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1914 Farm and Business Directory of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania - B

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order,
Page 19Bagastow, Bach, Bachman, Bahmey, Bailey, Baker
Page 20Baker, Balsbach, Balsbaugh, Bamber, Bamberger, Baney, Bangser, Barlet, Barnhart, Barntheisel, Barr, Barry, Barth, Barto, Basehore, Bashore, Baseglia, Bassler, Batdorf, Bates, Batorf, Batz
Page 21Batz, Bauchman, Bauer, Baum, Bawman, Baylor, Beamesderfer, Beamisderfer, Bean, Beard, Beattie, Beaver, Bechtold, Beck
Page 22Beck, Becker, Beckey, Beckley, Bedger, Beekey, Behm, Behney, Behny, Behu, Beidler, Bell, Bellaman
Page 23Bender, Benetch, Benfer, Bennetch, Bensing, Bentheiser, Bentz, Bergelbach, Bergman, Berger, Berkheiser, Berkov, Berry, Betz, Bibighaus, Bickel, Bicker, Bicksler
Page 24Bicksler, Biecher, Biemesderfer, Biever, Billingham, Billman, Binkley, Binner, Binnington, Birkbeck, Bishop, Bittner, Bixler, Black, Blair, Blanch, Blatt, Blauch, Blazier, Blecher, Blecker, Bleistein, Bleisteine, Bleister, Bleistine
Page 25Bleistine, Blooch, Blouch, Bloucht, Blough, Blyler, Blythe, Bobb, Bockman, Body, Boeshore
Page 26Boeshore, Boffenmeyer, Boger, Boher, Bohn, Bohr, Bollinger, Boltz, Bollinger
Page 27Boltz, Bomberger, Bommerger, Bomgardner
Page 28Bomgardner, Bond, Books, Border, Bordlemay, Bordner, Borland, Borry, Bosehore, Boughter, Bowman, Boyd, Boyer
Page 29Boyer, Bradley, Brady, Brandt
Page 30Brandt, Brecht, Brehm, Breidenstein, Breidenstine, Brememan, Brendel, Brendle, Brenner, Brensinger, Bressler, Bricker, Bright, Brightbill
Page 31Brightbill, Brighton, Brock, Brockey, Brooks, Bross, Brossman, Brough, Brown, Brubacher, Brubacker, Brubachker
Page 32Brubacker, Brubaker, Bruce, Brunner, Bubp, Bucher, Buchanan, Buck, Buckingham, Bucks, Bueck, Buffamoyer, Bufflap, Bunn
Page 33Burdan, Burgner, Burkey, Burkholder, Busser, Butch

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