Center Harbor, NH 1936 Tax List

We have scanned the 1936 tax list for Center Harbor, New Hampshire as published in the "Annual Report of the Officers of The Town of Center Harbor for the fiscal year ending January 31, 1937." Locate your surname of interest in the table below and then click on the page number correlating to it to view the original page from the publication.

Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 01Resident Invoices: Allen, Alves, Anderson, Anthon, Alexander, Bartlett, Bean, Bennett, Benson, Berry, Belleview, Bickford, Blake
Page 02Boynton, Bragg, Bramford, Brown, Burdick, Canney, Chase, Canfield, Coe, Cram, Colby, Coombs, Chase, Dane
Page 03Davis
Page 04Davidson, Dickey, Dwire, Eastman, Elliot, Elliott, Fitzgerald, Fuhrman, Fuller, Fitzroy, Gilpatrick
Page 05Glover, Gove, Grover, Gynan, Haines, Hardy, Hawkins, Harriman, Henry, Hawkins, Hersey, Hickey, Harvey, Haines, Hill, Horne
Page 06Howland, Hubbard, Huntress, Hill, Hilliard, Jackson, Jameson, Johnson, Kelley
Page 07Kelley, KKnapp, Lunt, Lord, Leighton, LaPlant, Leighton, Libby, Lockwood, Lovett, Lord, Mack
Page 08Mack, Manville, Mallard, Marston, Mayo, Merrill, Morrill, Morton, Munoz, Mead, Moulton, Neal
Page 09Nichols, Nicholson, Olden, Olson, Page, Parrott, Parris, Perkins, Pierce
Page 10Preston, Perkins, Poff, Quincy, Quimby, Rupert, Sanborn, Sargent, Scribner, Simonds, Simpson, Sheldon, Smith
Page 11Smith, Spring, Snow, Swinnerton, Taylor, Thornton, Thompson, True, Tully, Warner, Webster, Weeks, White, Woodman, Woodward
Page 12Worthen, Willey, York
Page 13Nonresident Invoices: Adano, Alexander, Avery, Beede, Berry, Blaisdell, Batchelder, Boyle, Bratt, Clarkin, Cheever, Clough, Cook, Coolridge, Cox, Chalmers, Cushman, Elcock, Emery, Estes, Evans
Page 14Ernest, Emmons, Fisher, Fowler, Farmer, Gale, Gordan, Greene, Griffin, Gynti, Hartshorn, Haley, Herrick, Hawkins, Harrington, Huckins
Page 15Hunter, Harris, Holman, James, Jenness, Joy, Lent, Lock, Lovey, Levy, Loyd, Lewis, Lavalley, Marcroft, Maguire, Merriman, Miller, Moulton, Moore
Page 16Mears, MacGregor, Newman, Pelley, Philbrook, Shields, Splane, Shultz, Smith, Sturtevant, Sargent, Sanborn, Sutcliffe
Page 17Twombly, Vradenburg, Ward, Willey, Wister, White, Wein