PECK, OSCAR E. - Medal of Honor Recipient

Rank and organization:   Second Class Boy, U.S. Navy. Born: 1848, Bridgeport, Conn. Accredited to: Connecticut. G.O. No.: 11, 3 April 1863.

Citation:   Peck served as second_class boy on board the Varuna during an attack on Forts Jackson and St. Philip, 24 April 1862. Acting as powder boy of the after rifle, Peck served gallantly while the Varuna was repeatedly attacked and rammed and finally sunk. This was an extremely close_range action and, although badly damaged, the Varuna delivered shells abaft the Morgan's armor.

This data was extracted from the Committee on Veterans' Affairs, U.S. Senate, Medal of Honor Recipients: 1863-1973 (Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1973)