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We have scanned the original directory of Newport, Rhode Island for 1921 and indexed it for your quick search. Click on the letter which corresponds to the first letter of the last name for the person you are seeking. You will be taken to a list of page numbers which correspond to specific surnames. Clicking on the page number should take you to the appropriate page. Again, these pages are scans of the original document which are fairly large files. The average page is about 130K and will download slowly if you are not on a fast connection. Please be patient and let us know if you have problems accessing the pages.

Page #Description / Surnames
Title Page
Page 73Street Directory
Page 74Street Directory
Page 75Street Directory
Page 76Street Directory
Page 77Street Directory
Page 78Street Directory
Page 79Street Directory
Page 80Street Directory
Page 81Street Directory
Page 82Street Directory
Page 83Street Directory
Page 84Street Directory
Page 85Street Directory
Page 86Street Directory
Page 87Street Directory
Page 88Halls, Blocks and Buildings
Page 89City Government
Page 90City Government
Page 91City Government
Page 92City Government
Page 93City Government
Page 94City Government
Page 95Police, Schools and Teachers
Page 96Schools, Ward Boundaries
Page 97Ward Boundaries, Churches
Page 98Churches
Page 99Churches
Page 100Churches
Page 101Churches, Clubs
Page 102Clubs
Page 103Clubs, County Officers, Courts
Page 104Courts, Incorporated Companies
Page 105Incorporated Companies
Page 106Incorporated Companies
Page 107Labor Organizations
Page 108Labor Organizations, Military
Page 109Military
Page 110Military, Newspapers, Post Office
Page 111Custom House, Societies
Page 112Societies
Page 113Societies
Page 114Societies
Page 115Societies
Page 116Societies
Page 117Societies
Page 118Societies
Page 119Societies
Page 120Societies
Page 121Societies, Associations
Page 122Societies, Associations
Page 123Societies, Associations
Page 124Societies, Associations
Page 125Societies, Associations
Page 126Societies, Associations
Page 127Societies, Associations, State Government
Page 128State Government
Page 129State Government
Page 130State Government
Pages 131 - 144Advertisements - missing from book
Pages 145 - 391

Newport Residential Directory

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Page 392Advertisement
Pages 593 - 601

List of Summer Residents

Page 593Abney, Adams, Agassiz, Ames, Andrews, Appleton, Armstrong, Astor, Auchincloss, Audrian, Avezzano, Baker, Baldwin, Banks, Barbey, Barger, Barnes, Beeckman, Belmont, Benkard, Bennie
Page 594Bernton, Berwind, Biddle, Birckhead, Blair, Bliss, Bogert, Bonaparte, Bonat, Bookstaver, Borden, Bradley, Brewster, Brice, Brinton, Bristow, Brodowska, Brooks, Brown, Brownell, Bruen, Bull, Burden, Burgess, Burke, Carley, Carpenter, Carroll, Carter, Cerio, Chadwick, Chanler, Christopher, Clark, Clarke
Page 595Clews, Clothier, Codman, Corbin, Corcoran, Cortazzo, Cramp, Cushing, Cushman, Czechenyi, Darlington, David, deRham, D'Hauteville, Dolan, Donaldson, Drexel, Duke, Dulles, Duncan, Dyer, Easton, Edgar, Elder, Eldridge, Elliott, Emery, Emmons, Ennis, Eppley, Eustis, Fahnestock, Fearing, Ferry, Finocchiaro, Fish
Page 596FitzSimons, Flint, Fontanna, Fosdick, Foster, French, Frisell, Gallatin, Gambrill, Gammell, Gardner, Gerard, Gerry, Gibbs, Gilbert, Gillespie, Glyn, Godfrey, Goelet, Godwin, Graham, Gray, Greene, Greenough, Grosvenor, Groves, Gwynn, Hague, Hammond, Hanan, Harriman, Havemeyer, Hayward, Hedges
Page 597Hilder, Hill, Hillhouse, Hoffman, Hone, Hoyt, Hunter, Hutchins, Hutton, Iselin, Jacobs, James, Jay, Jennings, Johnson, Jones, Joseph, Judge, Kane, King, Knight, Kountze, LaFarge, Lanier, Lawrence, Ledyard, LeRoy, Lilly
Page 598Lippitt, Moew, Morillard, Lovering, Lowell, Lubomirski, Luce, Ludlow, Luther, McCagg, Mahony, Mason, Mattison, Miller, Mills, Moran, Moreland, Morgan, Moriarty, Morris, Morton, Neilson, Norman, Oelrichs, Olin, Olmsted, Osborne, Padelford, Parsons, Pearson
Page 599Pearson, Pell, Perry, Phinney, Pierson, Pope, Post, Potter, Powel, Preston, Pumpelly, Redmond, Reynal, Rice, Richardson, Ridgway, Ridlon, Rives, Roberts, Robeson, Robinson, Roche, Safe, Sands, Satterlee, Scott, Shaforth, Sharp
Page 600Shaw, Sherman, Shipman, Simpson, Sims, Slater, Smith, Spencer, Spooner, Sprague, Stackpole, Stevens, Stevenson, Stewart, Stillman, Stokes, Stone, Sturgis, Stuyvesant, Swan, Sweet, Tailer, Tangeman, Taylor, Terry, Thaw, Thayer, Thompson, Tinker, Tomkins, Tompkins, Townsend, Treadwell, Tuckerman, Turner, Twombly
Page 601VanAlen, Vanderbilt, Vaughan, Vos, Wallach, Ward, Warren, Webster, Wells, Wentz, Wetmore, White, Whitehouse, Whitman, Whitney, Wickes, Widener, Wilder, Willard, Willoughby, Wilson, Winterhoff, Winthrop, Woodward, Worthington, Wysong
Pages 393 - 445

Newport Business Directory

Page 393Accountants ... Art Studio
Page 394Artificial Ice ... Automobile
Page 395Automobile
Page 396Automobile
Page 397Automobile ... Banks
Page 398Banks ... Battery
Page 399Beef ... Boarding
Page 400Boarding ... Bottler
Page 401Bowling ... Building
Page 402Building ... Carpenter
Page 403Carpenter ... Chamber of Commerce
Page 404Charcoal ... Cleaners
Page 405Clergyman ... Clothing
Page 406Clothing ... Confectioners
Page 407Confectioners ... Cottage Cheese
Page 408Cream ... Dentists
Page 409Department Store ... Dressmakers
Page 410Dressmakers ... Eating Houses
Page 411Electric Goods ... Experimental Machinist
Page 412Expresses ... Fish Dealers
Page 413Fish ... French Dyeing
Page 414Fruit ... Galvanized Iron
Page 415Garages ... Granite
Page 416Grape Juice ... Grocers
Page 417Grocers
Page 418Grocers ... Hay, Straw and Food
Page 419Hay, Straw and Food ... House Furnishing
Page 420Hygeia Ice ... Jewelers
Page 421Jewelry ... Ladies Furnishing
Page 422Ladies Tailors ... Lawyers
Page 423Leather Dealers ... Marine Railway
Page 424Market Gardeners ... Milk
Page 425Milk ... Multigraphing
Page 426Music Teachers ... Notaries
Page 427Notaries
Page 428Notaries ... Nurses
Page 429Nuts ... Painters
Page 430Paints ... Photography
Page 431Physicians ... Pile Drivers
Page 432Places of Amusement ... Printers
Page 433Produce ... Reading Rooms
Page 434Real Estate ... Restaurants
Page 435Restaurants ... Salt
Page 436Salt ... Shoes
Page 437Shoes ... Slip Covers
Page 438Soda Fountain Supplies ... Steamboat and Railroad
Page 439Steamboat ... Tailors
Page 440Tailors ... Tea
Page 441Teachers ... Teamsters
Page 442Teamsters ... Towing
Page 443Toys ... Upholsterers
Page 444Variety Stores ... Window Cleaners
Page 445Wind Shields ... Yeast
Pages 393 - 445

Miscellaneous Newport Information

Page 446Villas And Their Location
Page 447Villas And Their Location
Page 448Villas And Their Location
Page 449Villas And Their Location
Page 592Points of Interest in Newport
Page 602Advertisement