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1821 City Directory for St. Louis, MO - E

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  • Earl, James D. wagon maker 181 north Main above ?
  • Easton, Rufus attorney at law 54 south Third sw corner of B street
  • Eckstein, Jacob jr. tailor 12 north Main
  • Edwards, Elexis blacksmith north D above north F
  • Elliott, Erasmus Edward grocer "hole in the wall" Water sw corner of H
  • English, Elkanah carpenter and boarding house south Church sw corner of C
  • English, Thomas carpenter north of Gov. M'Nair
  • Esdale, William livery stable south Third
  • Essex, Thomas bookseller 60 north Main
  • Estes, Thomas gentleman 97 Main ne corner of ?
  • Evans, Joseph laborer 206 north Main
  • Everhart, George storekeeper south side Market Sq se corner of Fourth and I
  • Everhart, Elizabeth midwife se corner of Fourth and I
  • Everson, Henry baker Market above Main

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