Welcome to Madison, Wisconsin 1911 City Directory

We have scanned the original city directory for Madison, Wisconsin for 1911 and indexed it for your quick search. Click on the letter which corresponds to the first letter of the last name for the person you are seeking. You will be taken to a list of page numbers which correspond to specific surnames. Clicking on the page number should take you to the appropriate page. These pages are scans of the original document which are fairly large files. The average page is about 130K and will download slowly if you are not on a fast connection. Please be patient and let us know if you have problems accessing the pages.

This publication includes a list of all householders, name of spouse, occupation and address. Additionally, included are names of deceased individuals including the date of death. This information is presented as originally published and, therefore, includes any errors from the original. All information should be verified via additional sources including primary source records.

Page #Description
Pages 029 - 511

Madison Residential Directory

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