City of Burlington, Vermont 1902-3 Directory - T

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Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order
Page 213Taber, Tabor
Page 214Tabor, Tacy, Taft, Taggart, Talcott, Tankard, Tappen, Tastaglia, Taylor, Teachout, Temple, Tenney, Terrill, Terry
Page 215Terry, Tetreault, Tetze, Thayer, Therrien, Thibault, Thibeault, Thomas
Page 216Thomas, Thompson, Thomson, Thornhill, Thouin, Thurber, Thurston, Thwaits, Thynne, Tibbete, Tiffany, Tilley, Tillson, Tilton, Tinkham, Tobey
Page 217Tobey, Tobin, Todd, Togus, Tooles, Torrey, Totter, Touchette, Tousley, Towers, Towle, Towne, Townsend, Tracy
Page 218Traill, Trank, Tranquille, Trask, Traversee, Treflee, Trembley, Trepanier, Trick, Tupp, Trow, Trudeau, Trudelle
Page 219Trudelle, Truman, Trysall, Tucker, Tulley, Tupper, Turcot, Turcotte, Turk, Turner, Tuttle, Twitchell, Tyler
Page 220Tyler, Tynan

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