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Welcome to Kittanning Area 1919-20 Residential and Business Directory

We have scanned the original residential directories for Kittanning, Fords City, Garretts Run, Graff, McCain, Manorville, Paintertown, and Pattonville, Pennsylvania as well as the business directory covering Kittanning and Fords City for 1919 - 20 and indexed it for your quick search. Click on the appropriate section to view pages of the publication. Clicking on the page numbers from those pages should take you to the appropriate place. These pages are scans of the original document which are fairly large files. The average page is about 120K and will download slowly if you are not on a fast connection. Please be patient and let us know if you have problems accessing the pages.

Page #Description
Page 10Introduction
Page 11General Index
Page 12General Index
Page 13Miscellaneous Information - County Government
Page 14Miscellaneous Information - Borough Gov't, Fire Dep't
Page 15Miscellaneous Information - Buildings, Blocks and Halls
Page 16Miscellaneous Information - Public Schools, Parochial Schools, Board of Health, Banks
Page 17Miscellaneous Information - Cemeteries, Churches
Page 18Miscellaneous Information - Churches, Hospitals, Libraries, Newspapers
Page 19Miscellaneous Information - Post Office, Societies
Page 20Miscellaneous Information - Societies
Page 21Miscellaneous Information - Societies, Street and Avenue Guide
Page 22Miscellaneous Information - Street and Avenue Guide
Page 23Miscellaneous Information - Street and Avenue Guide
Pages 25 - 155

Kittanning Residential Directory

A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I .. J   K   L   M   N .. O   P   Q .. R   S   T   U .. Z
Pages 157 - 209

Ford City Residential Directory

Pages 211 - 216

Garretts Run Residential Directory

Pages 217 - 220

Graff Residential Directory

Pages 221 - 225

McCain Residential Directory

Pages 227 - 233

Manorville Residential Directory

Pages 235 - 238

Paintertown Residential Directory

Pages 239 - 240

Pattonville Residential Directory

Kittanning and Fords City Business Directory
Page 241Adhesive Cement .. Auto Accessories
Page 242Auto Accessories .. Banks
Page 243Banks .. Blacksmiths
Page 244Blacksmiths .. Brick Manufacturers
Page 245Brick Manufacturers .. Cigars and Tobacco
Page 246Cigars and Tobacco .. Cloaks and Suits
Page 247Clothing .. Confectioners
Page 248Confectioners .. Contractors
Page 249Contractors
Page 250Dancing Academies .. Dressmakers
Page 251Dressmakers .. Electric Light Companies
Page 252Electrical Contractors .. Five and Ten Cent Stores
Page 253Florists .. Furniture
Page 254Furriers .. Gas Fixtures
Page 255General Stores .. Grocers
Page 256Grocers .. Hairdressers
Page 257Hardware .. Hotels
Page 258House Furnishings .. Insurance Agents
Page 259Insurance
Page 260Insurance
Page 261Insurance .. Jewelers
Page 262Jewelers .. Laundries
Page 263Lawyers .. Lime, Plaster and Cement
Page 264Linoleums and Oil Cloths .. Machinists
Page 265Mantels .. Men's Furnishings
Page 266Men's Furnishings .. Milliners
Page 267Monuments .. Notaries
Page 268Notaries .. Oil and Gas Well Supplies
Page 269Opticians .. Photographers
Page 270Photographers .. Pianos and Organs
Page 271Planing Mills .. Publishers
Page 272Pumps .. Restaurants
Page 273Roofers .. Shoemakers
Page 274Shoe Shining .. Tailors
Page 275Tailors .. Undertakers
Page 276Undertakers .. Workmen's Compensation Insurance

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