1890 Civil War Veterans Census - Tennesseans in Texas

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1890 Civil War Veterans Census - Tennesseans in Texas

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Page #Description / Surnames in order they appear on each page. Not necessarily in alphabetical order
AbbreviationsSome common abbreviations used
DescriptionDiscussion of these records
Description 2Discussion continued
MedicalArchaic and Unusual Medical Terms
UnitsIdentification of Tennessee federal military units - Civil War
Page 1Abel, Adams, Adamson, Ake, Alexander, Allen, Alton, Anderson, Armstrong, Ashbury, Atlee, Avery, Baker, Barbour, Barger, Barnes, Barnett, Baxter, Bayar, Bean, Bennett
Page 2Bennett, Benson, Berry, Bible, Bice, Bird, Blackburn, Blain, Bolen, Boles, Bolton, Boone, Bowdon, Bowen, Bowman, Brackeen, Bradford, Bradshaw, Branum
Page 3Bratcher, Brent, Brice, Brim, Brown, Bruer, Bryant, Buckhannon, Bull, Burkett, Burleson, Burnett, Burrow, Caffrey, Caldwell, Cameron, Campbell
Page 4Campbell, Campblin, Cannon, Cantrell, Cantro, Capp, Capps, Carnell, Carroll, Carter, Carver, Cash, Castleman, Cate, Cates, Champion, Cipher, Clack, Clayton
Page 5Clayton, Clinton, Cloud, Cockburne, Cole, Coleman, Conly, Conner, Cook, Copeland, Cornell, Cothran, Cotter, Couch, Cox, Craig, Craw
Page 6Crawford, Creed, Criswell, Crockett, Cross, Crudgington, Cumming, Cunningham, Dailey, Dalton, Damron, Davidson, Davis, Daviss, Dean, Denton, Dickson, Dixon, Dodd, Dodson, Dooley, Dooling
Page 7Duncan, Dunlap, Dyer, Edmundson, Edwards, Eldridge, Elkins, Elliott, Ellis, Elsea, Evans, Fargo, Farnsworth, Faulkner, Felmet, Fennell, Ferguson, Flowers, Floyd, Foust, Fowler, Franks
Page 8Freiley, Frizzell, Gallagher, Gant, Gardner, Garren, Gassoway, Gather, Gauldin, Gayler, Gentle, Gentry, Geren, Gibson, Gifford, Gilliam, Glase, Glover, Gofourth, Gold, Grant, Green, Grierwell, Griffetts, Griffin
Page 9Griffin, Grimes, Grindstaff, Griswell, Guinn, Guthrey, Hackney, Hale, Hall, Hamilton, Haney, Hardy, Harmon, Harold, Harrold, Hart, Harvey, Haskew, Hathaway, Hauser
Page 10Haynes, Headrick, Heatherly, Henderson, Hendricks, Hickman, Hicks, Higgins, Hixson, Hodge, Hodges, Hodgins, Hodgon, Holland, Horne, Hough, Houk, Houser, Howard, Howery, Hucheson, Hunter
Page 11Hurst, Hutcheson, Hutchison, Ingerton, Ingram, Inklebarger, Inman, Irick, Ivy, Jack, Jacobs, Johnson, Jester, Johnston, Joines, Jones, Julian, Keel, Keener, Keith
Page 12Kelley, Kiker, Kirk, Kirkpatrick, Kleid, Kries, Lacy, Lambert, Larrison, Lawrence, Lawson, Laymon, Leatherwood, Lebow, Lee, Leech, Lenahan, Lewis, Liles, Lillard, Lindsey
Page 13Long, Low, Lowery, Loyd, Lynch, Madden, Mann, Manus, Marsh, Marshal, Martain, Martin, Mathews, Maxwell, McCallum, McCarn, McCoy, McCracken, McDonald
Page 14McFerrin, McGowen, McKinney, McMain, McMasters, Miles, Miller, Mitchell, Moon, Moore, Moreland, Morgan, Morris, Moorison, Mosley, Munger, Myars, Myers, Mynatt, Neas
Page 15Neighbors, Newman, Norris, Norwood, Nuckles, Nvell, Oakes, Odom, Owenby, Owensby, Ozment, Pame, Parish, Parker, Parks, Parris, Parsons, Paterson, Patterson, Payne, Pearson, Pedigo
Page 16Pedigo, Perry, Peters, Phillips, Phillipss, Pierce, Poe, Porter, Powers, Presley, Price, Ragain, Ray, reagan, Reasonover, Reed, Reeves, Renfro, Rentfro, Reynolds, Rhoads, Rice
Page 17Richardson, Riley, Rippetoe, Roach, Robb, Robba, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Rogan, Rogers, Rose, Ross, Rushing, Russel, Rutledge, Saims, Sampley, Savay
Page 18Sawyers, Schriber, Scott, Scroggins, Seaboun, Sellers, Sewell, Sexton, Shelton, Sheort, Sherman, Sheton, Shown, Shultz, Simmons, Sims, Sitton, Skeen, Smawley, Smith
Page 19Smith, South, Spears, Spencer, Spicer, Springer, Stanburg, Stansbery, Steagahl, Stewart, Stokes, Stone, Stout, Stover, Stricklin, Stuart, Sturges, Sturm, Surrett
Page 20Taylor, Teague, Temple, Templeton, Thomas, Thompson, Thurman, Tidwell, Tipton, Todd, Townsly, Troutman, Tucker, Umsted, Vandergriff, Vanhouten, Vaughn
Page 21Vaughn, Vermillion, Vinson, Vollhunt, Walker, Wallace, Wallin, Walls, Wammock, Wanford, Warren, Washburn, Watson, Webb, Welden, Wesary, Wesbrook, West, White, Whitlock, Wiggins
Page 22Wilcox, Willborn, William, Williams, Willson, Wilmuth, Wilson, Winkler, Wolfe, Wood, Worth, Wright, Wynne, Wyrick, York, Young

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