Ingham County, Michigan 1916 Business Directory

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Page 125Abdominal Supporters .. Agricultural Implements
Page 126Architects .. Auctioneer
Page 127Auto Livery .. Automobiles and Auto Supplies
Page 128Automobiles and Auto Supplies .. Banks
Page 129Banks .. Bicycles and Motorcycles
Page 130Billiards and Pool .. Blacksmiths
Page 131Boilers and Engines .. Boots and Shoes
Page 132Boots and Shoes .. Brokers
Page 133Brooders .. Builders and Contractors
Page 134Builders' Exchange .. Carpets and Rugs
Page 135Carpets and Rugs .. Cattle, Horse and Swine Breeders
Page 136Cattle, Horse and Swine Breeders .. Cigars and Tobacco
Page 137Cigars and Tobacco
Page 138Cleaning and Dyeing .. Clothing
Page 139Cothing .. Coal
Page 140Coal .. Confectionery
Page 141Confectionery .. Creameries and Dairies
Page 142Creameries and Dairies .. Department Stores
Page 143Department Stores .. Drugs
Page 144Drugs .. Engravers
Page 145Express and Hauling .. Fancy Goods and Varieties
Page 146Fertilizers .. Flour and Feed
Page 147Flour and Feed .. Fruit and Produce
Page 148Fruit and Produce .. Garages
Page 149Garages .. General Stores
Page 150General Stores .. Grocers
Page 151Grocers
Page 152Grocers
Page 153Grocers .. Hardware
Page 154Hardware .. Harness
Page 155Harness .. Ice Cream Manufacturers
Page 156Installment .. Insurance
Page 157Insurance .. Knit Goods
Page 158Laundires .. Light and Power
Page 159Light and Power .. Machinery and Machinists
Page 160Machinery and Machinists .. Meats
Page 161Meats .. Men's Furnishings
Page 162Men's Furnishings .. Millinery
Page 163Millinery .. Oculists and Opticians
Page 164Oculists and Opticians .. Physicians
Page 165Physicians .. Plumbers
Page 166Plumbers .. Real Estate
Page 167Real Estate .. Road Culverts
Page 168Screws and Tools .. Tailors
Page 169Tailors .. Threshing Machines
Page 170Tinners and Roofers .. Women's Wear