Town of Warner Annual Report for the year ending Feb 15, 1912 - Index

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Town of Warner Annual Report
for the year ending Feb 15, 1912 - Index


Page #Surnames (in order of appearance) / Description
Page 1Title Page
Page 2Vaulation of Town
Page 3Report of Treasurer
Page 4Report of Selectman
Page 5Report of Selectman cont'
Page 6Report of Selectman cont'
Page 7Report of Selectman cont'
Page 8Report of Selectman cont'
Page 9Report of Selectman cont'
Page 10Report of Selectman cont'
Page 11Report of Selectman cont'
Page 12Report of Selectman cont'
Page 13Report of Selectman cont'
Page 14Report of Selectman cont'
Page 15Resident Taxpayers: Adams, Annis, Andrew, Abbott, Anderson, Angell, Annis, Abbott, Ager, Annis, Anderson, Annis, Anderson, Bean, Bartlett, Bagley, Brown, Bean, Brown, Bunnell, Bryant, Brown, Bartlett, Bagley, Brown, Bean, Blake, Benton, Brockway, Bailey, Buswell, Burbank, Brockway, Burbank, Badger, Bradley, Bartlett, Brown, Bryant, Bullard, Bradley, Barnard, Bartlett, Bailey, Burbank, Brown, Bacheller, Bean, Bartlett, Banfield, Carroll, Chase, Carter
Page 16Resident Taxpayers: Clement, Courser, Clement, Clough, Cogswell, Cole, Colby, Clark, Currier, Crowther, Cutting, Cutti, Carter, Chase, Clark, Cushing, Chandler, Clay, Chase, Coolidge, Constantine, Currier, Clark, Clough, Connor, Connolly, Clough, Cole, Chase, Colby, Corliss, Courser, Colby, Cheney, Colby, Coburn, Chandler, Cilley, Clogston, Coburn, Chandler, Craig, Chase, Carter, Colby, Craig, Chase, Coolidge, Cummings, Chapman, Carnes, Clough, Chandler, Collins, Clark, Chase, Chandler, Clark, Colby, Davis, Duplissle, Davis, Drown, Dunbar, Dow, Dudley, Davis, Dow, Dimonds, Dowlin, Duso, Davis, Dowlin, Downes, Davis, Dagenais
Page 17Resident Taxpayers: Dowlin, Davis, Dow, Ela, Emerson, Ewins, Flanders, Ferson, Franklyn, Farmer, Flander, Foster, Frasier, Fisher, Fogg, Frazier, Farnum, Flanders, Forsmith, Fish, Ferrin, Ford, Francis, Graham, George, Glenty, Gage, Greenwood, George, Gilmore, Gage, Grant, Glenty, Gage, Goodwin, Harriman, Heath, Hunkins, Henley, Holland, Harriman, Howell, Hayes, Hardy, Hall, Hartshorn, Hemphill, Hardy, Harriman, Harris, Hall, Heath, Hill, Hook, Holmes, Hall, Hill, Heath, Harris, Hill, Hutchins, Ingalls, Jewell, Jones, Jordan, Johnson, Jones, Jepson, Joy, Jackman, Johnson, Jones, Jenkins, Kirk, Kelley, Keyes, Livingston, Lane, Little, Lewis, Ludlum
Page 18Resident Taxpayers: Leeds, Locke, Lull, Lowell, Mason, McClure, Morrill, Merrick, Morgan, Melvin, Morrison, Morrill, Maxson, Marshall, Morrill, Martin, Maxson, Meeks, Morgan, Mitchell, Malchow, Mason, Morgan, Morton, Morris, Malley, Madden, Morrill, Merrill, Newell, Nelson, Ordway, Oaks, Osgood, Oliver, Pattee, Palmer, Pierson, Putnam, Pero, Pratt, Perkins, Peters, Parker, Prescott, Partridge, Pickering, Page, Rogers, Roby, Redington, Rix, Rand, Rodney, Rogers, Ryan, Rand, Russell, Sawyer, Story, Sawyer, Smith, Sargent, Sanborn, Smart, Scribner, Stevens, Sawtell, Seavey, Simoneau, Shurtleff, Sawtelle, Sawyer, Sanderson, Smith, Savory, Schampney, Stanley, St. Ives, Stewart, Sanborn, Spaulding, Sewell, Sherman, Thompson, Turner, Trussell, Trumball
Page 19Resident Taxpayers: Tucker, Tewksbury, Trussell, Thurber, Terry, Upton, Watts, Watson, Wadsworth, Wheeler, White, Williams, Whytock, Woodward, Wilkins, Willis, Watson, Willis, Welch, Wheeler, Walton, Willard, Whitford, Webster, Walton, White Woodward, Watkins, Ware, Way, Whittier, Williams, Yuill
Page 19Nonresident Taxpayers: Adams, Aiken, Barnes, Barnard, Bartlett, Bailey, Bean, Bennett, Borden, Bailey, Barrett, Bartlett, Clark, Colby, Courser, Connor, Clough, Courser, Currier, Chase, Chase, Davis, Dow, Dowlin, Dustin, Ellinwood, Ewins, Folsom, Farrington, Hunter, Harris, Hildreth, Hawks, Hoyt, Jones, Long, Leeson, Langdell, Merrick, Morrill, Montgomery, Morse, Moody, Noyes, Philbrick, Putnam, Piper, Preston, Page, Pillsbury, Perley, Putney, Roby, Robertson, Rand, Runels, Sanborn, Sawyer, Sargent, Sawtell, Skillings, Sampson, Taylor, Tucker, Town, Trow, Thompson, Waite, Whittier, Watson, Wadleigh, Wilkins, Walker, Sullivan
Page 20State Aid for Highways
Page 21Report of Board of Health
Page 22Report of Board of Health, cont'
Page 23Report of Superintendent of Schools
Page 24Report of Superintendent of Schools, cont'
Page 25Report of Superintendent of Schools, cont'
Page 26Report of School Board
Page 27Report of School Board
Page 28Report of School Board
Page 29Report of School Board
Page 30Report of School Board
Page 31Report of School Board
Page 32Report of School Treasurer
Page 33Simonds Free High School
Page 34Simonds Free High School / Report of Prudential Committee
Page 35Report of Prudential Committee
Page 36Report of Prudential Committee
Page 37Pillsbury Free Library
Page 38Pillsbury Free Library
Page 39Library Treasurers Report
Page 40Library Treasurers Report
Page 41Births registered in the town
Page 42Marriages registered in the town
Page 43Deaths registered in the town
Page 44Deaths registered in the town, cont'

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