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1821 City Directory for St. Louis, MO - C

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  • Caillou, Francois wheelwright south Church below south J
  • Caillou, Louis laborer south Church below south K
  • Callanen, Laurence baker 169 north Main ne corner of north H
  • Campbell, John commission merchant 2 Steam boat warehouse dwelling house 178 north Main above north H
  • Carr, Francis attorney at law 123 south Main se corner of south E
  • Carr, William C. attorney at law west of Land Office
  • Carter, Edward C. physician 32 north Main
  • Casey, Andrew cordwainer 107 south Main below D
  • Castor, Daniel wagon maker 185 north Main above north H
  • Caufman, Joseph victualler north Fourth above G
  • Cerre, Paschal south Third sw corner of south G
  • Cerre, Paschal L. 2d clerk in the Missouri Bank 6 north Main
  • Charless, Joseph boarding house and livery stable se corner of Market and Fifth
  • Charleville, madame J. Baptiste 411 south Church below D
  • Cheney, Osborn hatter south Church below F
  • Chenie, Antoine 2 north Main nw corner of Market
  • Chouteau, colonel Auguste 12 Main opposite the Market House
  • Chouteau, Auguste P. Indian trader 94 north Main
  • Chouteau, Paul L. Indian Agent sw corner of north Church and C
  • Chouteau, Peter jr. fur merchant dwelling house 411 north Main
  • Chouteau, Peter sr. 124 north Main above north E
  • Christman, Jonas hat manufacturer 10 north Main
  • Christy, William register of the land office for St. Louis district land office
  • Clark, Michael W. comb maker south Third below G
  • Clark, William late governor 103 north Main se corner of north E
  • Clegg, Joseph grocer north Sixth above north A
  • Cleland, B. carpenter north A above Fifth
  • Clemmens, James jr. merchant 17 north Main
  • Clemont, Francis stone mason north A above Church
  • Clemorgan, E. hairdresser 36 north Main
  • Clinger, Fanny washerwoman 110 north Church above north E
  • Codd, James boarding house 140 north Main
  • Collet, Thomas merchant 17 south Main
  • Collier, George merchant 19 north Main
  • Collier, John & Co. merchant 19 north Main
  • Collins, Roger tavern keeper 83 south Church below south C
  • Collins, Martin tailor 68 north Church above north C
  • Collins, Owen milkman north Fourth above north B
  • Collins, William carter north Main ne corner of north F
  • Conklin, James tailor north Fourth above Market
  • Conn, Edward victualler stall 6, Market house near governor M'Nair's
  • Conner, Andrew bottler 66 north Church nw corner of north C
  • Conner, Jeremiah Church above B street
  • Conrad, D. H. attorney at law and clerk of the chancery court for the 3d district north side of the public square above Fourth
  • Cook, Robert merchant inquire north Water sw corner of H
  • Cornelius, Narcis tavern keeper north Water nw corner of F street
  • Cosgrove, Moses stone mason south Church below A
  • Cotrell, John Milton carpenter north Main near the Oxmill
  • Cowan, John grocer 93 north Main
  • Cowie, John and William livery stable south Third se corner of south A
  • Cox, Caleb merchant 3 north Main
  • Cozens, Horatio attorney at law office 32 south Church in the rear of 51 south Main ne corner of south ?
  • Craig, William hatter 78 south Church sw corner of south C
  • Crawford, John grocer and commission merchant Market nw corner of Water
  • Crely, Francois carpenter ne corner of Market and Third
  • Crevier, Antoine near the north bastian above Bennet's
  • Crutsinger, Alfred hatter 77 north Church above north C
  • Cummins, James C. publisher of the Gazette 51 south Main ne corner of south B
  • Cuyler, David C. accountant in the land agency office south A above Main
  • Cyle, Adam carpenter 22 south Third below Market

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