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We have scanned the original directory for Chittenden County, Vermont for 1902-3 and indexed it for your quick search. Click on the appropriate town or, in the case of Burlington, the appropriate first letter of the surname for the person you are seeking. You will be taken to a list of page numbers which correspond to specific surnames. Clicking on the page number should take you to the appropriate page. These pages are scans of the original document which are fairly large files. The average page is about 110K and will download slowly if you are not on a fast connection. Please be patient and let us know if you have problems accessing the pages.

Page #Description / Surnames
Page 1Title Page
Page 2Advertisement
Page 3Publisher's Card
Page 4Advertisement
Page 5Contents
Page 6Advertisement
Page 7Index to Advertisers
Page 8Index to Advertisers
Page 9Index to Advertisers
Page 10Advertisement
Page 11Index to Cities and Towns
Page 12Advertisement
Page 13Street Directory to Burlington
Page 14Street Directory to Burlington
Page 15Street Directory to Burlington
Page 16Street Directory to Burlington
Page 17Street Directory to Burlington
Page 18Street Directory to Burlington
Page 19Street Directory to Burlington
Page 20Census of Vermont, 1900
Page 21Census of Vermont, 1900
Page 22Advertisement
Page 23Blocks, Halls, Buildings, etc.
Page 24Blocks, Halls, Buildings, etc.
Page 25Advertisement
Page 26Advertisement
Page 27Ward Boundaries
Page 32Advertisement

City of Burlington Residential Directory

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  Bolton   Charlotte   Colchester   Essex   Hinesburgh   Huntington   Jericho   Milton   Richmond   Shelburne   South Burlington   St. George   Underhill   Westford   Williston
Burlington Business Directory
Page 236Academics .. Auction
Page 237Bakers .. Barrel
Page 238Baths .. Blacksmiths
Page 239Blank .. Booksellers
Page 240Bootblack .. Building
Page 241Building and Loan .. Carpet
Page 242Carriage .. Civil Engineers
Page 243Claim Agent .. Coal and Wood
Page 244Coal .. Contractors
Page 245Contractors .. Decorators
Page 246Dentists .. Dressmakers
Page 247Dressmakers .. Dry and Fancy Goods
Page 248Dry and Fancy Goods .. Express
Page 249Extract and Essence Mfr. ... Fruit
Page 250Furniture .. Granite
Page 251Granite .. Grocers
Page 252Grocers .. Hats
Page 253Hay and Straw .. Hotels
Page 254House Furnishing .. Iron Founders
Page 255Iron and Steel .. Lawyers
Page 256Lawyers .. Manicure
Page 257Maple Syrup .. Meat
Page 258Meat .. Mortgages
Page 259Mouldings .. Notaries
Page 260Notaries .. Nurses
Page 261Nurses .. Painters
Page 262Painters .. Pedlers
Page 263Pedlers .. Physicians
Page 264Physicians .. Planing Mills
Page 265Plumbers .. Real Estate
Page 266Real Estate .. Sail Makers
Page 267Salt Dealers .. Sewing Machines
Page 268Sheet Iron .. Soap
Page 269Sporting Goods .. Stevedores
Page 270Stock Companies
Page 271Stock Companies
Page 272Stock Companies . Studio
Page 273Surgical Supplies .. Teamsters
Page 274Teamsters .. Undertakers
Page 275Upholsterers .. Wood
Page 276Wood .. Yeast
Miscellaneous Information
Page 277City Government
Page 278City Government
Page 279City Government
Page 280City Government
Page 281City Government
Page 282City Government
Page 283Churches
Page 284Churches, Societies
Page 285Societies
Page 286Societies
Page 287Societies
Page 288Societies
Page 289Bands, Clubs
Page 290Clubs, Hospitals
Page 291Homes, Societies
Page 292Societies
Page 293Societies
Page 294Societies
Page 295Societies, State Government, Military Organizations
Page 296University of Vermont and State Agricultural College
Page 297Courts and Judiciary
Page 298Post Office
Page 299Customs, Cemeteries, Stage Lines
Page 300Railroads, Notaries
Page 301Notaries, Justices of the Peace
Page 302Advertisement
Pages 417 - 432Miscellaneous Advertisements
Page:   417   418   419   420   421   422   423   424   425   426   427   428   429   430   431   432
Pages 585 - 589Advertisers Outside County
  Page 585   Page 586   Page 587   Page 588   Page 589

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