Lansing Township, Tompkins County, New York 1914 Farm and Business Directories

Includes Ludlowville

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Page #Description / Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 287Addy, Alexander, Allen, Allick, Armstrong, Ashley, Atwater, Austin, Bacon, Bailey, Baker, Barger, Barnes, Barr, Beardsley, Beckwith, Beebe, Benjamin, Benson, Bernat, Bickle, Bissell, Blakely, Bloom, Bogardus, Borton, Bower
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Page 289Bower, Bowers, Boyer, Boyles, Bradley, Breese, Brink, Bristol, Brooks, Brown, Bruce, Buchanan, Buck, Buckingham, Bunnell, Bush, Butts, Calhoun, Campbell
Page 290Campbell, Castelin, Casterline, Chaffee, Chappell, Clark, Clinton, Collins, Conlon, Conrad, Coon, Corl, Cornelius, Corwin, Coryell, Coundsell, Countryman, Cratsley, Crim, Croft, Cuatt, Cutter, Da Ball, Darling, Dates, Davis, Dean, DeCamp, De Camp, Delaney, Detrick, Dickerson
Page 291Doyle, Drake, Dunshire, Durbon, Durfee, Egbert, Emmons, English, Fairchild, Fanning, Farrell, Fassett, Fenner, Fermer, Fish, Fitch, Flinn, Ford, French, Gallow, Gere, Gibbs, Giilette, Gipp, Golden, Goodman, Goodwin, Gosbee, Gould, Grant, Griffen, Hagen, Hagiin, Haight, Hakes, Halladay, Hare
Page 292Haring, Harris, Hart, Haskin, Havens, Haycock, Head, Heagon, Heatherington, Hebbard, Herrick, Hildreth, Hoagland, Hockman, Holden, Hoover, Horky, Howell, Howland, Howser, Hugunine, Hunt, Hutchinson, Hollenbeck, Inman, Ives, Jacobs
Page 293Jacobs, Jefferson, Jennings, Jewell, Johnson, Jonas, Jones, Karn, Kelly, Kibler, Kilmer, King, Klenke, Knettles, Knickerbocker, Knitz, Knox, Kranz, Krizek, Krotts, La Barr, Lane, Lanterman, Larkin, Lawrence, Lefeaver, Lobdell, Luce, Ludlow, Lynch, Malone, Mann, Mapes, Marcelle, Marsh
Page 294Marsh, McFall, McGill, McIntyre, Mead, Metzger, Miller, Minturn, Moran, Morey, Morgan, Morse, Mory, Moseley, Mosher, Mosley, Mullen, Munson, Myers, Newdrow, Nemeck, Neville, Newman, Nichols, Nobles, Northrup, O'Brien, O'Hara, Osmun, Ozmun, Page, Palmer, Pan, Parker, Parkin, Parr, Parson
Page 295Patterson, Pearson, Personius, Phillips, Phimes, Pierce, Poier, Quigley, Relph, Reynolds, Rightmire, Robinson, Rose, Ross, Rump, Sands, Schofield, Scott, Seamon, Searles, Seeley, Selliman, Sharpsteen, Shaw, Sherman, Sherwood, Sigler, Singer, Slaght, Small, Smith
Page 296Smith, Snyder, Sobers, Sperry, Squires, Stafford, Stanton, Stark, Starts, Stearns, Steinberg, Storms, Stout, Strong, Sullivan, Sunshall, Swartwood, Swayze, SweazeyTacy, Tait, Tarbell, Teeter
Page 297Teeter, Terpening, Thomas, Thompson, Tichenor, Todd, Tompkins, Townley, Tracey, Tucker, Turner, Turverey, Vandermark, Vanetten, Van Nest, Van Ostrand, Van Patten, Van Tine, Votaplca, Wager, Weaver, Westervelt, Whipple, White, Wilcox, Williams, Willis, Wixom, Wood, Woodruff, Woolley, Worsell, Wright
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