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Utica, New York 1874 City Directory - M

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order,
Page 219Maben, Mable, Macer, Mack, Macowen, Maddon, Madison, Maffitt, Maffit, Magill, Maginn, Magnus
Page 220Mahan, Mahannan, Mahar, Maher, Mahon, Mahoney, Maine, Mainwaring, Maker, Malada, Mallick, Mallory, Malone, Maloney, Malord, Maloy, Mammel, Manahan, Mandeville
Page 221Mandeville, Manhim, Manion, Manley, Manly, Mann, Manns, Manning, Mansbach, Mantle, Mapoes, Marchisi, Marcy, Marion, Markham
Page 222Markham, Markhart, Marklove, Marks, Marquardt, Marquisee, Marron, Marrow, Mars, Marsden, Marsh, Marshall
Page 223Marshall, Martin, Marvel, Marwilskey, Mason
Page 224Mason, Math, Mather, Mathews, Matteson, Matthews, Matthewson
Page 225Matthewson, Matti, Maus, Maxson, Maxtor, Maxwell, May, Mayer, Maynard, Mayne, Mayrell, McAdam, McAlister, McAvera, McAvoy, McCabe
Page 226McCall, McCann, McCardle, McCarthy
Page 227McCarthy, McCarty, McCelland, McClements, McClosky, McClure, McClusky, McCormack, McCormick
Page 228McCormick, McCoy, McCraith, McCreary, McCudden, McCue, McCullough, McCune, McCunnen, McDarby, McDermott, McDonald
Page 229McDonald, McDonnel, McDonough, McDougall, McDougle, McElwain, McElwaine, McElory, McFall, McGarr, McGarvey, McGee, McGill, McGinnis, McGlynn, McGough, McGovern
Page 230McGovern, McGraw, McGreevey, McGucken, McGuire, McGukin, McGurty, McGuskin, McHugh, McIncrow, McIntire
Page 231McIntosh, McIver, McKay, McKellar, McKenna, McKennan, McKenne, McKenney
Page 232McKenzie, McKeon, McKeough, McKernan, McKillop, McKinney, McKevett, McKone, McKoon, McKown, McLarren, McLarty, McLaughlin
Page 233McLaughlin, McLean, McLellen, McLeod, McLoughlin, McLynch, McMahon, MvMann, McMannus
Page 234McMannus, McMillan, McMorrow, McMullen, McNall, McNally, McNamee, McNearny, McNeil, McNerney, McNeirney, McNevin, McNulty, McOwen, McPeck, McPherson
Page 235McPherson, McQuade, McQuivey, McShea, McSorley, McTavey, McVey, McWenie, Meachem, Meagan, Mealia, Meany, Mechnich, Mecklinburg
Page 236Meegan, Meehan, Mehler, Meikr, Meirhoff, Mellon, Mellor, Melotte, Mendelsohn, Mendelson, Meng
Page 237Mercer, Meredith, Merley, Merna, Merrell, Merriman, Merritt, Merry, Messe, Messinger, Messner, Metcalf
Page 238Metcalf, Merz, Metz, Metzger, Metzler, Meyer, Meyers, Michael, Michaels, Michalowsky, Michel
Page 239Michel, Mickel, Middel, Middleton, Midlam, Mienong, Milbank, Milberry, Miles, Milgate, Millar, Millard, Millbauer
Page 240Millen, Miller
Page 241Miller
Page 242Miller, Millham, Millington, Millis, Mills, Milmo, Milsted, Minah, Mingey, Minton, Mitchell, Mitsler, Mix, Moak, Mohen, Mohinger
Page 243Mohr, Molloney, Molloy, Monckton, Monks, Monroe, Montague, Montgomery, Monions, Moody, Mooney, Moore
Page 244Moore, Moran, Morath, Morehead, Morehouse, Morey, Morgan
Page 245Morgan, Moror, Morraqth, Morrin, Morris
Page 246Morris, Morrison, Morrissey, Morrow, Mors, Morse, Mortimer, Mortis, Mortley, Morton, Moseley, Moser, Moshart, Moshier, Mosker, Moss, Mould, Moulton, Mowrey, Muchdschuston, Mudah, Muddeman, Mueller, Mulholland
Page 247Mullaney, Mullen, Muller, Mulligan, Mullin, Mumford, Mundy, Mungovern, Munroe, Munson
Page 248Munson, Munz, Murphy, Murray, Murtagh, Murtha
Page 249Murthay, Muspratt, Muster, Mustiser, Musther, Meithig, Myer, Myers, Mygatt

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