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Charlotte, North Carolina 1921 City Directory - S

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Page #Surnames presented in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 567Sabiston
Page 568Sadelson, Sadler, Sahms, Sailes, Saine, St Clair, St George
Page 569Salassa, Salem, Saline, Salisbury, Salmonds, Saloom, Sammonds, Samonds, Sample, Sampleton, Sampson, Sams, Samuels, Sanderlin
Page 570Sanders
Page 571Sanders, Sandlin, Sanford, Sandridge, Sane, Sanson, Sapp, Sappenfield, Sargents, Sarratt, Satterfield, Saulter, Saunders
Page 572Saunders, Savage, Savers, Saville, Savona, Sawyer, Saxon, Saxton, Sayles, Saylor, Scaife, Scales
Page 573Scales, Scarboro, Scarborough, Scarratt, Schachner, Schaeffer, Schafhausen, Schartzer, Schellentrager, Schenck, Schendel, Schiff, Schiltz, Schmucker, Schofield, Scholl, Scholtz
Page 574Scholtz, Schonland, Schoonover, Schreiber, Schrum, Schultz, Schwartz, Schweiger, Schworm, Scism, Scofield, Scoggins, Scott
Page 575Scott
Page 576Scott, Scranton, Scriven, Scroggs, Scruggs, Scullion, Seabrook, Seacord, Seagle, Seago, Seagraves, Seahorn, Seal, Seaman, Sears
Page 577Sease, Seay, Sechrest, Segers, Sedgle, Sehorn, Seigler, Selden, Self, Selig, Sellars, Sellers, Sells
Page 578Selvey, Selwyn, Senior, Senn, Sennewald, Senter, Serey, Serner, Servis, Sessett, Sessions, Settlemire, Setzer
Page 579Setzer, Severs, Seymore, Shackelton, Shadd, Shafer, Shaffner, Shamburg, Shanaghan, Shaner, Shankle, Shanklin, Shanks, Shannon
Page 580Shannon, Shannonhouse, Sharar, Sharin, Sharkey, Sharp, Sharpe, Sharruck, Shaub, Shaver, Shaw
Page 581Shaw, She, Shea, Shealy, Shearin, Sheats, Sheek, Sheeler, Sheffield, Shelby, Sheldon, Shell, Shelly, Shelton
Page 582Shelton, Sheppard, Sherard, Sherbert, Sheridan, Sherman, Sheron, Sherrer, Sherrill
Page 583Sherrill, Sherrin, Shields, Shimer, Shinn, Shinnick, Shipp, Shippy, Shirer, Shirley, Shivers, Shoaf, Shockley, Shoemaker
Page 584Sholar, Shore, Short, Shorter, Shotwell, Shoup, Showalter, Shroff, Shropshire
Page 585Shue, Shuford, Shull, Shumaker, Shuman
Page 586Shuman, Shumate, Shuping, Shute, Shuttle, Sibley, Sickers, Sideman, Sides, Siegel, Sifford, Sigler, Sigmon
Page 587Sikes, Sills, Silver, Silverstein, Silvey, Simcoe, Simelton, Simmons
Page 588Simmons, Simms, Simons, Simpkins, Simpson
Page 589Simpson, Simrill, Sims
Page 590Sims, Sinclair, Sing, Singer, Singleton, Singley, Sink, Sinn, Sisk, Sistar, Sistrunk, Six, Sizemore
Page 591Sizer, Skeems, Skeen, Skidmore, Skinner, Slaid, Slater, Sledge, Sloan
Page 592Sloan, Sloop, Sluter, Small, Smallwood, Smart
Page 593Smart, Smathers, Smiley, Smith
Page 594Smith
Page 595Smith
Page 596Smith
Page 597Smith
Page 598Smith
Page 599Smith
Page 600Smith
Page 601Smith, Smitherman, Smithson, Smoot, Snead, Sneider, Snell, Snellgrove, Snelson, Snider, Snipes, Snoddy, Snodgras, Snow
Page 602Snow, Snowden, Snyder, Soehle, Sofley, Solomon, Sossaman, Sottwell, Soule, Southerland
Page 603Organizations named "Southern ..."
Page 604Organizations named "Southern ..."
Page 605Southern
Page 606Southwood, Southworth, Sowers, Spain, Spanier, Spann, Spanola, Sparks, Sparrow, Speake, Spear, Spearman, Spears, Speates, Spector, Speede
Page 607Speir, Spencer, Sperrier, Spillers, Spires, Spittle, Spivey, Splown, Spong, Spoon, Spradley, Spratt
Page 608Spratt, Sprawling, Spring, Springer, Springs
Page 609Springs, Sprinkle, Sproules, Sprouse, Sprunt, Spurlock, Spurrier
Page 610Squires, Stack, Stacker, Stackhouse, Stackleather, Stafford, Stagg, Stakes, Stallings, Stallworth, Stames, Stamey, Stamper, Stanback, Stancill
Page 611Stancill, Stanfield, Stanford, Stanley, Stanton, Staples, Stapleton, Starbuck, Starnes
Page 612Starnes, Starr, Starrette, Staten, Staton, Stedman, Steed, Steele
Page 613Steele, Steen, Steere, Steffey, Stegall, Stein, Steinback, Steinberg, Stemmons, Stenhouse
Page 614Stephens, Stephenson, Sterling, Steren, Stevens
Page 615Stevens, Stevenson, Stewart
Page 616Stewart
Page 617Stewart, Stieff, Stikeleather, Stiles, Stillwell
Page 618Stillwell, Stine, Stinette, Stinson, Stirewalt, Stitt
Page 619Stitt, Stoble, Stockdale, Stockton, Stocks, Stogner, Stokes, Stoll, Stone
Page 620Storm, Stough, Stout, Stoutt, Stover, Stowe
Page 621Stowe, Stowers, Stradford, Strait, Strane, Strange, Strasser, Stratford, Stratton, Straw, Strawn, Strawther, Street, Streeter, Streiker, Streight, Strickland
Page 622Strickland, Stringfellow, Strong, Stroud, Stroupe
Page 623Stroupe, Strout, Stuart, Stubbs, Studebaker
Page 624Studebaker, Stultz, Sturgeon, Sturgess, Sturgis, Stutts, Suber, Suddreth, Suggs, Sullenfield, Sullivan
Page 625Sullivan, Summer, Summerlin, Summerrow, Summers, Summerville
Page 626Summerville, Summey, Summit, Sumner, Super, Supero, Surburg, Suther, Sutherland, Suttenfield, Suttle, Sutton, Sutzer, Swafford, Swain
Page 627Swain, Swann, Swanson, Swaringen, Swearengen, Sweargan, Sweeney, Sweet, Sweetenberg, Sweger, Swift, Swillins, Swindell, Swink, Swinney, Swinson, Switzer, Sylvanus, Sykes
Page 628Sykes

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