Covert Township, Seneca County, New York 1914 Farm Directory

Includes Interlaken Village Residential listings and Business Directory

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Page #Description / Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 323Abbott, Acker, Allen, Andrews, Arden, Ayers, Babcock, Bainbridge, Bassett, Bates, Beach, Benjamin, Bennet, Bennett, Bills, Birney, Blaine, Blauvelt, Blew
Page 324Advertisement
Page 325Bloomer, Blovet, Boardman, Bogart, Boorom, Boughton, Bower, Boyer, Bradley, Briggs, Brinkerhoff, Broas, Brokaw, Brooks, Brown, Bunn, Burch, Burdick, Burr, Campbell, Carpenter, Case
Page 326Chadwick, Chandler, Clark, Clarson, Clawson, Cole, Collins, Compton, Conde, Conley, Cook, Cooley, Cooper, Copeland, Covert, Cox, Craven, Creque, Crise, Crissy, Cross, Cushing, Daily, Darrow, Davenport, Dawson, Dean
Page 327DeGraw, DeLong, Dempsey, Demun, Demund, Dennis, Dennison, Dickerman, Dickerson, Dimmick, Ditmars, Donley, Donnelly, Doolittle, Doudle, Drake, Dumont, Dunn, Durling, Eastman, Elliott, Sllison, Emmons, Evendind, Farrell, Fausette, Ferris, Fitzgerald, Flagg
Page 328Flagg, Folwell, Foote, Ford, Foster, Fowler, Freestone, Frost, Fulkerson, Ganoung, German, Genung, Goodwin, Girdnier, Gould, Graham, Grant, Green, Greene, Grove, Hall, Hamilton, Hancy, Hand, Handlen, Harmon, Harris, Haskin, Haskins, Hause, Harvey
Page 329Hawkes, Hayward, Hewlett, Hill, Holton, Hopkins, Horning, Howell, Howlern, Hoyt, Hunt, Hutchinson, Ike, Jeffers, Jenney, Johnson, June, Keady, Kearns, Kellogg, Kelley, Kennedy, Kerns, King
Page 330King, Kinsley, Lanning, Leet, Leonard, Lester, Lungor, Marcellus, Madden, Mallory, Manning, Marsden, Marsh, Marshall, Mason, Mathews, Maxon, McCarthy, McCluen, McCoy, McDuffee
Page 331McDuffee, McEvoy, McKeel, McMahon, McWhorter, Medlock, Messenger, Miles, Miller, Milne, Minor, Mizener, Moore, Morehouse, Morrow, Mott, Mount, Murphy, Navel, Norton, O'Connell, Ogden, O'Hara
Page 332O'Leary, Osgood, Palmer, Patrick, Pearsall, Percy, Peterson, Porter, Potter, Predmore, Purcell, Purdy, Quick, Quinn, Rappeleye, Raplee, Rappleye, Reeves, Rice, Richards, Riley
Page 333Riley, Robinson, Rodman, Rosebrook, Rosengrant, Russell, Sayler, Schrier, Seeley, Selover, Severn, Shank, Shears, Shepson, Sherwood, Slaght, Smith, Sniffen, Sniffin, Snyder, Stackhouse, Stafford, Stannard, Stark
Page 334Starrett, Stebbins, Stevens, Stickane, Stilwell, Stout, Strong, Sutton, Swartwood, Sweet, Swick, Switzer, Symonds, Tailby, Taylor, Teed, Thomas, Thompson, Tompkins, Townsend, Travis, Tunison, Usher, Van Court, Van Doren, Van Dusen, Van Kirk, Vanness
Page 335Van Nostrand, Van Ostrand, Villemonte, Vining, Wakeman, Ward, Watherston, Waugh, Weatherston, Wellin, Welton, Wheeler, Whitaker, Whiteman, Wicks, Wiggins, Wightman, Wilcklow, Wilcox, Wilkin, Wilson, Winne, Wixom, Woodworth, Wolverton, Worden, Wyckoff
Interlaken Village Business Directory
Page 336Business Categories: Amusements, Artists, Attorneys, Banks, Barbers, Blacksmiths, Cigars, Clothiers, Dentists, Department Stores, Drugs, Dry Goods, Fruits, Garages, General Merchandise, Grocers, Hardware, Hotels, Insurance, Jewelers, Manufacturers, Meat, Newspapers, Photographers, Physicians, Produce, Real Estate, Shoe Repair, Undertaking
Page 336Surnames Listed: Mathews, Chadwick, Haskins, Church, Wheeler, Dowdle, Darron, Dickerson, Maxon, Whitbeck, Case, Bennett, Wicks, Peterson, Horotowitz, Fowler, Sniffin, Case, Peterson, Harmon, Peterson, Slaght, Case, Minor, Goodman, Marshall, Wheeler, Wiggins, Starrett, Babcock, House, Graham, Gould, Bradley, Kerns, Hunt, Cooley, Leonard