Auburn, NY 1897-98 City Directory - G

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 172Gable, Gaff, Gaffney, Gagan, Gage
Page 173Galbraith, Gale, Gall, Gallagher
Page 174Gallagher, Gallery, Galvin, Ganey, Ganier, Gannon, Gard, Gardiner, Gardinier, Gardner
Page 175Gardner, Garey, Garragan, Garrett, Garrity, Gaskell, Gaskill, Gaskin, Gates
Page 176Gates, Gaumar, Gaunt, Gay, Gaylord, Gaynor, Gelston, Genung, George
Page 177George, Geraghty, Gere, Gerin, Germain, Gernand, Gervis, Gesellchen, Getchell, Getter, Ghoman, Gibbard, Gibbing, Gibbons, Gibbs
Page 178Giblin, Gibson, Gifford, Gilbert, Gildersleeve, Giles
Page 179Giles, Gilfus, Gilhooley, Gill, Gillam, Gillern, Gillespie, Gillette, Gillies, Gilling
Page 180Gilling, Gilman, Gilmartin, Gilmore, Giltrap, Ging, Ginnity, Ginsberg, Girard, Girocco, Girvin, Glancy, Glanville, Glass
Page 181Glass, Glavin, Glazier, Gleason
Page 182Glessing, Glindon, Glisch, Goddard, Godden, Godfrey, Godsell, Goessely, Goessing, Goff, Goggin, Gokey, Golden
Page 183Golden, Godelle, Goodman, Goodrich, Goodridge, Goodyear, Goozalam, Gordinear, Gordon, Gorham
Page 184Gorham, Gorman, Gosbie, Goss, Gough, Gould, Goulland, Goulling
Page 185Gove, Goward, Gowers, Gowing, Gowland, Grace, Grady, Graf, Graham
Page 186Graham, Granby, Graney, Granger, Grant
Page 187Grant, Graver, Graves, Gravitt, Gray, Grayson, Green
Page 188Green, Greene, Greenman, Greenwood, Greer
Page 189Gregson, Grey, Griffin, Griffith, Griggs, Grimes, Grinnell, Griswold, Groff, Groom, Groot, Groskrutz, Gross, Grover, Grundy
Page 190Gruner, Guernsey, Guilfoil, Guilfoos, Guinan, Guion, Guiseppe, Gullery, Gunsolus, Guppy, Gusa
Page 192Gusa, Gutkowski, Guyott, Gwynn

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