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We have scanned the original city directory for Middletown, New York for 1913. and indexed it for your quick search. Click on the letter which corresponds to the first letter of the last name for the person you are seeking. You will be taken to a list of page numbers which correspond to specific surnames. Clicking on the page number should take you to the appropriate page. These pages are scans of the original document which are fairly large files. Pages may download slowly if you are not on a fast connection. Please be patient and let us know if you have problems accessing them.

Page #Description / Surnames
Pages 001 - 074Miscellany
Page 001Book Cover
Page 002Advertisements
Page 003Advertisements
Page 004Advertisements
Page 005Advertisements
Page 006Advertisements
Page 007Advertisements
Page 008Advertisements
Page 009Advertisements
Page 010Advertisements
Page 011Advertisements
Page 012Advertisements
Page 013Advertisements
Page 014Advertisements
Page 015Title Page
Page 016Advertisements
Page 017Advertisements
Page 018Advertisements
Page 019Index to Advertisements
Page 020Index to Advertisements
Page 021Index to Societies and Misc
Page 022Index to Societies and Misc
Page 023Advertisements
Page 024Advertisements
Page 025Post Offices in Orange Couty, NY
Page 026Advertisements
Page 027Middletown General Information
Page 028Advertisements
Page 029City Government, Fires, Schools, etc
Page 030City Government, Fires, Schools, etc
Page 031City Government, Fires, Schools, etc
Page 032City Government, Fires, Schools, etc
Page 033City Government, Fires, Schools, etc
Page 034City Government, Fires, Schools, etc
Page 035City Government, Fires, Schools, etc
Page 036City Government, Fires, Schools, etc
Page 037City Government, Fires, Schools, etc
Page 038City Government, Fires, Schools, etc
Page 039City Government, Fires, Schools, etc
Page 040City Government, Fires, Schools, etc
Page 041City Government, Fires, Schools, etc
Page 042City Government, Fires, Schools, etc; Churches
Page 043Churches
Page 044Churches
Page 045Churches; Societies, etc
Page 046Societies, etc
Page 047Societies, etc
Page 048Societies, etc
Page 049Societies, etc
Page 050Societies, etc
Page 051Societies, etc
Page 052Societies, etc; Military
Page 053Military
Page 054Societies, etc
Page 055Societies, etc
Page 056Societies, etc
Page 057Societies, etc
Page 058Societies, etc
Page 059Societies, etc
Page 060Labor and Trade
Page 061Labor and Trade
Page 062Labor and Trade
Page 063Hospitals
Page 064Banks
Page 065Incorporated Companies
Page 066Incorporated Companies
Page 067Incorporated Companies
Page 068Incorporated Companies; Buildings and Apartments
Page 069Buildings and Apartments; Parks
Page 070Street Directory
Page 071Street Directory
Page 072Street Directory
Page 073Street Directory
Page 074Street Directory
Pages 075 - 326

Middletown Residential Directory

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Pages 029 - 368Goshen Residential and Business Directories
Pages 369 - 392Middletown Business Directory
Page 369Agriculture .. Bakeries
Page 370Banks .. Bicycles
Page 371Bill Posting .. Boots and Shoes
Page 372Bottling .. Carpets
Page 373Carpey Weavers .. Clothiers
Page 374Clothiers .. Confectionery
Page 375Confectionery .. Dry Goods
Page 376Dry Goods .. Florists
Page 377Florists .. Groceries
Page 378Groceries .. Gun and Locksmiths
Page 379Gun and Locksmiths .. Hotels
Page 380Ice .. Jewelers
Page 381Job Printers .. Lawyers
Page 382Lawyers .. Machinists
Page 383Marble and Granite .. Merchant Tailors
Page 384Merchant Tailors .. Optometrists
Page 385Optometrists .. Physicians
Page 386Physicians .. Printers' Supplies
Page 387Real Estate .. Restaurants
Page 388Restaurants .. Shoemakers
Page 389Shoemakers .. Tanners
Page 390Tinsmiths .. Upholsterers
Page 391Variety Stores .. Wines and Liquors
Page 392Wines and Liquors .. Wrapping Machinery