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We have extracted a section of the Annual Report of the Selectman of the Town of Brunswick (ME) for the year from February 1, 1918 to February 1, 1919 entitled:

List of the Boys Who Served in the Late War
Compiled by Thomas H. Riley, Jr., Town Historian

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Page #Description / Names
75 Introduction by Town Historian
76 Intro, Cont'
77 Intro, Cont'
77 - 93 List of Men
77 Adams, Alexander, Alward, Ames, Aubens, Atkins, Alexander, Anderson, Aubens, Atkins, Ambrose, Ackley, Anctil, Addition, Allen, Belanger, Bamforth, Banton, Bartlett, Beals, Benoit
78 Bernier, Benoit, Boratis, Boucher, Bamforth, Berry, Bowden, Babbitt, Bryant, Brown, Bourgoin, Bell, Brown, Bostwick, Baxter, Bamforth, Belanger, Burdett, Barner, Belanger, Brassard, Beach, Burke, Burton, Bamforth, Bisson, Bates, Benoit, Beal
79 Biette, Bernier, Bevilaqua, Booker, Brawn, Bourgoin, Breton, Bois, Baker, Brawn, Coulliard, Carrier, Chase, Coffin, Coombs, Coughlin, Courson, Cunningham, Cressey, Crocker, Currier, Curtis, Coombs, Coffin, Cole, Coleman
80 Clement, Caron, Colby, Corey, Christman, Cail, Chamberlain, Coffin, Constantineau, Copp, Collins, Coffin, Caron, Cloutier, Claveau, Cote, Christman, Clifford, Cook, Cloutier, Cross, Coffin, Curtis, Coulombe, Capola, Carter, Cloutier, Cripps, Connor, Caron, Clifford, Caouette, Charon
81 Carney, Caldwell, Coulombe, Coombs, Cobb, Crockett, Crosman, Cote, Caldwell, Courson, Crocker, Coggins, Caron, Caldwell, Coulombe, Descheneaux, Dall, Darby, Dougherty, Dugas, Dechen, Dickerson, Donnell, Desjardin, Davis, Deschanes, Doughty, Drapeau, Deschanes, Dionne, Desjardins
82 Dion, Douglas, Dionne, Desjardins, Dehetre, Doolittle, Demers, Ellis, Eastman, Eaton, Erswell, Eaton, Emmons, Eaton, Elliott, Edmond, Elliott, Edmond, Evans, Elwell, Eaton, Fortin, Faunce, Farmer, Fowler, Farrell, Frederick, Fortin, Frederick, Files, Furbish, Fortin
83 Fortin, Forgue, Fortin, Favreau, Fournier, Faunce, Glidden, Garland, Grahan, Gorham, Given, Girard, Graffam, Griffin, Graves, Gaudreau, Glazer, Greene, Gamache, Gullifer, Gamache, Galarneau, Gagne, Gamache, Given, Gaudreau, Gilmore, Grows, Hammonds, Holbrook
84 Hunt, Hackett, Hopkins, Haskell, Hubbard, Hutton, Haskell, Hosmer, Hutchins, Holbrook, Hughes, Harmon, Hacker, Haley, Hall, Harris, Howes, Joyce, Johnson, Judkins, Kern, Kimball, Kirouack, Kennedy, Kilbride, Kelley
85 Little, Lachance, Lavalley,Levesque, Longtin, Lowery, Labbe, Lint, Lowell, Laws, Litchfield, Lapointe, Letarte, Langley, Lippincott, Lowery, LeBel, Lowery, Longfellow, Laffely, LeBourdais, Little, Leonard, LeBel, Lavoie, Laviollette, Lavoie, Letarte, Lincoln, Lamarre, Laberge, Longtin
86 Lebel, Lavoie, Labbe, Leclerc, Leighton, Labbe, Lamarre, Lavigueur, Lavoie, Labrie, Little, Longtin, Lippincott, Ledoux, LeBel, Lachance, Le Blanc, LeBel, Lewis, Lovell, Linsert, Little, Moran, Metcalf, McKenney, Maxwell, Menard, Merrithew, Michaud, Morin
87 Morin, McDuff, Marston, Meserve, McKenney, McManus, Milne, Magee, Morin, McLean, Moody, Marshall, McGuiness, McKenney, Melcher, Messier, Moreau, Morrill, Menard, McKay, Martin, Moreau, Menard, Maguire, Muir, McMahon, Morin, Menard
88 Morin, Michaud, Murphy, Morin, McKenney, McLean, McBain, Nute, Newcomb, Nevens, Nicoll, Newell, Normand, Nixon, Nelson, Oliver, Ouelette, Ormsby, O'Neil, Ouelette, Paul, Pennell, Piers, Porter, Powers, Preble, Pennell, Pollard
89 Peterson, Parent, Potter, Preston, Pelletier, Pierce, Potter, Prindall, Prescott, Parent, Pelletier, Puliot, Photiades, Paradis, Polsifer, Rea, Rice, Ripley, Robinson, Rideout, Roberts, Ripley, Rousseau, Ross, Ring, Roberts, Rose
90 Ruest, Richard, Roberts, Racine, Richard, Roberts, Reynolds, Russo, Slocum, Sartin, Swanson, Stone, Saindon, Sawyer, Shepard, Smith, Soper, Southworth, Stevens, St. Pierre, Simmons, Seel, Southard, Scott, Stackpole, Staples, Simmons
91 Soule, Stetson, Snow, Smith, Small, Shannon, Smith, Shannon, Stetson, Strout, St, Pierre, St.Onge, Storer, Stanwood, Smith, Simpson, Stetson, St. Onge, Smith, St. Pierre, Stetson, Strout, Stilkey, Sutherland, Snow, Tibbetts, Townsend, Tondreau
92 Trufant, Thibault, Tobey, Tenney, Treem, Varney, Vermette, Van Cleve, Varvatos, Walker, Woodman, Ward, Webster, White, Williams, Wetmore, Whitney, Woodbury, Whittier, Whitemore, Wass, Winslow, Webber, Woodward, Walker, Wheeler, Wing, Wilson, Webber, Weybrant, Wilson, Weatherill
93 Worthing, Watson, Woodruff, Ward, Wheeler, Weatherill, White, York, Zingarel

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