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We have scanned the original Morrison and Fourmy's General Directory of the City of Galveston, Texas for 1890-91 and indexed it for your quick search.   Click on the letter which corresponds to the first letter of the last name for the person you are seeking.   You will be taken to a list of page numbers which correspond to specific surnames.   Clicking on the page number should take you to the appropriate page.   These pages are scans of the original document which are fairly large files.   The average page is about 90K and will download slowly if you are not on a fast connection.   Please be patient and let us know if you have problems accessing the pages.

To view the 1890-91 business directory of Galveston, see links to pages below the alphabetical listings.

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Pages 079 - 456

Galveston Residential Directory

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Page 498Addenda, Additions, Removals obtained too late for insertion / Alrichs, Axson, Bauman, Beissner, Blake, Chance, Coyne, Crawford, Dunn, Emes, Falkenhagen, Fickessen, Frank, Haughton, Hayhurst, Hodson, Kahn, Muller, Owens, Pannell, Roark, Rowland
Pages 457 - 497Galveston Business Directory
Page 457Abstracts .. Agents
Page 458Agents
Page 459Agriculture .. Attorneys
Page 460Attorneys .. Baking Powder
Page 461Baling Stock .. Bill Poster
Page 462Billiard Halls .. Boarding Houses
Page 463Boarding Houses .. Boot and Shoe Makers
Page 464Boot and Shoe Makers .. Breweries
Page 465Breweries .. Carpenters
Page 466Carpenters .. Cigars
Page 467Cigars .. Coffee
Page 468Coffee .. Confectioners
Page 469Confectioners .. Cotton
Page 470Cotton
Page 471Crackers .. Dressmakers
Page 472Dressmakers .. Dry Goods
Page 473Dry Goods .. Embalmers
Page 474Embroidery .. Fruits
Page 475Fruits .. Gas
Page 476Gents Furnishings .. Grocers
Page 477Grocers
Page 478Grocers
Page 479Grocers .. Hospitals
Page 480Hotels .. Insurance
Page 481Insurance .. Laundries
Page 482Laundries .. Lotteries
Page 483Lottery .. Meats
Page 484Meat .. Millinery
Page 485Monuments .. Opera
Page 486Opticians .. Phosphates
Page 487Photographers .. Plasterers
Page 488Plumbers .. Restaurants
Page 489Restaurants .. Saloons
Page 490Saloons
Page 491Saloons
Page 492Saloon .. Seed Dealers
Page 493Seed Dealers .. Stamping
Page 494Stamping .. Tailors
Page 495Taxidermist .. Trimmings
Page 496Trunk Manufrs .. Watches
Page 497Water Dealers .. Zephyrs