Town of Dorset, VT Annual Report for the year ending Feb 1, 1926

The following is a list of pages, scanned for your perusal, included in the Annual Report for the Town of Dorest. These pages consist chiefly of a listing of payments made by the Treasurer to individuals and companies for work performed for several different town agencies. While these pages do not form a tremendously valuable genealogical resource, they may be helpful for tracking down specific individuals. We have listed this primarily for the birth, marriage and death records included at the end of the publication. These will also be indexed separately in the appropriate section of the site.

Simply click on any particular page number to view the page.

Page #Surnames in order they appear, not necessarily in alphabetical order,
Page 1Title Page
Page 3Treasurer's Report - Receipts: Edgerton, Tully, Wade, Sherlock, Flynn, Stone, Liddle
Page 4Treasurer's Report - Disbursements: Cone, Ames, Beebe, Liddle, Sexton, Dalton, Dunn, McBride
Page 5Road Commissioner's Report - Orders Paid: Wade, Lanfear, Woodard, Reed, Blackmer, Wilkins, Streeter, Baker
Page 6Road Commissioner's Report - Orders Paid: Lanfear, Patterson, Streeter, Wade, Woodard, Blackmer, Wilkins, Reed
Page 7Road Commissioner's Report - Orders Paid: Woodard, Lanfear, Wade, Reed, Tifft, Wilkins, McWayne, Blackmer, Streeter, Sheldon, Dorr, Frost, Gallagher, Colvin, Rubadeau, Kinney
Page 8Road Commissioner's Report - Orders Paid: Streeter, Wade, Lanfear, Gallagher, Colvin, Rubadeau, Woodard, Wilkins, Reed, Marsden, Frost, Squires, Williams, Marvin, Dorr, Tifft, Blackmer, Harrington, Allen
Page 9Road Commissioner's Report - Orders Paid: Tifft, Wade, Lanfear, Woodard, West, Haley, Blackmer, Rubadeau, Reed, Dorr, Streeter, McDevitt, Wilkins, Edgerton, Norcross, McNamara
Page 10Road Commissioner's Report - Orders Paid: Woodard, Lanfear, Haley, Rubadeau, Dorr, Streeter, Wilkins, Blackmer, Norcross, Ludd, Dorr, Frost, Norcross, Reed, Wade, McDevitt, Allen
Page 11Road Commissioner's Report - Orders Paid: Norcross, Frost, Reed, Wade, Lanfear, Rubadeau, Allen, Woodard, Baldwin, Danforth
Page 11East Commissioner's Orders Paid: McLaughlin, Warner, Steere, Gormley
Page 12East Commissioner's Orders Paid: Leary, McLaughlin, Benedict, Warner, McDaniels, Jameson, Gormley, Condon, Bowen, Benedict, Gormley, Haley, Reid, McDevitt, Dorr, Bowen, Nadeau, Ritchie, Flynn
Page 13State Highway Commissioner's Orders Paid: Leary, Reed
Page 14Recap of Road Work Orders
Page 15School Directors' Report: Tully, McDevitt, Kelleher, Adams, Hamlin
Page 16School Directors' Report: Tully, McDevitt, Squires, Sanborn, McDonald, Marsden, Frost, Kelly, Kelleher, Williams
Page 17School Directors' Report: Hulsberg, Hulett, Tierney, Landon, Baldwin, Graves, Hamlin, Streeter, Tarbel, Tifft, Sheldon, Streeter
Page 18School Directors' Report: Hamlin, Tierney, Landon, Hulsberg, Graves, Baldwin, Edgerton, Hulett, Phillips, Cook, Tarbel, Streeter, Gilbert, Bovey, Harwood, Hohendorf
Page 19School Directors' Report: Holt, Baldwin, Landon, Hulsberg, Nichols, Tierney, Hohendorf, Tifft, Trombley, Stone, Landon, Towsley, Wilkins, Hamlin, Sheldon, Streeter, Holt, West, Kelleher, Weeks
Page 20School Directors' Report: Landon, Tierney, Kelleher, Hamlin, Baldwin, Streeter, Holt, Hulsberg
Page 21School Directors' Report: Boccard, Horton, Sheldon, Dorr, Bates, Clark, Benedict, Steere, Abbott, Viall, Stone, Benson, Ritchie, King, Baker, Harwood, McLaughlin, Kendall, Nadeau, Bowen
Page 22School Directors' Report: Clark, Abbott, Viall, Stone, Brock, Wade, Bowen, Brock, Ritchie, Brophy, Rowell, Nadeau, Kendall
Page 23School Directors' Report: King, Ritchie, Wade, Tully, Hamlin, McDaniels, Rowell, Abbott, Sheridan, Tully
Page 24School Directors' Report: Viall, Chambers, Sheldon, Abbott, Merrow, Benedict, Tully, Sheridan, Gerrish, Brock, Nadeau, Connors, Bowen, Benson, Marsden, Kendall, Eggleston
Page 25School Directors' Report - Summary
Page 26Statement and Recommendations by the School Board
Page 27Report of the School Superintendent
Page 28Report of the School Superintendent cont'
Page 29Report of the School Superintendent cont'
Page 30Selectmen's Orders: Kinnie, Phillips, Reed, Kent, Dalton, Batchelder, Wilkins, Sheldon, Wade, Lanfear, McBride, Nichols, Blackmer, Edgerton, McWayne, Tifft, Reed, Streeter, Ludd, Baldwin
Page 31Selectmen's Orders: Sheldon, Stone, Tobin, Blackmer, Tifft, Edgerton, Reed, Woodard, Lanfear, Wade, Kinney, McWayne, Norcross, Phillips, Tinkham, Campbell
Page 32Selectmen's Orders: Blackmer, Campbell, Cochrane, Liddle, Lovejoy, Miller, Hanlon, McWayne, Tobin, Reed, McDevitt, Gallagher, Nadeau, Kelly, Sheldon, Kelleher, Roberts, McWayne, Cave
Page 33Selectmen's Orders: Reed, Streeter, Wade, Lanfear, Liddle, Blackmer, Tifft, Matson, Kelly, Wilkins, Edgerton, Woodard, Tully, Dorr, Reed, Haley, Rubadeau
Page 34Selectmen's Orders: Blackmer, Dorr, Reed, Derosia, Haley, Lanfear, Woodard, Wade, Streeter, Holley, Kelleher, Rubadeau, Haley, Norcross, Wilkins, Blackmer
Page 35Selectmen's Orders: Rubadeau, Lanfear, Squires, Cave, Phelps, Kent, Dorr, Reed, Derosia, Wade, Haley, Streeter, Holley, Blackmer, Williams, Allen, McDevitt, Wilkins
Page 36Selectmen's Orders: Dorr, Reed, Lanfear, Streeter, Rubadeau, Woodard, Wilkins, Wade, Williams, Marsden, Marvin, Holley, Blackmer, Liddle, McDevitt, Wilkins
Page 37Selectmen's Orders: Lillie, Reed, Harris, Hurd, Gormley, Benson, Nadeau
Page 38Selectmen's Orders: Lillie, Hurd, Harris, Sherlock, Bebee, Flynn, Gormley, McDevitt, Steere, Dunn
Page 39Selectmen's Orders: Lillie, Reid, Bryant, Harwood, Bebee, Sexton, Sherlock, Tuttle, Ames, Dunn, Beebe, Gormley, Ritchie, Baker
Page 40Selectmen's Orders: Lillie, Bennett, Richardson, McDevitt, Mullen, Gormley, Sexton, Ames, Sherlock, Brophy
Page 41Recap of Selectmen's Orders
Page 41Justice's Orders: Campbell, Kelly, Tifft
Page 42Total Summary of All Orders
Page 43Liabilities
Page 44Liabilities cont'
Page 45Grand List / Tax Rate
Page 46Birth Record: Abbott, Edgerton, Baker, Colvin, Burke, Reed, Center, Warner, Colvin, Frost, Christensen, Mullen, Davis, Lillie, Gallagher, McDevitt, Jones, Tifft, Marcoux, McNamara, Martin, Brophy, Morey, Bentley, Nichols, Sheldon, Parks, Beveridge, Roberts, Bovie, Tobin, McWayne, Wade, Lake, Walters, Sawyer, West, Nichols, Woodard, Aab, Wyman, Tilston
Page 47Marriages: Harrington, Towsley, Murphy, Ripley, Jones, Stannard
Page 47Death: Bourn, Culver, Donahue, Gilbert, Hoerschgen, Marcoux, Merritt, Molloy, Morey, Nadeau, Richardson, Roberts, Simmons, Sykes, Sykes, Tully, Vincer, Weeks, Wilkins

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