1916 Farm Journal Illustrated Directory of Ingham County, Michigan - N .. O Surnames

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 86Near, Neer, Neiblin, Neibling, Neil, Neis, Neisel, Neiswander, Neller, Nellis, Nelson, Nerner, Neu, New, Newman, Nice, Nichol, Nichols
Page 87Nichols, Nickel, Nickerson, Nicklous, Nicoles, Niethammer, Nims, Nisbet, Niswonger, Noble, Nock, Noll, Norris, North, Northrup, Norton, Nott, Nourse, Noxon
Page 88Noxon, Noyes, Oakley, O'Brian, O'Brien, Ocobock, O'Dell, Oesterle, Ohlinger, Ohm, Olden, Olds, O'Leary, Olin, Oliver, Olk, Opdyke, Oppenlander, Ording, Ormsby, Ort, Osborne
Page 89Osborne, Osbron, Osburn, Osgood, Osterhout, Osterty, Ostrander, Otis, Overholt, Owen, Owens
Page 89Packard, Packer, Paddock, Painter, Palan, Palen, Palmer, Palmitier, Pamment
Page 90Pamment, Pancost, Parish, Parisian, Park, Parker, Parkhurst, Parks, Parmalee, Parman, Parmer, Parson, Parsons, Partridge, Pasmore, Patrick, Pattison, Pauls
Page 91Peabody, Peacock, Peas, Pease, Peck, Peek, Peltier, Penner, Pennington, Perham, Perkin, Perkins, Perry, Peters, Peterson, Pettis, Pettit, Pfiefle, Phelps, Phillips
Page 92Philo, Pickard, Picket, Pickett, Pierce, Pifer, Pingle, Pingree, Pinkney, Piper, Pitt, Pitts, Pixley, Place, Pless, Pletz, Plummer, Plunkett, Pollock, Pollok, Pomroy, Pope, Porter, Post, Potter
Page 93Potter, Potts, Povey, Powell, Poxon, Poxson, Prater, Pratt, Prescott, Preston, Price, Prickard, Prince
Page 94Prine, Prochnow, Prockner, Proctor, Proestel, Pryor, Puffenverger, Puffer, Pulling, Purcell, Purdy, Putman, Putnam, Pyper