Welcome to Antrim, New Hampshire 1891 Tax List

We have scanned the original booklet entitled Invoice and Taxes of the Town of Antrim, New Hampshire for April 1, 1892 and indexed it for your reference.   This publication includes the name of persons registered to vote or owning taxable real, personal and intangible property, including livestock and dogs, a description of property, the value of property and the amount of tax.   While this information is of somewhat limited use, it still can be used by the family historian to document where his or her ancestors lived and what they owned at that time.   For this reason, we have included it here.   We hope you find this information useful in your research.

Click on pages adjacent to any surname you might be researching and you will be taken to a page which shows the original publication page.   (Note that the publication is not quite alphabetically organized.)   From there, you can peruse the entire booklet as it only consists of 28 pages of information.   These page scans are fairly large files and may take a few seconds to load.   Use the "contact" link below if you have any trouble viewing the information you seek.

Page #Surnames
Page 01Title Page
03 - 23Residents
Page 03Abbott, Anthoine, Appleton, Adams, Atwood, Austin, Anderson, Ashford, Abbott, Boutelle, Buffum, Buchanan, Baker, Barker, Balch
Page 04Bass, Barrett, Bate, Boutelle, Brown, Brooks, Bryer
Page 05Brackett, Butterfield, Buckminster, Bullard, Burnham, Buchanan, Brooks, Barrett, Bullard, Bevis, Ball, Boutelle, Bass, Butterfield, Brooks
Page 06Boutelle, Brownell, Brisbin, Brown, Brobst, Beechen, Breed, Barron, Barrett, Buckkminster, Carter, Chesmore, Curtis, Call, Carr, Campbell, Caldwell, Chapin
Page 07Chapin, Christie, Clement, Clark, Cleaves, Cochrane, Colby, Combs, Conn, Crombie, Cram, Curtis
Page 08Curtis, Cutter, Cuddiky, Colby, Carter, Corliss, Connors, Curtis, Carr, Crosby, Cooley, Clark, Cole, Carter, Cutter, Clark, Corliss, Cram
Page 09Craige, Clough, Curtis, Cooper, Couch, Clark, Chickering, Crowell, Clement, Dodge, Dow, Dresser, Dustin, Duncan, Dexter, Downes, Daggett, Daly
Page 10Ellsworth, Eaton, Estey, Emery, Fish, Fletcher, Forsaith, Foster, French, Farrington, Flueri, Farwell
Page 11Flinn, Fowler, Goodwin, Gassett, Gorham, George, Gibson, Goodell, Gould, Gove, Green, Griffin, Gokey, Gibney, Gove, Gorham, Goodwin, Gardner, Gibney
Page 12Greeley, Gould, Goodwin, Gilbert, Grant, Hastings, Herrick, Hills, Harriman, Hill, Hildreth, Holt, Hopkins, Holmes, Holman
Page 13Hutchinson, Hunt, Hurlin, Harrington, Heath, Hall, Hastings, Hatch, Haifihi, Hardy, Ingram
Page 14Jameson, Kelsey, Kimball, Kidder, Kittredge, Knapp, Keyes, Kibbey, Lawrence, Little, Loveren
Page 15Lovewell, Loveren, Lawrence, Lisiboch, Lowell, Mudge, McIlvin, Munhall, Muzzey, Manning, Miller, Morse, Moore, Merrill, Murdo, Madden, Muzzey, Mitchell
Page 16McClure, Manahan, Marshall, Merrill, Nay, Newman, Nesmith, Newhall, Osborne, Oaks, Page, Patterson
Page 17Perkins, Parkhurst, Paige, Pettingill, Peabody, Perry, Pike, Poor, Preston, Putney, Parker, Pickard, Palmer, Philbrick, Raynor
Page 18Robb, Richardson, Roach, Robinson, Rogers, Raleigh, Robertson, Roberts, Reed, Richardson
Page 19Richardson, Robinson, Smith, Stacy, Simonds, Sawyer, Saltmarsh, Shed, Shaw, Simonds, Smith, Stacy, Stewart, Story, St. Sauveur, Swain, Sweetser, Swett
Page 20Swett, Smith, Simonds, Sesselor, Stacy, Swett, Symes, Stowell, Shoults, Staples, Stotz, Thurston, Thornton
Page 21Tenney, Tyrrell, Thompson, Tuttle, Turner, Trask, Tambling, Travis, Troller, Taft, Varnum, Whitmore, Wheeler, Worthley
Page 22Wallace, Waite, White, Wheeler, Whitney, Whiteley, Whittemore, Wilkins, Wilson, Wilcox, Woodbury
Page 23Woodbury, Worthley, Wood, Wheeler, Whitney, Waldron, Wheeler, Wilder, Wilson, Williams, Wright, Whiteside, White, Whittle
24 - 27Non-Residents
Page 24Weston, Tuttle, Hill, Hunt, Hayward, Wilkins, Dane, Cutter, Gibson, Simonds, McClintock, Hill, Cumings, Barber, Cooledge, Dowling, Hurd, Sheldon
Page 25Wilds, Whitney, Matthews, Weeks, Robbins, Matthews, Robb, Gilmore, Livingston, Hayward, Fairfield, Stoddard, McCoy, Shoults, Stickney, Whitney, Shea, Evans, Munhall, Felt, Wheeler, Brown, Robb
Page 26Derby, Wood, West, Stickney, Simonds, White, Ramsey, Holton, Moore, Gibson, Whitney, George, Cummings, Appleton, Whittum, Sawyer, Adams, Abbott
Page 27Smith, True, Sherwood, Dustin, Smith, Thayer, Wilkins
Page 28Recapitulation