1916 Farm Journal Illustrated Directory of Ingham County, Michigan - C Surnames

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 37Cade, Cady, Calder, Calivson, Call, Callahan, Camamile, Cameron, Camill, Camp, Campbell
Page 38Campbell, Cantrell, Carew, Carl, Carlson, Carmony, Carn, Carpenter, Carr, Carson, Carter, Carver, Case, Caserlin, Casler, Cassidy, Caswell, Catlin, Caton, Cavanagh, Cavanaugh, Cavender, Cazier, Challender, Chamberlain, Chambers, Champman
Page 39Chandler, Chapell, Chapin, Chapman, Chappel, Chase, Chatterton, Check, Cheney, Chick, Childs, Chills, Christian, Christie, Christmas, Church, Churchill, Claflin
Page 40Clark, Clarke, Clay, Claver, Clemens, Clements, Clever, Clickner, Closson, Cluckey, Cobb, Cuburn, Cochran
Page 41Cochran, Cochrane, Cochun, Codington, Coffrey, Cogsdill, Cogswell, Cohn, Colbath, Cole, Coleman, Collar
Page 42Collar, Collard, Collier, Collins, Collor, Colten, Comer, Comrow, Comstock, Coniway, Conklin, Converse, Cook, Cooledge, Cooley
Page 43Cooley, Coon, Cooper, Copeman, Copp, Corbin, Corbit, Cornell, Corner, Cornwell, Corwin, Cory, Coryell, Cosgray, Coshun, Cosier, Costigan, Couch, Coulson
Page 44Counterman, Covell, Covert, Cowley, Cox, Craddock, Craig, Cramer, Crandall, Crane, Cranson, Crawford, Creager, Cremers, Cressoe, Creyts, Crippen, Crist, Crittenden, Crocker, Crom, Croope, Crosby, Cross, Crossley, Crossman, Crowl
Page 45Crowl, Crowley, Cudworth, Cullen, Colver, Cumming, Cunningham, Curbie, Curry, Curtis, Curtiss, Cusen, Cushman