27th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Civil War Roster

The following roster has been extracted from the publication "The Twenty-Seventh Indiana Volunteer Infantry in the War of the Rebellion (1861-1865), First Division 12th and 20th Corps." by "A member of Company C."   The 27th saw its share of action, perhaps more, suffering casualties to over one seventh of its roster.   It also suffered losses to disease, as all Civil War military organizations did.

The Regiment was recruited and organized in late summer of 1861 and numbered more than 1,000.

The purpose of this particular page is to assist those seeking to learn which organization their ancestors served in.   We have included only that portion of the publication which pertains exclusively to the roster.   For further reference, we suggest you locate the actual publication in your library or wherever else it may be located.

Page #Description / Surnames in order they appear
Page 557Discussion
Page 558Discussion
Page 559Discussion
Page 560Discussion
Page 561Roster of Field and Staff / Colgrove, Harrison, Morrison, Fesler, Mehringer, Johnson, Burge, Colgrove, Gilmore, Colgrove
Page 562Dougherty, Jamison, Whitted, Johnson, Twiford, Alexander, Woollen, Twiford, Alexander, Colgrove
Page 563Dougherty, McCasky, White, Sharp, Crose, Hamrick, Stone, Ragsdale, Hansel, Wilcox, Applegate, Bruner, Carson, Custein
Page 564Coleman, Griedman, Fleehart, Horton, Hammond, Jandebeur, Jackson, King, Laswell, Minhart, Neeley, Palmer, Smith, Schoemaker, Stuckey, Scales, Warner
Page 564Company A narrative
Page 565Company A narrative
Page 566Roster of Company A / Morrison, Wilcoxen, Gilmore, Hamrick, Porter, Rankin, Parsons, Vanorsdall, Wright, Allen, Dennis
Page 567Crose, Stone, Allee, Crose, Gambold, Ballard, Bowen, Monnett, Michael, Kenyon, Showalter, Nicewander, Bill, Allee, Tincher, Akers, Allen
Page 568Allen, Bales, Bettis, Bresnahan, Brown, Brann, Bryant, Burch, Busby, Butler, Day, DeWitt, Dodd, Evans, Elliott, Fellows, Foss, Gambold, Gibbons, Grider
Page 569Hadden, Hansell, Harden, Hinkle, Hunt, Hutchings, Jackson, Jenkins, Lamb, Landis, Lane, Layton, Lewis, McCoy, Monnett, McGrew, Mercer, Pearson, Proctor, Parsons
Page 570Parsons, Palmer, Prichard, Patterson, Rawlings, Rutherford, Roberts, Russell, Ryan, Showalter, Steele, Smith, Smythe, Steward, Stewart, Mesler, Harvey, Stiggleman, Squire, Turner
Page 571Waln, Warner, Wells, Wilkinson, Wishmier, Watts, Wilson, Voris, Young, Dougherty, Moore
Page 571Company B narrative
Page 572Roster of Company B / Moore, Davis, Thornberg, Casey, Hubbard, Brashears, Ragle, Little, Ragle
Page 573Wallick, Ketcham, Guthry, Wilson, Russell, Wagoner, Hays, Dunlap, McHolland, Davis, Achor, Allen, Anderson, Arford, Boardman, Bugher, Bruner, Bowers, Chestnut, Cunningham, Critchlow, Coats
Page 574Chiles, Callahan, Cox, Carson, Davis, Dichert, Denton, Eaton, Edwards, Flinn, Fidler, Faith, Fore, Gaugh, Hubbard, Hannah, Herron, Hackler, Herrondon, Horrall, Hulan, Harris
Page 575Hoverstock, Keller, Kinneman, Keller, Kint, Kinneman, Lutz, Laughlin, Lawyer, Laux, Litten, Lee, Mathews, Moratta, McCarter, McMullen, Nugent, O'Callahan, Poindexter, Pitman, Stotts, Sumner
Page 576Sharum, Stanley, Stout, Shively, Sparks, Trueblood, Vest, Wilson, Wagoner, Wirts, Webster, Wagley, Williams, Worrall, Wilson, Worrall, Alford, Combs, Correll, Dearmin, Davis, Ghraun, Herenden, Laughlin
Page 577Pontius, Shively, Laughlin, Correll, Richardson, Todd
Page 577Company C narrative
Page 578Roster of Company C / Johnson, Williams, Collier, Forelander, Boyle, Furguson
Page 579Lee, Sims, Payne, Jones, Sharp, Longhery, Weir, Harter, Beeson, Carvin, Doren, Applegate
Page 580Applegate, Apperson, Aikens, Andrews, Alexander, Abbercrombie, Acton, Brown, Baker, Bass, Browning, Bargman, Beemer, Bradburn, Cheatham
Page 581Clark, Crawford, Cutsinger, Colvin, Cline, Calhoun, Chambers, Dinn, Doyle, Devet, East, Evans, Fulp, Foster, Fry, Fillman, Gardner, Garrison
Page 582Green, Greer, Geary, Hart, Hand, Hinchee, Johnson, Jones, Joyce, Kyle, Lay, Layman, Lewis, Miller, Mortz, McCasky, McCowen, McGaffick, Nugent, Oaks, Parker
Page 583Pitcher, Parr, Plymate, Pickens, Quillen, Richardson, Runkle, Spurgeon, Sims, Smith, Sholl, Sandifer, Treadway, Vancleif, Wells, Wayland, Windship, Young
Page 584Zigler, Rouse, Treadway, Elliott
Page 584Roster of Company D / Buehler
Page 585Casaday, Box, Kern, Peters, Stephenson, Leach, Conrad, Balsley, Peters, Box, Palmer, Whitler, Reyburn, Reynolds, Reid
Page 586Wilder, Bridwell, Riggins, Banks, Conrad, Kern, Lewis, Potter, Seibert, Alexander, Allbright, Allen, Anderson, Atchinson, Balsley, Beavers, Bowden, Bosse, Brannum, Brothers, Burk, Callahan, Carter, Cavins
Page 587Clampitt, Cooper, Crawford, Culbertson, Davis, Dodd, Donica, Dodson, Douglas, Fiddler, Garrett, Gerbert, henshaw, Hoskins, Isaac, Jackson, Johnson, Kerr, Knight, Lewis
Page 588Litten, Lynn, Moran, Mulky, Neal, Neiman, Nicholas, Nugent, Patterson, Phillips, Phalman, Quackenbush, Reynolds, Schardein, Schneider, Simpson, Skinner, Slider, Smith, Steel, Stephenson
Page 589Stevenson, Sutton, Thompson, Tinder, Tunney, Turner, Unphress, Waughtell, Wells Williams, Younger, Asher, Ash, Berkshire, Bryant, Dugan, Fiddler, Grace, Greenwood, Hall, Kimbrel, Kilgore, Myers
Page 590Park, Seegar, Williams, White
Page 590Roster of Company E / Burge, Fesler
Page 591Cassady, Stephens, Henderson, Harris, Hill, Roddick, Curley, Dye, McDonald, Hayman, Ellis, Clark, McGee, Jones, Bratton, Stephens, Kelley, McCormick
Page 592Austin, Arnold, Alton, Akster, Akester, Amos, Barbour, Brown, Black, Boyd, Bonner, Bomer, Barnes, Connelly, Carroll, Cox, Chapman, Crays, Cochran, Clark
Page 593Dougherty, Doane, Davis, Edward, Everheart, Freeman, Fitzgerald, Gregory, Grany, Gainor, Gesler, Gilly, Herinshaw, Hopper, Hawkins, Henning, Huskes, Honey, Jones
Page 594Jackson, Keller, Layton, Lattimore, Logan, Langton, Lashley, Lane, McLane, Mears, Murat, Marshall, Maxwell, Osman, Palmer, Purcell, Ross, Robinson, Street, Swan, Sparks
Page 595Smith, Shepherd, Tommy, Thomas, Williams, Webber, Wilson, Weaver, Webber, Welch, White, Wilson, Williams, Wagoner, Wallace, Baldwin, Boyd
Page 596Clayton, Cox, Chapman, Jones, McAdams, Martin, Moucham, Osman, Stipes, Stuckey, White, Wilson
Page 596Company F narrative
Page 597Roster of Company F / Kopp, Ottwell, Buskirk, McKahn, Bloss, Campbell, Dodd, Baker
Page 598Van Buskirk, Davis, Kenton, McKnight, Arthur, Osborne, Mitchell, Goins, Ottwell, South, Ard, Arthur, Buttler, Brown, Bourne, Boicourt
Page 599Bunnell, Barnes, Burk, Campbell, Cantwell, Cook, Denny, Douglass, Daniels, Edwards, Eads, Foster, Freeman, Gascon, Gillaspie
Page 600Gabbert, Gentry, Gregory, Goss, Groves, Hendrickson, Healey, Hancock, Hushaw, Holler, Hoover, Johnson, James, larkins, Lemmons, Luyster, Lutz, Lefever, McGinnis, McMannis, Mullen, O'Connell, Ottwell
Page 601Otwell, Parham, Pratt, Ream, Riley, Richardson, Ryan, Rodgers, Smith, Shepherd, Sipes, Sherman, Tatlock, Todd, Thomas, Trollinger, Vance, Vinson, Voorst, Buskirk
Page 602Van Buskirk, Williams, Wilson, Welch, White, Weaver, Eberling, Gellespie, Hensley, Sneider,
Page 602Company F narrative
Page 603Roster of Company F / Fesler, Kelso, Terhune, Garrett, Stewart, Rundell, Coughran
Page 604Van Sickle, Reynolds, Fletcher, Beavers, Hensley, Fleener, Fesler, Douglass, Fugate, Atkins, Anthrum, Andrews, Allen, Brown, Baker, Bailey, Bevan, Blue, Baker, Coffee, Campbell, Caywood, Chase, Davis, David, Davenport
Page 605Davenport, Deitz, Dougherty, Fugate, Fleener, Fry, Fletcher, Fisher, Gilmore, Gladden, Gardner, Hillman, Horner, Hensley, Hutchinson, Howell, Hillman, Jacobs, Kemp, Kane, Kelso, Kutzleh, Kephart, Kent
Page 606Lane, Lester, Melton, Mathews, McClane, Martin, Obenchain, Pratt, Prosser, Patterson, Robison, Rood, Rooney, Ragsdale, Scraggs, Smith, Stimson, Tomey
Page 607Thompson, Terhune, Whitted, Wright, Wells, Wellens, Weekly, Whetstine, White, Wemer, Young, Barnhill, Coffee, Pate, Snapp, Sanborn, Weekly, Wood, Holt, Engle, Betchman
Page 608McLaughlin
Page 608Roster of Company G / Hill, McKahn, Balsley
Page 609Hudson, Dougherty, Lyon, Stewart, Nugent, Walton, Bradshaw, Batchelor, Matney, Reed, Walton, Olmstead, Adams, Rosebery
Page 610Terwilegar, Coons, Fitzgerald, Cunliff, Congdon, Earhart, Brand, Adams, Ammons, Butler, Bias, Baker, Beadle, Beasley, Bryant, Bailiff, Brathouse
Page 611Brooks, Brower, Cox, Chambers, Combs, Deputy, Dooley, Dingman, Dixon, Dolan, Dunlap, Dorcett, Files, Francis, Farris
Page 612Farthing, Foster, Fowleer, Holbrook, Hunt, Hill, Hudson, Hall, James, Jayne, Judkins, Jones, King, Lemming, Mett, Layton, Malcolm, Muster
Page 613McConnel, McCaslin, Marling, McClannahan, Murphy, Needham, Ogden, Richards, Shepherd, Statten, Stradley, Steel, Truelock, Town, Tobias, Todd, Temples, Tapp, Wood, Walton
Page 614Anderson, Baldwin, Booher, Cox, Garsage, Booher, Meek, Edwards, Holt
Page 614Company I narrative
Page 615Roster of Company I / McGrew, Nance, Holloway, Reed, Holloway, Chapin, Williams, Chapin
Page 616McCasky, Nance, Chapin, Sellers, Allee, Gilmore, Good, Hadden, Steers, Nosler, Holloway, Clapsaddle, Hadden, Turner, McCormick, Conklin
Page 617Wright, Adams, Alexander, Asher, Adams, Beck, Beard, Butcher, Brown, Crawley, Culbertson, Cowgil, Clark, Deveraux, Dreuhr, Dodson, Douglass
Page 618Delahunt, Davis, Eakin, Frogget, Ferguson, Frazier, Gilmore, Grimes, Hadden, Heath, Hixon, Howard, Hunt, Hussey, Hall, Hale, Harris, Hazlewood, Hester, Kendall, Kersey, Lewis, Lawrence
Page 619Logan, Lucas, Michael, Martin, Mcmains, Morgan, McKinney, Nance, Nicholson, Newman, O'Neal, Oliver, Perry, Parsons, Patrick, Pickens, Riley, Swartz, Smith, Storms, Scott
Page 620Swartz, Stone, Stevens, Tuggall, Thomas, Varner, Wilson, Younger, Bradshaw, Faith, Kutch, Keck, McDonald,
Page 620Company K narrative
Page 621Roster of Company K / Mehringer, Wellman, Jerger, Berry, Nehringer, Haberle, Melchoir, Knox
Page 622Vogel, Steigel, Grass, Berger, Thomas, Gitter, Haller, Sermersheim, Rich, Eckert, Suddeth, Ackerman, Brochart, Beck, Bradley, Berger, Burton, Casteins, Cave, Cooper, Cullen
Page 623Duffey, Donnelly, Donhauer, Dillon, Donnermann, Dorn, Eckert, Evans, Fuhrmann, Grim, Gardner, Geppner, Hage, Haller, Hock, Hendricks, Harbison
Page 624Hoffer, Truman, Kemp, Kunkler, Knust, Lansford, Longe, Laikauff, Meister, Mathias, Meyer, Monroe, Mehne, Morris, Noble, Offer, Oestich, Padget
Page 625Reis, Richter, Roelle, Reisin, Stillwell, Schraker, Schmidt, Schuble, Schroeder, Seifert, Stollcup, Suddeths, Siebel, Schmidt, Stringer, Smith, Schindler, Schumacher, Vollmer, Vunder, Winder, Weldon, Wallace, Yochrin
Page 626Berger, Gardner, Jerger, Conrad
Page 626Killed and Mortally Wounded by campaign and date, by company
Page 627Killed and Mortally Wounded by campaign and date, by company
Page 628Killed and Mortally Wounded by campaign and date, by company; Died of Disease by company
Page 629Died of Disease by company
Page 630Died of Disease by company
Page 631Died of Disease by company
Page 632Wounded but not Mortally by campaign
Page 633Wounded but not Mortally by campaign
Page 634Wounded but not Mortally by campaign
Page 635Wounded but not Mortally by campaign
Page 636Wounded but not Mortally by campaign
Page 637Prisoners by company
Page 638Prisoners by company; Veterans
Page 639Veterans
Page 640Veterans