City of Burlington, Vermont 1902-3 Directory - M

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 146Macarthy, MacAuley, Macbeth, MacDonald, MacDonell, Mcdonough, Mace, Machanic, Mack
Page 147Mack, Mackin, Mackintosh, MacIver, MacMahon, McMurty, Macomber, Macrae, Madden, Madigan, Maeck, Magner, Magroth, Maguin, Magure, Mahan, Mahanna, Mahoney
Page 148Mahoney, Maitland, Major, Malaney, Mallette, Mallory, Malloy, Maloney, Mann, Manney, Manogue, Mansair, Manson, Mansour, Mansur, Manwaring, Manwell, Maple, Marceau
Page 149Marceau, Marcellais, Marchand, Marcotte, Marcus, Mardell, Marengo, Marier, Marks, Marney, Marquette, March, Marsha, Marshall, Martelle
Page 150Martelle, Martin, Marto, Marvin, Mason, Mass
Page 151Massey, Master, Mastick, Mather, Matot, Matte, Matten, Matthews, Matthieu, Mattimore, Mattison, Maurice, Maxfield, Mayer, Mayhew, Maynard, Mayo
Page 152Mayo, Mazzoni, McAuley, McAuliffe, McAuslan, McAvoy, McBeth, McBride, McCabe, McCaffrey
Page 153McCaffrey, McCale, McCall, McCannon, McCarthy, McCarty, McClellan, McCollom, McConnell, McConville
Page 154McCormick, McCrea, McCuen, McCullaugh, McDermott, McDonald, McDonnell, McDonough, McDougall, McDowell, McDurfey, McElliott, McElroy, McGaffey, McGarry, McGaughan, McGeary, McGee, McGettrick
Page 155McGettrick, McGill, McGinnis, McGinty, McGlynn, McGrath
Page 156McGrath, McGraw, McGreevy, McGuire, McHugo, McIntire, McIntosh, McIntyre, McKanna, McKannon, McKay, McKeen, McKenna, McKenney, McKennon, McKeon, McKeough, McKenzie
Page 157McKenzie, McKillip, McKinney, McKirnan, McLacklin, McLane, McLaughlin, McLean, McMahan, McMahon, McManus, McMillan, McNally, McNassey, McNeely
Page 158McNeely, McNeil, McRea, McSweeney, McTiernan, McVeigh, McWilliams, Mead, Meade, Meagher, Mears, Medica, Medler, Meigs, Melendy, Mellick, Mellor, Mells, Melow, Melwen, Memo, Menard
Page 159Menard, Menno, Merchand, Mercier, Mercure, Meron, Merrick, Merrihew, Merrill, Merritt, Messer, Metcalf, Metts
Page 160Metts, Meunier, Michaud, Michel, Middlebrook, Middletown, Mildram, Miles, Milford, Millbrook, Miller
Page 161Miller, Millette, Millington, Mills, Milne, Milo, Minard, Miner
Page 162Minor, Mintzer, Mishel, Mitchel, Mitchell, Mitiguy, Mix, Moat, Monahan, Monarque, Mongeon, Monta, Montgomery, Monty, Moody, Mooers
Page 163Mooney, Moorby, Moore, Moquin, Moran, Morang, Moreau, Morel
Page 164Morel, Morgan, Moriarty, Morin, Morre, Morreau, Morrill, Morris, Morriseau, Morrison
Page 165Morrison, Morrow, Morse, Mosdale, Moser, Mosher, Mosley, Moss, Mossey, Mott, Moulton, Mouquin, Mount, Movsovitz, Mower
Page 166Mower, Moyer, Moylan, Muir, Mulberg, Mulcahy, Muldoon, Mulhearn, Mulheron, Mullaney, Mullen, Mulligan, Mulqueen, Mulvaney, Mulvenna, Munroe, Munro, Munson
Page 167Munson, Murdock, Murphy, Murray
Page 168Murray, Murrin, Murtugh, Myers, Mylan, Mylkes

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