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1821 City Directory for St. Louis, MO - G

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  • Gall, Jacob grocer north Water nw corner of C
  • Gamble, Archibald clerk of the circuit court for St. Louis county Market above Fifth
  • Garnier, Joseph V. justice of the peace & Notary Public, south A below Church se corner of south Seventh and A
  • Garnieu, Jean Baptiste boatman 222 north Main
  • Gebert, Doctor south Church below south F
  • Gates, madame of John south Third below F
  • Gay, Agnes (widow) teacher north Third above Market
  • Geyer, Henry S. attorney at law sw corner of Market and Third
  • Giddings, Rev. Salmon teacher Court House Market above Fourth
  • Giguere, J. Baptiste 98 north Church
  • Gilhuly, Bernard storekeeper 44 north Main
  • Gilman, Lucinda (widow) 67 north Third above C
  • Girard, Baptiste south D below Main
  • Glinel, Francis 28 south Third sw corner of A
  • Godair, Antoine north C above Sixth
  • Godair, Baptiste se corner of north D and Fifth
  • Goddard, T. conveyancer 57 north Main
  • Godon, Francois carter 110 south Church below D
  • Godor, Ann (widow) 141 north Main above F
  • Graham, Richard Indian Agent 99 south Main
  • Gray, Alexander counsellor at law 2 Jones' Row
  • Gray, James proprietor of the "Mound Garden" north of the first Indian mound
  • Green, Job W. 82 & 85 south Church below C
  • Greer, Nathan blacksmith north D above Fifth
  • Greggs, John carpenter 28 south C above Main
  • Grimau, Alexander caulker south G sw corner of south Main
  • Grimsley, Thornton saddler 56 south Main
  • Gueret, Pierre south Main below G
  • Guibor, Auguste north D above Fourth
  • Guy, John R. 228 north Main
  • Guye, Francis tallow chandler back of 51 south M in south B street
  • Guyol, Francis M. professor of writing and drawing the St. Louis college south Church
  • Guyon, Hubert merchant nw corner of south Church

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