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Utica, New York 1874 City Directory - C

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order,
Page 73Cadd, Caher, Cahill
Page 74Cahill, Cain, Calder, Caldwell, Calen, Califf, Calkins, Callahan
Page 75Callahan, Callan, Callanen, Callaway, Canbridge, Cameron, Camp, Campbell, Campney, Canfield, Cangley, Cannahan
Page 76Cannavan, Cannaway, Canning, Cannon, Cantwell, Capp, Capron, Caraher, Carey, Carham, Carle, Carlin, Carmody, Carney
Page 77Carney, Carnrite, Caron, Carpenter, Carr
Page 78Carr, Carrick, Carroll, Carry, Carter, Carton
Page 79Just ads
Page 80Carton, Carty, Carver, Case, Casey, Cash, Casler, Cushman, Cass, Cassidy
Page 81Cassily, Casson, Castello, Cattilaz, Caughlin, Cantfield, Cavanaugh, Cavenough, Ceber, Cessford, Chadier, Chambers, Chamberlain, Chamberlayne, Champlin, Chandler
Page 82Chandler, Channey, Chanpour, Channer, Chapin, Chapman, Charles, Charter, Chase, Chatfield, Cheetham, Chelliew, Cheeney, Cherubim, Cheesebrough
Page 83Cheesebrough, Chibnall, Childs, Christman, Christ, Christian, Christie, Christman, Chubbuck, Church, Churchill
Page 84Just ads
Page 85Cimer, Claesgens, Clagg, Claghorn, Clancey, Clare, Clarendon, Clark
Page 86Clark
Page 87Clark, Clarke, Clarkson, Clary, Clarey, Cleary, Cleghorn, Clement, Clemments, Cleveland
Page 88Clifton, Cline, Clinton, Clock, Clogher, Clover, Clow, Clowminzer, Cloyes, Clutson, Coakley, Cobb
Page 89Coburn, Cochrane, Codner, Coffee, Coffin, Cog, Cogley, Cohen, Coin, Colbrook, Colburn, Colby, Cole, Coleman, Colgan
Page 90Colgan, Colledge, Collenberg, Colley, Collier, Colling, Collins, Collis, Collmer, Collwell, Colmus, Colsbrook, Commerford
Page 91Commerford, Comsman, Comstock, Conant, Coaway, Cone, Conger, Conkey, Conkling, Conley
Page 92Conley, Conlon, Connaughton, Connell, Connor, Connors, Conrad, Conroy, Conway
Page 93Conway, Cook, Cookinham, Cooley, Coolman, Coombs, Coon, Coonradt, Cooper
Page 94Cooper, Cope, Copeman, Coral, Coram, Corbally, Corbett, Corcoran, Corkwell, Corey, Corley, Cornelius, Corney, Cornfield, Cornhill, Cornier, Corrigan, Corrins, Cosgrove, Cossleman, Costello
Page 95Costello, Cotter, Couch, Couchman, Coughlin, Coulbourn, Coupe, Courtois
Page 96Covelli, Coventry, Cowan, Cowles, Cowley, Cox, Coxe, Coxon, Coye, Coyle, Coyne, Craig, Cramer, Crandall, Crane, Cranwell, Cranley, Crask, Crawford
Page 97Crawshaw, Creaser, Creegan, Cregan, Crego, Crennan, Crippen, Crittenden, Crocker
Page 98Crocker, Croghan, Crombley, Cronin, Cronk, Crook, Crossley, Crossman, Crouch, Croughan, Crouse
Page 99Crouse, Crowell, Crowley, Crown, Cruikshank, Crumb, Crumley, Crump, Cruser, Cudd, Cullen, Culligan, Culpinger, Culver
Page 100Cummings, Cummiskey, Cunningham, Curran, Curry, Curtenius, Curtis
Page 101Curtis, Curtiss, Curtle, Curwin, Cusic, Cushman

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