Dunbarton, New Hampshire Tax List - Apr 1, 1914

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Dunbarton, New Hampshire Tax List - Apr 1, 1914


Page #Surnames (in order of appearance)
Page 25Atwood, Baker, Boynton, Barnard, Brown, Boutwell, Barnard, Brookins, Butterfield, Burnham, Barnard, Burnham, Blacxkman, Bailey
Page 26Bailey, Burnham, Bunten, Brown, Burroughs, Bunten, Brownsey, Conery, Caldwell, Clifford, Chalefoux, Clifford, Colby, Caldwell, Crane, Carter, Colby, Collins, Couch, Cate, Ceriacos, Carroll, Connor
Page 27Clough, Chase, Dickinson, Dickey, Dole, Elliott, Emerson, Evans, Ellsworth, Flanders, Farrar, Fitts, Foster, Flanders, Gruhn, Greer, Gourley
Page 28Gourley, Garvin, Giles, Glinas, Greenwood, Heath, Hammond, Heseltine, Hadley, Haseltine, Heseltine, Hadley, Hart, Harnes, Hammond, Hadley, Hopkins, Hadley, Hall, Ireland, Johnson, Kelsea
Page 29Knight, Little, Lakeman, Lord, Lewis, LaPage, Ladue, Lund, Marques, Martin, McCrillis, Mills, Murry, Murphy, Marshall, Meekins, Mudge, Noyes, Orne, Osburg, Putnam, Page
Page 30Page, Perkins, Ryder, Richardson, Rowell, Stark, Stevens, Story, Stone, Sargent, Sanborn, Sincere, Tobey, Taylor, Tucker, Weatherbee, Whipple, Wilson
Page 31Wheeler, Warriner, White, Whipple, Walker, Warriner, Woodbury, Wilson
Page 31Abbott, Badger, Burnham, Barnard, Boutwell, Batchelder, Burroughs, Brown, Budd, Colby, Currie
Page 32Colcy, Clough, Cheney, Corning, Chamberlin, Currier, Cavanaugh, Davis, Dugrenier, Dulude, Davis, Day, Eaton, Ellis, Eaton, Flanders, Fellows, Fessenden, French, Greer
Page 33Gould, Gallagher, Gagne, Hall, Heath, Hammond, Head, Hixon, Henderson, Jamerson, Jones, Johnson, Kelley, Laird, Lord, Little, Le Clair, Maxwell, Marshall, Morgan, Marshall, Maxfield
Page 34Merrill, McLain, Martin, Nichols, Newell, Ordway, Page, Poore, Parker, Putney, Pearley, Partridge, Poland, Parker, Quimby, Rogers, Richards, Ray, Robinson
Page 35Richards, Sargent, Shurtliff, Sawyer, Stinson, Stevens, Thompson, Vance, Waite, Wilson, Whipple, Winslow, Woodsum, Wheeler, Waite

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