Click on the the page number or section you are interested in. Surnames in the residential directory may be accessed by clicking on the appropriate first letter of the last name for the person you are seeking. You will be taken to a list of page numbers which correspond to specific surnames. Clicking on the page number should take you to the appropriate page. Omitted page numbers have not been scanned as they contained only advertising.

Page #Description
Pages 002 - 050Dedham General Information
Page 2Contents
Page 41Street Directory
Page 42Street Directory
Page 43Street Directory
Page 44Street Directory
Page 45Street Directory
Page 46Street Directory
Page 47Street Directory
Page 48Street Directory
Page 49Street Directory
Page 50Blocks, Buildings, Halls, etc.
Pages 51 - 197 Residential Directory:

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Pages 198 - 228Business Directory
Page 198Antiques .. Auto Accessories
Page 199Auto Garage .. Awnings
Page 200Bakers .. Blacksmiths
Page 201Bleacheries .. Bowling Alley
Page 202Brokers .. Cardigan Jacket Mfrs
Page 203Carpenters .. Cigars
Page 204Civil Engineers .. Columns and Posts
Page 205Concrete .. Depot Carriages & Taxi Service
Page 206Deputy Sheriff .. Dry and Fancy Goods
Page 207Dyeing .. Expresses
Page 208Fish Dealers .. Furniture
Page 209Furniture & Piano Moving .. Greenhouse Stock
Page 210Grocers
Page 211Grocers .. Harness Maker
Page 212Hay Grain and Feed .. Insurance
Page 213Insurance .. Justices of the Peace
Page 214Justices of the Peace
Page 215Justices of the Peace .. Lawyers
Page 216Livery Stables .. Marble Works
Page 217Masons .. Milliners
Page 218Monuments .. Newsdealers
Page 219Newspaper .. Notary Public
Page 220Notary Public .. Nurses
Page 221Nurses .. Photographer
Page 222Photo Supplies .. Plumbers
Page 223Plumbers .. Provision Dealers
Page 224Publishers .. Roofing Materials
Page 225Screens .. Storm Windows
Page 226Storm Windows .. Telephone Company
Page 227Timber .. Wall Paper
Page 228Watchmaker .. Washing Machines
Pages 229 - 240Miscellany
Page 229Dedham Town Government
Page 230Dedham Town Government / School Dept.
Page 231School Dept. / Fire Dept.
Page 232Fire Dept.
Page 233Fire Dept. / Post Offices
Page 234Railroad Stations / Libraries
Page 235Churches
Page 236County Officers
Page 237Calendar of County Courts / Clubs, Societies, etc.
Page 238Clubs Societies, etc.
Page 239Fraternal Organizations
Page 240Fraternal Organizations